Addicts Want to Know: The Ultimate Easter Poll

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well you asked for it and here it is!  The ULTIMATE Easter Poll!  Because we’re all Addicts here, we know not just a simple yes or no would do for this Event, so we’ve created a very detailed break down of the ins and outs of Easter.

So here’s your chance to answer honestly about how YOU feel about Easter (don’t worry results are anonymous, even to us).  So take a moment to answer the questions, and we’ll share the results with everyone soon!

addicts want to know

Anything you want to add to the poll?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


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248 responses to “Addicts Want to Know: The Ultimate Easter Poll

  1. I’m so disappointed that the Easter update is over, and after buying / spending a ridiculous amount of doughnuts to buy blue and gold boxes, I still didn’t get Johnny Fiestas and Father Sean! 🙁 – and I opened well over 80 of each box! Never purchased doughnuts for updates before, and dont think I will again! 🙁 I’d complain to EA if I knew how! 😀

  2. I have 47 fences. FORTY-SEVEN. Crossing my fingers that the Gods of Random Chance take pity on my lack of a Blocko store and if they won’t give me that, will at least let me suck out before I’m forced to update. C’mon, Rando!

  3. I finally caved in and used 15 doughnuts for 1700 pink eggs to make 2,000 eggs for the 300 I had left for a last ditch effort at the event.
    Luckily I got the last three fences on my second box to complete the Sucking Out quest so the net loss of this event was 10 donuts (Which I had accumulated by visiting neighboreenos).
    On the 4th box I was pleading for the Blocko Store as it was the main item I wanted from the beginning and I always wanted it yet never got it…. AND I GOT IT!
    I was soooooo happy that I am now satisfied with the Easter event.
    Overall it could have been better, but still I was fine with it 🙂

  4. It would have been less frustrating if the maximums weren’t so high to get the best prizes. But even then you end up overloaded with a whole bunch of egg piles, fences, umbrellas and other duplicate items – causing disappointment each time you spend those precious eggs – particularly the very hard to get gold eggs. I would have been happy with fewer prizes if the process to collect them all were less frustrating and produced less useless or duplicate items.

  5. Thought I was done this morning after yet another umbrella. No game update yet for me this evening, and my friend towns reset. Went out and ducked the update messages. Found enough eggs for one more pink box (and filled a few blue baskets for friends). Gave the pinks one more spin and out popped the lizards! Pow! May not have Hugs and Shary, but that was a pretty cool ending.

    • Super sweet… nice to see some good stuff from the event

      • Ok, in the interest of full disclosure… I felt encouraged by this win. Had 100 donuts to spend. After a scotch or two, decided I was ready. Hugs on the first 50, nothing on the 2nd 50. But I needed Kang and got that a few times… Sucked it up and got 50 more and completed with Shary. Not sure how i feel about it expect to say that 75 donuts each for two limited characters + other stuff doesn’t seem so bad. I didn’t spend and got the rest, so maybe fair’s fair…

  6. Well, Easter has ended for me. My final 4 gold boxes yielded me 1) Pastel Fences 2) Pink Eggs 3) Pink Eggs and 4) Blue Eggs. Kind of anti-climactic; I was really hoping for Fr. Sean, who I’ve wanted most since day One of this event. C’est la vie. I can’t complain however…I got everything else excepting Shary Bobbins, who I really don’t care about, and a Kang Topiary. I opened a total of 89 boxes, have more ponds and egg piles than I care to think about, 3 cool new buildings, a flying bunny, lizards, Egg Council Guy, a Kodos Topiary, Hugs Bunny, and the Faberge Egg. Oh, and 15 donuts. All for free! I do wish that more of the characters could’ve been sent on egg gathering tasks, especially after the questline was finished and you no longer received those 250 egg bonuses for finishing a task. To only have 4 characters gathering eggs on very long tasks with low payouts was not as helpful as it should’ve been. I also wish that everyone had been issued a PERMANENT basket of EACH color, perhaps on completing the quest, to make the egg exchange simpler (those glitches just killed this aspect…many of my neighbors had NO baskets or broken ones for the final week to 10 days, making gifting eggs impossible). And a full basket should’ve equalled one gift box. Not 4/5ths of a gift box. A whole gift box. That said, I want to thank all my new neighbors who generously gifted me eggs. I tried to reciprocate to every one of you. And without you I wouldn’t have half the stuff I now do.
    As for the chance aspect…I didn’t mind it so much until after my 10th pond and 8th egg pile (hate those egg piles). I would rather have had more beach towels and Easter trees, but because I was team pink I had to keep playing blue boxes for the higher gold egg payout. I also feel that fences (picket or otherwise) should NOT have been in the Gold Box…that box should have been reserved for unique Premium Items only. All the so called good stuff could’ve been in there (Blocko, Johnny Fiesta, Lizards, ECG, in addition to the characters, and maybe the topiaries as non-unique) only to be removed after being won, thereby improving the odds at winning the other prizes. I managed to open 16 Gold Boxes, and that was through checking in every 2 hours to do an egg sweep. I’m sure many if not most people opened fewer. Anyway, it’s all moot now, as I’m sure no future event will be run like this. Far too much complaining for EA to not take notice. All in all, I had fun, but the event lasted alittle too long, with few rewards (for me at least) toward the end. It was my first big event (I started playing during Valentine’s), so I have nothing to compare it to. But it’s time for Homer to stop collecting eggs and start working through the long list of tasks awaiting him in the task book!

