Just WHAT is that shadow all about?

“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!”

In this silly little game we play, there are so many little snippets EA throws in to make us remember fond episodes we’ve seen in our lives.  One of the many joys for me writing on this site is talking about them.  In that spirit, I thought it’d be fun to point something out you may or may not have noticed.  In the past, we;ve had ghost and livers have conversations with the characters in our games, but this Easter event brought us a new one… the shadow.

Burns shadow

Not just any shadow either but the shadow of one Charles Montgomery Burns.  The second I saw this little image, I was so thrilled.  Why?  Well, it’s just one more thing EA has thrown into the game from my all-time favorite Simpsons episode… “Marge vs. the Monorial” (S4:E12).

Mr. Snrub

WHen Burns has to give 3 million dollars to Springfield due to illegally hiding nuclear waste in the park, he of course shows up at the Town Hall meeting to try and convince the town into giving it back to the Nuclear Power Plant.  He poses as Mr. Snrub and states he comes from someplace far away.  For someone so evil, he’s not very smart considering Smithers accompanied him.  Not the best of plans but it is cool that when he makes his quick getaway before the crowd can turn on him that Waylan has Batman-style accessories for just such an emergency.  Also neat that the town hall has an oculus like the Pantheon in Rome got just this moment.

Mr. Snrub 2

So the shadow is just Mr. Burns wearing a cheesy mustache and a hat.  Makes the dialogue from “Sucking Out” even funnier to me.  Also nice to blame all my Easter woes on Monty.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

P.S. Monorail… Monorail… Monorail…

16 responses to “Just WHAT is that shadow all about?

  1. I can’t wait for a family of opossums. I will call the big one “Bitey”

  2. Ah, great post here! Can’t believed I missed this.

    You guys should do more of these “Little Snippets”!

  3. Not to rain on anyone’s parade but that shadow doesn’t match Mr. Snrub at all. Yes, they both have a moustache but it is shaped differently and the shadow is wearing a hat.

    This strikes me as a very tenuous connection, much as I’d like it to be true.

    • We’ll just agree to disagree. It is a little different but when compared to the Easter dialogue and the reveal about why we have bunnies laying eggs, it’s obviously Burns. Guess he has a shadow alias as well. Let’s call him Mr. Ytnom?

  4. Monorail monorail monorail…..

    Another tEAser for the big summer event.

  5. Yay more talk about Mr. Snrub… may it come to fruition now!

  6. *everyone stops singing* … Mono… D’Oh!!

  7. They have to make a “Monorail event” as they promise, but with all the things of the episode itself that we already have.

    tasks in the game for this storyline:
    – Make Homer work in SNPP
    – Make Mr Burns Hide Nuclear Waste
    – Make Citizens of Springfield go to Mr Burns trial. (Court house)
    – Burns pays the bail and buys The Lady Justice Statue, so we get this item free.
    – Make Citizens of Springfield go to a meeting. (Town hall)
    – Lyle lanley appears (new character) he presents the Monorail event.
    – Mr. Snurb (shadow)

    While we built the monorail in our Springfields, Homer wants to be the conductor.
    – Make Homer go to Monorail Classes – (Adult Education Annex)
    Homer is selected as the new conductor (new outfit for Homer as conductor), then make a “problem” with the monorail and Marge says at the end… “And that was the only folly the people of Springfield ever embarked
    upon. Except for the popsicle stick skyscraper. And the 50-foot
    magnifying glass. And that escalator to nowhere.” (so we can get this stuff with a big discount)

  8. Doesn’t make me feel any better to still have 50+ fences and almost 20 Easter ponds. No Sherry Bobbins, Father Sean or the guy dressed as a rabbit. Me sad.

    • Awwww still 2+ weeks left. Hang in there. Just have fun. 😉

    • A tap with purpose!

      It’s better to Zap and receive, than to tap for free.

    • I agree. As much as I loved this update I’m sick of getting stuck with tons of fences and ponds ect. while trying to get the more coveted items. I wish they would go back to the way the Halloween and Christmas events were last year with having to earn the items one by one and having the community prizes as well

  9. My favorite little “easter egg” 😉 from this update was in the dialogue when Lisa makes a reference to Bleeding Gums Murphy’s faberge egg addiction.

  10. Stonecutters and monorail references in one event… I think I may smell something nifty around the corner. My Stevie senses are tingling… No that wasn’t a euphemism.

  11. Great catch. I’m feeling really stupid now for not seeing that; Marge vs. the Monorail is also one of my favorite episodes.

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