Queen of Hearts: The Run Down on the Valentine’s Day Currency

Hey Howdy Hey Heart Breakers!

Are you enjoying the update so far?  Did you use donuts to rush the Rosebush on Cletus’s Farm?  Are you ready to throw your device if you get another Bart Screen?  Bunny, Wookiee and I are working hard to bring you all of the details of the update, answer your questions in the comments AND work on implementing some changes to the site behind the scenes with our new dedicated server.  (YES…we get so much traffic at Addicts we had to go to our own private server dedicated just for TSTO Addicts!  Very cool…but also very stressful!)

Anywho I thought I’d take a little break from the site changes and my own Bart screen’s to give you a run down on the new Valentine’s Day Currency….Hearts, Hearts and more Hearts!  So let’s get to it shall we?


For those of you that were around for Whacking Day (oh those snakes!), Halloween (GOO, GOO and GOO) and Christmas (oh those dreaded Gift Cards!) you should be familiar with the process of visiting neighbors to collect the Event Currency.  Valentine’s day is pretty similar to all of those other events in that you collect the in game currency to earn prizes.  You can earn more currency by visiting neighbors and having neighbors visit you….thus Neigbhor-eenos is a good thing! (and the social element of TSTO..and the importance of the TSTOAddicts Community!)

The difference between Whacking Day, Halloween & Christmas compared to Valentine’s Day is that this time there are no magic numbers of currency to collect to earn each price.  Instead the collected hearts earn you spins on the Wheel of Friendship (more on this later) and it’s through the wheel that you earn new prizes.  Making sense so far?

So let’s take a look at the finer details of the Valentine’s Day Event:

Photo Feb 05, 12 54 39 PMSo here’s the basics.
-You collect hearts by visiting friends and sending them Valentine’s, you earn hearts back when your friends visit you (you’ll earn 2 hearts for every Valentine your friend’s send you.  Regardless of how many they earned while sending it).  You also earn hearts by completing parts of the main questline (Cards are Read, Marge’s Hair is Blue) and various other special tasks for your characters that earn you hearts.  You’ll also earn hearts (and Rosebush’s) by growing Rosebush’s at Cletus’s Farm.

-Every 200 hearts collected you earn 1 spin token.

-You use the spin token to spin the wheel and unlock special Valentine’s Day prizes (more on these later).

-Once you’ve cleared the wheel of special Valentine’s Day prizes you’ll unlock a special prize for Krustyland (the Tunnel of Love).

Sounds simple enough right?  To get started you MUST complete the first task of Cards are Read, Marge’s Hair is Blue and that’s to grow a Rosebush on Cletus’s farm.  It costs $1,000 and takes 24hrs.
Note: IF you are growing corn (I was) if you start the task and click the “Do It” button on growing the Rosebush….your corn will go crazy and grow super fast.  It will complete the growing process and you’ll earn the full xp and cash for the corn.  This means you don’t have to lose the progress you’ve made on growing the corn to start Valentine’s Day.  You’ll still earn the XP and Cash you would have earned for growing the corn. :)
TIP: IF you have Witch Marge skin from Halloween, you can use her to Speed Up the Crop.  Each time you run that job for her the time on the Moonshine will reduce by 4 hrs (well 8hrs really because it takes 4hrs to run the job)

Once you’ve completed the Rosebush you’ll earn enough hearts to spin the wheel for the first time (see this post for more quest details).  At this point you will unlock the Valentine’s Day content in your game and the ability to send and receive Valentines from your neighbors!  2014-02-05-19.01.29

You’ll also be tasked with sending 3 Valentines to neighbors:

So how do you send Valentines?
It’s simple.  When visiting your neighbors you’ll see a Be Mine card above their characters.  Simply tap on the character to collect hearts (just like buildings you can tap on 3 cards per neighbor, per day):
2014-02-05-19.02.50-800x576 2014-02-05-19.02.54

Now here’s where it gets interesting.  You’ll notice in the bottom left corner when visiting your neigbors…just below YOUR heart count….a number next to a heart that says ___ hearts for your next 30 actions (this number gets lower as you tap on characters).  This is something different in TSTO.  You earn 15 hearts per neighbor for the first 10 neighbors you visit.  This number then drops to 12 hearts per neighbor for the next 10 neighbors, than 9 and so on.  (assuming you tap on 3 characters per neighbor).  Looks like EA is limiting the number of hearts you can earn from neighbors this go round.  Here’s that break down:-
-5 hearts per character tapped for the first 30 characters tapped (works out to 15 hearts per neighbor for the first 10 neighbors)
-4 hearts per character tapped for the next 30 characters tapped (works out to 12 hearts per neighbor for neighbors 11-20)
-3 hearts per character tapped for the next 30 characters tapped (works out to 9 hearts per neighbor for neighbors 21-30)
-2 hearts per character tapped for the next 30 characters tapped (works out to 6 hearts per neighbor for neighbors 31-40)
-then it’s 1 heart per character tapped after that.
Resets each day.