  7. All I really wanted was Chirpy Boy and Bart Jr. So disappointed I didnt 🙁 even spending doughnuts on pink eggs and it was the last prize I needed for pink. But the amount of chairs and fences that I got….of course never enough to get the doughnuts :/

  8. *tail

  9. There are a few things that really burnt me on this update, but being able to buy gold eggs at the tale end of the update really just was a slap to the face of people who spent a lot of donuts on their opposite color group like me to get the 300 gold egg prize. I spent a total of 350donuts on eggs along with the ccl and the extra egg generator for 75 donuts…. It’s ridiculous the way they set that up … Way too greedy on EA’s part

  10. I was one of those people who, while I am not a completist, per se, did want all the premium characters. Hugs Bunny was the first one that I won, and I won Shary Bobbins probably just about as soon as one could win her. The holdout character for me was Father Sean, and I really wanted him!

    So, I ended up buying eggs (probably spent 300 or more donuts on them as the weeks went by), just pink ones at first, but then the gold ones directly when they became available. Incidentally, none of those bought eggs gained me Father Sean…I got him from a box I’d saved up for with eggs from pink boxes well after the last time I’d bought eggs. I must have gone the maximum boxes for Father Sean, seriously!

    I love the buildings but I wish more than one character had a task at them! And the Banana Dictatorship doesn’t have a task there at all! 🙁

    As for the other things, I loved: the Easter trees, the pastel picket fences (but only two in a gold box? Boo!), the Easter ponds. I’m not a big fan of the topiaries, but I’ll probably display them, and the beach towels are cute, but I got WAY too many of them! The egg piles were meh, and the Easter fencing was cute until I got about 100 of them (and 7 gates!) Really, the Fence task should have been repeatable; I probably would have won it three times!

    It’s a shame that EA hasn’t put up the Premium characters for purchase for people who wanted them. The buildings, too. I had a friend who only wanted Johnny Fiesta’s and Blocko’s and didn’t win either one.

    • Oh yes, and I got almost NO baskets from my bunnies, yet some of my friends kept getting loads of them? What was with that?

      Though I did win the Faberge egg, so I should probably be quiet…

  11. I was so unlucky with this update, all i got was deck chairs, so many deck chars!

  12. i’m annoyed with easter….

  13. Just opened what I think it’s my last blue box, needed egg council guy or 3 fences pack to get the 15 donuts, what did I get? A pond 🙁 I guess that’s the end of easter for me

  14. Reaching the finish line with Easter… Had enough pink eggs to trade for blue (I’m team pink and haven’t gotten either of the unique prizes from the blue box). Finally found a neighboreeno with baskets. Opened my blue box, got gold eggs, enough for a gold box. Opened the gold box and got 250 pink eggs. That’s how Easter ends for me!

    • Just happy no more eggs! 🙂

    • Pretty much the same for me! I had 2 blue boxes and 1 pink box & almost 1 gold box to ‘spin’ this morning and after all was said and done (including winning enough gold eggs to get a final gold box) I ended up with ONE Easter Egg Pile and some pink eggs?! Wah!!

