Where Did THAT Come From – Egg Council Guy

Homer: “Hey you!  Does anyone know who that is?”

Seriously laughing my butt off.  Why?  Well, just today I won the Egg Council Guy in my 21st blue egg box and that’s exactly what Homer said as this NPC joined my Springfield.  But I’m sure a lot of you feel just like Homer.  Who the heck is this and why is he now in the game?  Well, count on the resident walking carpet to fill you in.

egg council guy

The Egg Council Guy, like a lot of the content EA finds for the game, is another one of the quick blips that we report on here.  I imagine someone at EA saying, “It’s Easter… find all the eggs in The Simpsons you can.  No reference is too obscure.”  What makes me so happy about him is he comes from an iconic episode of the Best. Show. Ever.: Season 6, Episode 12: “Homer the Great”.


This is of course the Stonecutters episode.  You know, where “weird stuff… weird, strange, sick, twisted, eerie, godless, evil stuff” happens.  Homer wants in but it’s too exclusive.  And by exclusive it seems to mean every man in Springfield except Homer.  When Homer finally gets in by virtue of being Grampa’s son (always laugh at his Dad being part of something Homer isn’t), Homer is the 908th member of the Sacred Order of the Stonecutters “who since ancient times have split the rocks of ignorance that obscure the light of knowledge and truth.  Now let’s all get drunk and play ping pong.”

A really good episode including stones of shame and triumph, Homer as the chosen one and one of the best songs in the Simpsons hands-down.  But what about the Egg Council Guy?  Well, this new NPC makes an appearance when Homer and Lenny disagree about whether eggs have cholesterol or not.  Lenny seems to think science hasn’t proven it but Homer knows the truth, the Egg Council Guys have gotten to Lenny.  Might seem like a silly thing to say if it wasn’t for Lenny shooing off the Egg Council Guy eavesdropping on the conversation.  So funny as it runs away squeaking like a mouse.

Egg Council Guy

So… we didn’t get the much coveted Stonecutters building but everyone does have the chance to win something from that episode.  Like the unlock screen says, those Egg Council Guys are everywhere and after Easter, it’ll actually be true in a lot of tappers towns.  If you don’t like him, just tap the sucker and watch him wobble on his eggside.

egg council guy 2

Y’all stay classy as usual.  TTFN… Wookiee out!

15 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Egg Council Guy

  1. I’d love it if Egg Council Guy made the mouse squeaking noise when you clicked him.

  2. I work long and hard at building my egg count so I can get to the Gold Box…Then, more junk I already have like gates and fences.

  3. Don’t know where to post this, but hope it’s okay here.
    I have been experiencing a (happy) phenomenon; I’m pretty low on eggs when I shut down for the night, maybe double digits at most. When I boot next morning, I have lots more pink and blue (200 and even 250) than I had before going to bed. The eggs in baskets remain the same. Soo. Tonite I’m going to jot down the numbers of each before going to bed, so I can see for myself the egg count has enlarged. And tomorrow….the count will remain the same – no new additions. Proof to me as everyone already knows. I’m crazy!!!
    BTW, I’m in love with Carl!

  4. Any links to the song so I can give it a listen?

  5. Classic episode with indeed a great song..

    “Who controls the British crown?
    Who keeps the metric system down?
    We do! We do!”

  6. Giving up on this event too much hard work and very time consuming , worst event I’m actually considering deleting game and takes a lot for me to say that. In this event even if you spend your own hard earned cash your not guaranteed anything just to get to open a gold box you have to go through battle of getting gold eggs ….yeah EA would like more fences to add to my 122 in storage. This game is going in such a wrong direction it’s unreal…am I lying when I say the events have got more money orientated even the begging quest made people inpatients and blow 24 donuts. What happened to the simplicity of whacking day? And Halloween ? Bashing snakes collecting goo and working hard to earn community prizes. People we have had 2 level updates this year! We are nearly half way through the year! Sorry for rant but just venting cause after roughly calculating I still need to open gold box at leave 40 more times to aquire sherry bobins and bugs

    • Hang in there. I know it seems off. They have changed the game play, but to suit player requests. Please feel free to vent here. I know its difficult when you feel you’re getting no where. To be honest, Whacking Day was a LOT harder then this to get prizes. The ratios were terribly low of eggs. Spending forever in a neighbor just to find 5 impossibly hidden snakes. Most never got close to 3 or 4 prizes let alone all of them.

      Everyone sees games different. Be vocal to EA. Let them know what you think. They do listen. They’ve changed many things in the game due to player response.

  7. No way…. snap!!! I won him today too!! About 2hrs ago…. and noone can truly say they don’t giggle when they see him fall over…. over the last week I’ve seen him about in my neighbors towns and you know, one tap just isn’t enough!! I have to tap him set least three times!! 😀

  8. I have not gotten him yet 🙁 but I know there is still time!!

  9. Stonecutters! Classic episode, I couldn’t pin-point where the Egg Council Guy was from. Thanks Wook!

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