Curiosity Poll: Wheel of Friendship

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Still no update to speak of…but like I said yesterday…it’s ok!  We’ve got TONS of great posts to keep your Tapping minds and fingers fresh!  I’ve got another little poll I want to conduct this morning inspired straight from the comments again.  (and yes this time it’s an actual poll…just for you Freak!)

In reading your comments over the course of the Valentine’s Day Event it’s been interesting to see the different items that some of you have been having difficulty getting.  That elusive final item to clear the wheel if you will.  For me it was the Train. I only landed on it ONCE. Yes, that’s right 1 time in ALL of my spins (about 50+ I lost count).  However, Bunny has like 10 trains.

Now it makes sense…in my mind anyway…that the train has been the hardest for me to get because the odds of landing on it are the worst (5%).  BUT for some of you the hardest items to land on have been the fountain or the bird bath, and you have multiple Trains.  Which is interesting (to me anyway) because the odds on the fountain and bird bath were at 10%.

So what I want to know is just how accurate (to an extent) those odds were.  (I know to truly calculate the accuracy of those odds I’d need to know how many of each item you earned and how many spins etc.  But this is more a basic accuracy test)  I want to know which items you had the hardest time hitting AND which items you seemed to land on the most often.  NOTE: I’ve left the fence off of the landed on the most.  At 15% odds I think it’s safe to say we all have multiple fences in our towns!

First up the item you have the fewest of:

Now let’s see what you have the most of:

Now one more thing….I want to know if you’ve cleared the wheel yet.  Last time we ran this poll over a week ago 40% of you say yes and 60% said no (with 38% of you saying you only had 1 item left).  So I want to know if those results have improved.  This time it’s just a simple yes or no:

Curious to see your results!

Sound off in the comments below about your hardest item to get, what item you have so many of (beyond the fence) and if you’ve cleared the wheel and when (if this little update delay has helped you earn that Tunnel of Love).  I love hearing your wheel clearing stories!

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50 responses to “Curiosity Poll: Wheel of Friendship

  1. Christmas wheel might have been “rigged” but at least I could figure out that if I placed the wheel 2 slots before what I wanted I could get it. No such logic here. I was 1 short the ENTIRE time. Never did get that last item. Did everything I could (except spend $) to get more spins & didn’t upgrade until I was forced to. Got 2 more spins by not upgraded & got nothing new out of it. very frustrated with it.

  2. 9 heart balloons, 7 sets of fencing, 7 gazebos, 6 lovely ponds, 6 lovely benches, 6 flower carts, 3 lamp posts, 2 trains, one bird bath and zero fountains. Boo hiss boo.

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