  15. Looking at the comments, I think I was one of the lucky ones. I’m relieved I still got some baskets after completing the quest (albeit at a much slower rate) and won the Faberge egg a few days later.

    By yesterday, I was still missing Hugs Bunny ans Shary, so I used 50 of my hard-earned donuts on gold eggs – resulting in neither of them… Then I bought donuts for the first time since I started playing TSTO ten months ago. I chose the 300-package, because that allowed me to purchase Hank Scorpio, who I’ve been lusting after since the beginning! I als used another 50 of the remaining 250 donuts on gold eggs, which gave me Hugs, woohoo! Even though I still had donuts left, I didn’t want to spend them on the off chance that I might win Shary. So of course, after tapping friends for that final spin on the gold wheel, it landed on Shary! I think I whooped loud enough for the whole neighbourhood to hear…

    The only character I didn’t get was Egg-council guy, but I wasn’t that keen on yet another NPC running around my town 🙂 All in all, this was a fun (and nail-biting!) event for me!

  16. Odd it won’t let me click on the options

  17. Matthew Petersen

    EA needs to knock it off with the fences.
    If you want me to pay a premium, then my reward should be a little better than fences. That’s a kick in the teeth.

    I also don’t think characters like Shary Bobbins should be only available through a lucky chance.
    They should be made available some other way.

    The Halloween update IMO, was perfect. I got everything and I didn’t have to worry about a random element like the boxes.

  18. Ah! Question!
    Which of the decorations you got during this easter you find a nice addition to your Springfield?
    Which of the decorations you got during this easter you do not like and will probably stay tucked in your inventory?

    For me: i really like the ponds, pastel picket fence, beach towels (for the warm seasons), kang and kodos topiary. I don’t like te colored trees and the easter gates. Neutral towards the easter fence (they have their use but not enthusiastic about it) and easter piles (only works during easter time). Did i forget anything?

    • I like the topiaries and the Easter fences from the pink/gold boxes. They make a really nice border next to the edge of a road, once I realized they can be rotated 360 degrees so that they line up correctly. I’m also using a bunch of fences and one gate to make a little cemetery for Homer’s graves.

      I got 3 topiaries, two Kodos and one Kang. I’m hiding one of the Kodos so that I get the bonus from it but I don’t have uneven numbers. 🙂

      I really dislike the ponds and the egg piles. I am lukewarm on the pastel fences, beach towels, and cotton candy trees.

      • I don’t mind a few of the towels along the shore, but I’ve seen some that are overkill! So i can see where you’re coming from with that. But glad you found a good use for the fences and gates! 🙂

  19. I didn’t keep track of how many boxes I opened, and still don’t know, but I got all of the major prizes with the exception of Hugs Bunny. The completest in me isn’t happy but I will get over it. I had a glitched basket for the first week but that finally worked, and the past few days I noticed that the full baskets were only giving me 200 eggs. I ended up spending 350 donuts in total but I figure it was worth it since I received 2 new characters (Shary Bobbins & Father Sean) with tasks, 3 buildings (Bananna Dictatorship, Block-O Store and Johnny Fiesta’s), Bunny 24601, Chirpy & Bart Jr, the Egg Council Guy, 15 donuts for the fence challenge and the Faberge Egg was dropped whilst tapping on bunnys.
    I also ended up with the following multiple items:

    5 Easter ponds
    6 Easter egg piles
    7 Kang topiary
    7 Kodos topiary
    8 Easter Gates
    9 beach towel & umbrella
    11 Easter trees
    40 Pastel picket fences
    63 Easter Fences

    Over all I liked the Easter event, with the exception of the the many duplicate drops of items. I was thinking that there could be a max you get and then another item takes it place. Just my opinion, I could be wrong.

  20. It is because of this update that I have decided to discontinue playing this game. I am a premium player and after playing hardcore since the update, I decided that I would spend some donuts on gold eggs to try and get the good stuff from the gold boxes (as I did not get any). I spent about 500 donuts on gold boxes and only got fences, gates and lots of lesser eggs, I really expected to clear it all up, especially since I had been playing so much during the update. I find this to be wildly unacceptable! All of my 100 friends have come from this web site, and sadly, I say “Good-bye”.
    Shame of you E.A. for actually making me hate this wonderful game!