When you return back to your Springfield you’ll also notice Be Mine Cards above YOUR characters.  Those are cards left to you from your Neighbors.  Tap on them to earn more hearts!  You’ll earn 2 hearts per card sent to you by a neighbor, regardless of how many they earned when sending it. 

So Tappers…that’s the basics of the new currency in TSTO.  Much easier to earn chances to spin (only 200 hearts) BUT they do limit how many hearts you can earn from neighbors.  But I think all in all it’s a fair trade off!

Now hurry and get to breaking some hearts…the event ends February 25th!

PS….if you need friends for Valentine’s Day DO NOT POST YOUR ID HERE (it will get lost and we won’t approve it).  Instead check out this post to find neighboreenos for Valentine’s Day

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92 responses to “Queen of Hearts: The Run Down on the Valentine’s Day Currency

  1. I just accidentally bought 1000 hearts for 25 donuts. As if losing the donuts weren’t bad enough, I already have multiples of every valentine’s day item. What the heck am I supposed to do with 1000 hearts?! Do you think they’ll become money after the update? Gotta say, not a fan of this update. I wish you could spend your hearts on premium stuff rather than just using them for an arbitrary spin of the wheel.

    • OH NO! That is the worse when you accidentally lose precious pink sprinkly things. 🙁

      We are not sure what EA has in store yet for the end of the update. There was that lil slip of info on the heart grinder, but nothing we have seen so far in the files on it. EA likes to keep all hidden until shortly before the updates are released. We will share if we do see anything. 😉

  2. I’ve started ask the v day tasks and an being told to visit neighbors to send Valentines, however when I go to their towns I have nothing above the characters to click on….any ideas?

  3. Is there a reset time for the number of hearts received in a friends town other than the normal 24 hour timer? I’ve had this happen to me twice now, yesterday and today:

    I visited my neighbors and noted the tracker showing the number of hearts you get per action (started at 5 and counted down as I tapped away). I did as many of my friends as I could and when I finished the tracker said “1 heart for the next 118 actions.” I had several friends who did not have any available characters to tap on, so approximately 4-5 hours later I went into their towns to check for available characters. I noticed that the tracker had reset to saying “5 hearts for the next 30 actions.”

    I had not rolled over the normal 24 hour timeframe for tapping on those friends. I assumed that the “1 heart for the next 118 actions” would pick up where it left off, but that did not happen – it reset to 5 hearts for 30 actions. This happened yesterday and again just now when I was visiting neighbors for the second time today. Has anyone else experienced this?

    • I have not…but a glitch in YOUR favor…it is a good thing. 😉

      I am also wondering if it resets as your friends clear the ones you already dropped. It is still too sketchy for me to verify, but I am looking into it.

      • It occurred to me that it might be resetting at 12am Eastern Time. Both times it happened, my first visit to neighbors was before midnight ET when the tracker worked “normal” and then my second visits were after midnight ET. Maybe this is when it resets regardless of how many actions you have left in your 24 hour neighbor times?

        I will check it tonight since some of my neighbors will have their 24 hour visit ready before midnight and others are scheduled for after midnight.

        • Let us know what you find out. I like to get input from all over the place to help in confirming things that we uncover as the game progresses. Thanks. 😉

    • Damn did that happen to you too? I logged in twice yesterday, once at 9am and again at 7pm.At 7 the hearts amont reset to 5 per action. Strange, but a good strange 🙂

  4. If you weren’t in the middle of growing corn when the Valentine Roses prompt popped up (didn’t see the note, darn it!), are you able to start corn then override it with a second rose planting for a similar benefit?

    • Good question…and something I didn’t try. So I’m trying it now. And the answer is….No. It only works on the initial quest (part 1) and I believe it’s because you need to grow the Roses to access the Valentine’s Day items. Too bad tho, would have been a neat trick if it worked 🙂

    • No. I tried this on my secondary account. Started corn, then clicked “do it” on the initial rose task. It didnt rush the corn, so i had to put the farm in inventory to clear it.

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