Happy Easter From TSTO Addicts!

Hey Howdy Hey Zapping Tappers!

Well Easter Sunday is upon us and you know what that means……time to collect the REAL Easter Eggs!  (I wonder if I can count them towards my Gold Box?)  You may notice things a little quiet around here today (you can always find the latest on the Easter Update here), as the Addicts staff celebrates Easter by spending a little quality time with our families!    But don’t you worry we’ll be right back at it tomorrow!  (and of course we’ll pop in with any new developments that happen throughout the course of the day in the world of TSTO…we’re Addicts too ya know!)

You may still see us floating around in the comments but for the most part we’ll be attempting to figure out why Bunny doesn’t give us eggs when we bop her on the head!  And don’t you worry…we know how much you guys are loving the Sunday Night Open Threads (we do too!), so we’ll have one going tonight around 7:30 EST for our favorite Addicted Tappers to sound off about anything and everything that comes to their mind.

We’re truly blown away by the amazing community of Tappers we have here at Addicts!  Over the last 5 days we’ve fielded over 6,000 of YOUR comments (not to mention over half a million hits…in 5 days!) and loved every minute of it!  You guys are constantly making us laugh and we absolutely LOVE helping you whenever/however we can!  You guys truly are the BEST. READERS. EVER!

So from all of us here at Addicts we hope you guys have a FANTASTIC Easter!  And don’t forget to keep Zapping and Tapping those bunnies!!

Much Love to Our Favorite Tappers!

Alissa, Bunny & Wookiee

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30 responses to “Happy Easter From TSTO Addicts!

  1. I really like the pink and blue easter baskets. If I keep one of each in my inventory, then I can use them to decorate with after the Easter event is over, right?! I know it seems like a silly question, but I have plans for a small Easter part of town.

    • I wish, however they are coded to the event…I do not know for sure…but if I am basing past events…items linked and coded to the event go away with it. Sorry. I won’t know til the update ends.

  2. Anyway…. happy Easter to all you great guys at tstoaddicts…. you make me smile daily and totally added another dimension to my gameplay… the perfect companion to my game…. make sure you do some relaxed gameplay for Easter…. i just imagine you guys darting round the room, reading codes, checking stuff out, typing, tapping, typing, tapping….. enjoy the holidays!

  3. Somebody’s not happy… ⊙_⊙

  4. Happy Easter to all my friends and neighboreenos! I’m loving life! This has been one of my favorite events so far! Sure, I’ve gotten some “rotten eggs” LOL, but there’s always gonna be a good egg right around the corner 🙂 Big hugs to everyone, love you guys :-*

  5. this Easter update blows ..

    I’ve been saving up for days to get 500 golden eggs and all the spin gives me is 3 pastel picket fences!!???? Reallllllllllllllllllllly! !!????? As a golden egg gift!! Crappy and common .. very very common

    this game CONSTANTLY crashes and has taken 120 donuts and NOT given me my purchase item or a refund!!!

    I’ve quite frankly grown tired of the technical non-performance issues and no way for us to properly contact EA customer service and support .. not code guys

    your prestigious win for Worst Gaming company well earned IMHO

    • Ok…let’s break this down. First off I understand you’re frustrated. Your best bet for the game purchase with donuts is to contact EA directly for the refund. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about it here. (since we’re not EA, nor do we have any affiliation with them)
      Second…the Golden Eggs. It will take some spins to start unlocking prizes. Many players (myself included in 3 different towns) are reporting winning unique prizes in the Gold Boxes within the first 5 spins. However, you’ve got to understand that you WILL win fences, gates and topiaries as well. It’s part of the game.
      As far as your game crashing, it could be for a number of reasons. Some game related some device related. If you truly care about fixing it you can try the methods outlined in this post and see if this helps you.
      Finally, if you’re THAT unhappy with the game. My best advice for you is to stop playing. It’s entirely possible you’re just “Tapped Out” and it may be time to walk away…at least for a little while. Sometimes it’s not the game, it’s you. So if you’re that upset with the game, maybe it’s just time to walk away.
      Hope that helps!

  6. Happy Easter everyone from Oz

  7. Seems EA caught on to Witch Marge – I planted carrots, used WM, and after two hours zero bunnies popped up. Tried again just to be sure and again nothing. Planted just the carrots and sent Marge away and the bunnies were back. What a rip!

    • No, I don’t think that’s the case. Still using Witch Marge and works just fine 🙂
      What I noticed is if I don’t clear all the bunnies (or most of them) out of my town before I harvest the carrots sometimes the bunnies won’t appear. This has to do with the max allowed in a town at once. You can have 40 bunnies in your town at once, if you have more than that they’ll go into a “bank” and appear in your town after you’ve cleared bunnies out. (up to 20 bunnies can go into the bank, anymore than that you’ll get a too many bunnies message) So it’s possible when you don’t see the bunnies right outside of the farm they’re in the “bank” and will appear in your town once you clear some bunnies. Hope that helps!

  8. Hoppy Ēostre!! I’m having trouble accessing my Springfield, so dear neighbors of mine, forgive me if I can’t visit today.

    Enjoy your friends, family, food, and drink, everyone!

  9. What?! I thought EA had a special giveaway planned for Easter, like they had on Halloween day and Christmas day. Aww…

    Still, happy Easter. I’m going to go electrocute some bunnies.

    What do you mean, Tapped Out?

  10. wildthornberry88

    Happy Easter from England! 😀

  11. Hope everyone enjoys the day… our first 70 degree day after a pretty cold winter here in MN, and its an amazing day to play hooky from tapping. Peace to you and yours!!

  12. Happy Easter to everyone! Just put my first crop of carrots into the ground! Woo hoo! bunnies bunnies bunnies bunnies
    Runicgem, I can’t wait to see what you do with your town!

    • Happy Easter Lekittynoir!! I am slowly working on it!! Its gonna take time with my alter life (reality) going on but thank you!! Love your SF!!

  13. Happy Easter to you and your families. 🙂

  14. Happy Easter to you too Alissa, Bunny & Wookiee!

  15. HAPPY EASTER ALISSA, BUNNY AND WOOKIE!!! Fyi, you cannot get eggs from bopping Bunny! You need a tazer or the zapper!! 😉 Love you all and HAPPY EASTER TO ALL YOU TAPPERS, TAPPERETTES, ZAPPERS AND ZAPPERETTES AROUND THE GLOBE!!! 🙂


  17. Happy Easter…But, where is our Easter gift from EA? I’ve been delaying putting Homer on his 16-hr egg task because of this. What’s the prize for Easter, if there is anything??

    • Unfortunately there wasn’t anything for the holiday. We didn’t see anything coded but certainly were hoping EA had something hidden. Oh well, back to zapping bunnies.

  18. Happy Easter everybody. I have a rare Sunday off and just consumed a wonderful lamb roast dinner.

  19. Hope you guys have a blast with your families and the same goes out to all you others out there in Springfields all over the world…
    God Bless you!!!

  20. Happy 420!!
    Have an awesome day today!

  21. Happy Easter to you all too, ours nearly over here being 11 pm, the annual over consumption of chocolate done!

  22. Happy Easter too all of you guys from Jakarta

    Keep Tappin’ and keep huntin’ those fluffy things

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