Turbo Tappin’ Easter 2014: Hugs Bunny

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well the Easter update is upon us!  Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies…they’re EVERYWHERE!  Speaking of Bunnies….now seems like the perfect time to Turbo Tap Hugs Bunny! (a character won in the Gold Prize Box)

For those of you who don’t know Turbo Tappin’ is our quick version of a walkthrough for the Level/Update/Character where we give you who starts the quest, the task and what you earn.  This way you have your quick guide on who to keep free and when.  This is great for our fellow Addicts who love to copy and paste the walkthrough into their device for quick reference.

Now on with the walkthrough!  Hugs is won through the Gold Prize box and once you’ve unlocked him you can either place him in Springfield or in your storage.  Once he’s placed in Springfield his 5 part questline will begin…assuming you have Homer free.  So let’s take a look at the Last Temptation of Hugs shall we?

turbo-tappin-easter hugs

The Last Temptation of Hugs Bunny Pt. 1
Homer starts

Make Hugs Bunny Check on Easter Eggs– 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp

The Last Temptation of Hugs Bunny Pt. 2
Homer starts

Reach Level 7 and Build the Blue House
Make Hugs Bunny Work a Birthday Party
– 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

The Last Temptation of Hugs Bunny Pt. 3
Hugs starts

Make Hugs Bunny Fight for Fair Compensation– 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

The Last Temptation of Hugs Bunny Pt. 4
Homer starts

Reach Level 20 and Build the Town Hall
Make Hugs Bunny Battle Homer
– 8hrs, Earns $550, 140xp

The Last Temptation of Hugs Bunny Pt. 5
Hugs starts

Make Hugs Bunny Give a Presentation to Children– 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp

And with that Hug’s Walkthrough is complete and the never-ending task assignment of Hugs battling Homer beings!  The dialogue for this is hilarious and I really enjoyed the questline!

Remember there is NO RUSH to complete this questline….there is no bonus to finishing this.  No eggs awarded, so complete it on your own time at your own pace.   And please, please, PLEASE don’t use donuts to rush the quests 🙂

What did YOU think of the questline?  What do you think about Hugs Bunny?  Have you unlocked him yet?  How long did it take you? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

37 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Easter 2014: Hugs Bunny

  1. Didn’t love this, never got enough fences to finish the fence quest for my 15 donuts, only piles of eggs, gates & trees. Huuuuge disappointment especially since the eggs didn’t turn into cash or other various prizes @ the end of the event – at least give me the option to trade in unwanted gifts for a free spin/box

  2. Finally! Box #56 opened Hugs Bunny! Now I just need 8 fences, Johnny Fiestas, Kang Topiary, Fr. Sean, and Shari Bobbins. And BASKETS! I have everything else, including the Fabergé Egg. Oh, and I play totally freemium. With 10 days left I expect to get mostly everything, and if I don’t, I’m happy with what I have. Just no more egg piles please (4 is quite enough for me)!

  3. Bonnie ( oatleybonn569 )

    This is going to sound silly BUT when i started playing this , 8 months ago , I didnt know anything about quests !! So i had no idea u had to grow carrots ,, n silly me JUST started growing corn : ( : ( : ( …….. Also i cant seem to win Hugs so i cant even start his quests : ( Guess that means i cant unlock Ah Fudge …… Bummer …. I didnt even know about this site either ! Just came across it trying to find neighbors !! Wow its like a whole new game !! Woooo Hooo 🙂 Love it …. I only have a few neighbors so PLEASE ADD ME oatleybonn569 Thanks n Happy Tappin !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Keeps saying my storage is full cant down load. It is not. Im on level 36

  5. I hate this Easter thing I’ve bought 21 blue boxes and 8 pink and 4 gold. I’ve only gotten one good thing banana d….. It’s hell everything else is 7 pounds/lake, 1 colored fence, 6 bunny fences, one topiary, two egg piles and a beach set rest is gold eggs. I’m feeling really annoyed, exactly when does the Easter thing end? and what should I do:( it’s impossible to get everything

  6. I’ve still not won Hugs, but I’m looking forward to this quest, thanks for the turbo 🙂

  7. All I lack now is Father Sean and Shari Bobbins… I have everything else… there’s still time! (I hope).

  8. I scored Hugs and have been loving him so far. I hit Hugs and Blocko in the same day and then have not hit anything since. Random chance is never kind to me. Have not hit the fab. egg yet either. Only get 1 or 2 boxes a day.

    On an unrelated note, I started playing after Valentine’s Day so am fairly new. Right now I have the Squidport going on, the main story line, the Easter event just recently got the thing to start Krustyland. I do not have enough cash to do all of them at once. Which should I focus on? I have been doing Easter first, then main, then Squidport if I have no other missions and ignoring Krustyland. Should I finish Squidport then move on to the others?

