1-30 Minor In-Game Update

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

Just received another little minor in game update (no it’s not time for Valentine’s Day yet…).  It appears that this little update has made it so the Duff Party Bus is now no longer unique….so you can purchase as many as you’d like (for the low low rate of 50 donuts!  Still a 2.25% bonus on each bus purchased) .  However, the Duff Racer is still unique…so you can only purchase one.

So now you can party down with the Duff Bus all over Springfield!

Will YOU be buying more than one Duff Bus?  Will you be buying even 1 Duff Bus?

Happy Shopping!

2014-01-30 15

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12 responses to “1-30 Minor In-Game Update

  1. Thanks alissa

  2. Do we get the blimp and another prize along donuts quest line Sunday or just the blimp and donuts

  3. I’m about to follow in Alice’s footsteps and buy the Duff brewery and the party bus. I purchased the race car earlier this week. I can’t wait until Sunday!

  4. I only got 1 Barney blimp last time so I’m quite looking forward to Sunday. Not sure about extra party bus

  5. I broke down and got the Duff Brewery and the party bus AND the race car last night. No more party buses for me, though. My donut funds are all “tapped out.”

  6. Was 50k from getting the Escalator to nowhere, but bought the race car. Limited means buy now…….

  7. I won’t be getting the party bus, but AM saving up & hoping to buy the racecar. (Why is it more important than getting the buildings I need to move on? Guess this game really DOES ruin lives!) :~)

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