Where Did THAT Come From: Fireworks, Candy and Puppy Dog Store

Boom goes the fireworks while the candy melts in my mouth and the puppies melt my heart.  Woo hoo… new building!  Of course, I’m sure you can guess I’m talking about the newest premium building that came with the 2014 TSTO Easter Event.  The Fireworks, Candy and Puppy Dog Store.

firework store

This building costs 60 donuts, improves your consumerism rating and earns $55 and 5XP every hour.  It’s tag is “Selling Pure Happiness” and what doesn’t make people happier than fireworks, candy and puppies?  If that’s not enough, the building also unlocks a 2 hour task for Ralph Wiggum to “play with puppies” ($175/40XP) which also animates the building.

While just a quick flash in an episode, it comes from “The Old Man and the ‘C’ Student” (S10:E20).  In this episode, the Olympics come to Springfield.  Well, sort of.  They almost did courtesy of a letter from Lisa to the Olympic Committee which led to Springfield being considered to host the event.  The town got real excited and cleaned up for it.  They even put out the tire fire.  Homer made a cool mascot for the shindig (Springy!)and the elementary kids wrote a catchy two line song for the arrival of the Committee.

As things usually happen in Springfield though, it was too good to be true, all ruined by the patriotic comedy stylings of one Bart Simpson.  What I don’t get is that although Skinner originally endorsed Bart’s comedy for the show, Bart gets the blame when his stereotypical humor goes awry.  Typical how some adults flip flop on things.

The kids all thought it was funny and as a result get 20 hours of community service to teach them some respect for the town.  Skinner sets up every student’s volunteer assignment.  Martin gets to set up a midnight basketball program for inner city street gangs and Milhouse is assigned to clean up medical waste that’s washed up on the beach.  “Not all community service is gang warfare or dangerous infection” though.  Skinner has something great planned for Bart.  They stop right outside the…

Fireworks, Candy and Puppy Dog Store… Woo hoo!

fireworks candy and puppy dog store

Nope… it’s right next to the Springfield Retirement Castle (also where you could place it in your town if you like).  Bart gets to help out the elderly retirees.  “Just breathe through your mouth and don’t ask how they’re feeling.”  Probably good advice since I hear once a cantankerous geezer gets going, it’s hard to stop their ranting.  Later in the episode, I love Lisa’s explanation to Bart about how to assist the old folks.

“The Elderly aren’t like you or me Bart.  They thrive on consistency, predictability and a life with no suprises.”

Meh… I know plenty of older people full of spunk who are fun to be around and still live exciting lives.  Then again, I know some others that…  Anywho… that’s the new premium building.  I’ll be honest that I bought it because there’s nothing like chewing a snickers and petting a puppy while shooting off Roman candles.  I’ve actually had this on a list of What a Wookiee Wants for a couple months but never got around to writing.  Too much amazingness happening for blabbing about me.

fireworks candy and puppy dog store 2

Happy wabbit whacking party people.  TTFN… Wookiee out!

21 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From: Fireworks, Candy and Puppy Dog Store

  1. Am I the only one who was a jerk and placed the Fireworks, Candy, and Puppy Dog Store in front of Springfield Elementary? I had a evil laugh when I thought of the kids toiling away in class, while looking out the window at the store down the street.

    • Lol… I love the little back stories we all come up with. Like my escalator to Nowhere which drops people off into the backyard of Calmwood.

  2. Love this building! Got it a couple of days ago after getting those last few donuts I needed from neighbors. And today I finally got the Blocko store, thanks to all the awesome friends filling my baskets! Oh yeah!!

  3. I KNEW I’d seen this building sometime but couldn’t quite remember or where to place it.. thanks Wook..

    Off-topic, I had a strange stroke good and bad luck today.. I woke up to 3 blue and 1 pink basket filled by a cool cat of a neighbor this morning, so I had 3 blue spins, 1 pink, and 300 gold eggs in waiting.. here were my prizes:

    100 gold eggs, Easter pond, 100 good eggs, Easter tree, Easter gate..

    Not even a soon to be valuable fence! But then, angrily going through my bunny clear out, I got the Faberge Egg on my first 5 min. it was available to me, I got 5 donuts from Sideshow You, got a donut from visiting neighbors, and got the Egg Council guy, clearing the two uniques from my Blue Box, from my one egg round-up after my rough stretch earlier..

    Really weird day, dunno if I should pull a Homer and call Vegas and anonymously put $100 on red.. meh, I’ll just send em a check..

    • I’d chalk that up as a WIN! I’m sticking to Alissa’s story, there’s still time for bunnies to be bopped, baskets to be filled and and boxes to be opened. And you got the faberge egg! Woo hoo!

      • Wait…I thought the fab egg was, as Alissa put it, very rare…meaning getting it would just be iffy…

        • Everyone has different points on it. Game dialogue says Rare, but seems that most players are getting it. Just keep tapping away and don’t worry about the odds 🙂

  4. It’s time I got a premium building…why not start cheap, huh?!? 🙂

    • Stop hoarding those donuts and buy something already!

      • I did…I asked you permission to use candycanes like you did with my Puppy Store…you may notice I try not to copy others…everyone already has 3D levels leading up to a building…so that’s been done…lol…I’m trying to be different…well…lol…in a cool way… 🙂

    • Lekittynoir!!!…Candy Canes…!!!…can I do it too?!!? PLZ PLZ 🙂

      • Dang it…I just liked myself…again…lol

      • hahahaha, ok first of all I sent that reply forever ago but with the addict team traveling it got held up. and actually I had no idea what you meant, I thought we we’re talking about candy canes like otto’s special brand of candy canes. and to that I say yes. and YES you can copy me. for a fee…..

        j/k, candy cane away, sir!

        • …ouch!!!…I may be a tad old but please don’t “sir” me…unless you wanna be “ma’am”… 🙂
          As for otto’s candy…I like to partake on occasions…but the sad thing is…all my friends quit years ago so these days it’s just happenstance…wow…word of the day, for me, right dere!!! LOL 🙂

      • FCP looking good with those candy canes!

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