    • Personally, I’d wait on the Squidport quest but still make tiles. Once you have a good amount, it’ll be more fun to design. Level questlines are the best to keep up on. Krustyland and Squidport are the ones I’d delay on.

  9. Finally the Easter event is over for me 😃😃😃🍷🍷, yesterday I had a serious rant on here but bunny calmed me down and with luck two more box opens finally got sharry bobbins thank you !!! I still stand by my words though this event is defiantly hardest I was almost defeated! Too all my fellow tappers that was on the brink like me keep trying and you will get something out of this event for sure. It’s sad to see some of my friends towns just loads of fences and can be demoralising. I’ll sure still be exchanging eggs to help out here and there. Other then that I’m out till next update!! You guys do great job keep it up!

  10. I love that character! My favorite so far! Thanks for the run down!

  11. I’m having the same problem as Aldo but I have no gold box charcters I got to get them all HELP ME

  12. I got Hugs and his battling Homer is hilarious! Hopefully I’ll win Shari Bobbins and Father Sean, too. I’m keeping my bunny paws crossed 🙂

  13. ARGHHHHH!!! I finished the main questline early last Thursday. I zap bunnies every hour (at minimum), and STILL no Faberge egg, and no baskets. We need a thread for people on “Faberge watch”. I’ve heard lots of stories of people who got them really fast…..but who else is about lose it, like me?

  14. I’m hoping they do something like on Christmas gift cards where temporarily they were worth more. Or, there is bunny explosion 2014, 100 bunnies an hour.

    I finished the quest Friday of last week, my baskets dried up dropping before the quest ended. Today I got the Fabrege egg. Three blue baskets have dropped, but I’m blue egg town. I still set them out.

    I think my baskets take time to fill as I’m at the end of the alphabet, but that’s ok. A blue basket can potentially be 200 pink eggs in the end after trades. I just have to wait.

  15. Not sure where to post this, but since I got the iPad and started playing, I got 5 donuts from Sideshow You in early December (presumably my 300th balloon pop), then again 5 donuts in mid-March (presumably my 600th ballon pop). However, today, again I received 5 donuts from Sideshow You. It’s only April 29th. Last time was either March 15th or 16th. I couldn’t have been to Sideshow You more than 150 times. There is no way this was my 900th balloon pop. Have they changed the 5 free donuts from q300 to q150?

  16. Still haven’t gotten any of the characters. Just fences and trees. A couple of umbrella things. All those bunnies for another fence or tree. The odds stink on this one.

    • Seba Van Rentergem

      I’m having the same problem. I’ve won the egg council guy on the 4th day of the event but since then i’ve only won fences en stupid ponds :/ This is frustrating.

  17. My favorite easter character thus far but I still need Sherry and the good father

  18. I have an unrelated question to Bugs (only non fence item I have received for golden eggs so far, getting tired of trying to collect enough eggs). My question is about finishing the Easter quest line for the Fabrege egg. Is it true that you won’t get any more “free” baskets until you get the Fabrege egg? I am on Day 3 since finishing the quest and still no egg and no new baskets either….

    • Baskets are random. That’s it. Both myself and Wookiee got baskets after finishing the quest and before getting the Faberge. You may go several days without one, then two or 3 right away. It’s just too random to say when or how often.

      • Thanks. I haven’t gotten any baskets since finishing the main quest line and I was wondering if there was anything I should be doing. It been 5 days for me and 3 for my husband. Things seem slow since finishing the main quest line and all I’m winning now are fences and eggs to win more fences..
        On the bright side Hugs Bunny is the first gold box item I won and he is pretty fun.

      • Thanks!

    • Novo, whaddup!!! I need baskets too…want them more than the fab egg…all I’ve really been after is the Blocko store and fences…I give my blue eggs away for pink…think I’ve only “opened” 5 or 6 blue ones…good to yell at you!!! 🙂

      • Hey Freak 🙂 I try to give you eggs every chance I get, but you haven’t been getting baskets. Once I get over a couple hundred blue eggs, I go in search of neighboreenos’ baskets to put them in. I wish EA would have put a notification next to the egg count for each neighbor showing whether or not they have a basket out, that would have been a great help.

        Did you like my shout out attempt? It only took me 5 hours LOL!

  19. I’m still missing Hugs and Bobbins…..I bought the MK2 generator but now that the main Easter story quest is complete I’m getting a lot fewer eggs. Between my friends and the generators and daily quests I’m down to about 2-3 spins a day, and I’m getting golden eggs 1-2 of the times. Best case scenario I’m getting a max of 2 gold spins a day. When do I start buying pink eggs to complete the collection? Also, do you think EA has anything lined up increase gold box opportunities?

    • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Do not spend donuts for gold box prizes. Wait. Trust me. Jusy wait. 😉

      • I’m waiting patiently also since I think EA has something up their sleeve!!! Since I myself is getting discourage with the amount of eggs I have gotten!!!

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