    • I am trying to understand how you spent 500 on ONLY gold eggs and didn’t get every single gold box item. Did you only buy the smallest of amounts? Only play like 15 donuts at a time? If so, that WOULD be a waste. For 81 total spins/boxes opened, you only needed to buy 9 truckloads or 450 donuts spent. That got you EVERY item in the Gold Box. So that means that for Kang, Kodos, Banana Dictatorship, 24601, Hugs, Shary, and Father Sean (plus w/e else hit). So for the premium items…about 65 donuts spent on each premium. That is only if you got one topiary each and no baskets as payout.

      So I am curious of how you played it out. Can you elaborate? Because if played as suggested, you should have got it all and then some at that price. Maybe you can contact EA on the matter?

      • Hello Bunny, I read this blog several times a day and follow most of the advice given here. I have been doing the witch marge trick, continuously, for extra eggs right from the day you guys posted it, and I also visit all my friends religiously to collect eggs. I bought only truckloads(4550) of gold eggs. I bought 3 truckloads late last week, and then 7 more this morning. I did get 8 of the kang topiary, but 0 of kodos. Also, I did already have Banana Dictatorship, I got it early on and forgot it was part of the gold box series. Otherwise, everything else I received was fences, gates and blue/pink/gold eggs. I know it seems implausible, but, I did not win any of the “good” prizes, and I feel VERY cheated and ripped off by the experience after spending so much. I was a premium player and don’t mind paying some real money for premium content, but this just seems like outright thievery to me.

        As for contacting EA, I have tried previously to contact them and my past experience has been that they dont really care and will just throw a few free donuts at me, thinking that it will placate another angry customer. So, I have not contacted them this time. I will be giving my money to TinyCo instead.

        • I find it impossible to spend 500 and not get them all. There is another issue. If it was me, I would be right on them. I understand the past may have soured you, but still. 450 would have bought EVERYTHING in those gold boxes using only truckloads of gold eggs

      • I wish it was impossible. But, I am quite sure, it is possible.

    • Dan take whileto think it over. We will miss you if you go.

      • Thanks Al, but I’m afraid it’s too late. The game has ceased to be an enjoyable way to spend my time and money. On a positive note, I have made a few real life friends because of the game and this site, mostly from this site. When I think about starting the game up, I am constantly reminded of a famous quote.
        Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.- Albert Einstein.

        Happy Tappin Everyone!

  21. Michelle Rodriguez

    Michellebe158. Awesome event! Cool prizes. I was very pleased to win 15 donuts for sucking out! (I dont ever buy my donuts) We needed that prize for the Valentine’s fences. Sad that I didn’t win father sean, sherry bobbins, or Johnny fiestas. I wanted to add the JF to my squidport. Very excited to see what the next FP level prize is. Now I’m dumping eggs and hope to score one of my missing items before this Easter event leaves. I just won blue eggs in the gold egg box bummer. Well I need to dump a few lazy friends and add new ones! Happy tappin!

    • Just keep playing and do NOT go to the app store to download the update and you can play til the game forces you to update. Lol. So play wisely.

  22. Hopefully EA will allow us to use some of the decorations in K-L. The colors would work well in an amusement park. I now have 123 Easter fences, 42 pastel fences, 13 egg piles, 6 gates, 5 each Kang and Kodos,, 13 Easter trees, and I’m competing with the state of Minnesota with the number of ponds I have. Still want Sherry and the Hugs Bunny guy. The game should have ended 2 weeks ago. Oh, and seriously? They want me to spend donuts on golden eggs so I’d have the chance to win pink ones? Seriously? That’s a bit lame.

  23. What i liked is that this event worked for both freemium as premium players. The premium players could buy to win (i did the math: 40500 eggs guarantees you all different prices of 1 color box = 450 donuts each). BUT the more you play to collect eggs, the more boxes you get free, which means the more you play the bigger your discount will be.

    And freemium players at least get a chance to get all the nice stuff too. And there are some pretty nice items to get, of which we all at least got a few.

    I prefer many/most of these prices over what you could get with valentine’s event, at least it isn’t all so season dependant decorations. I do hope tho that we will be able to place some of the items in krustyland (like the did after valentine) Like the pastel colored trees look to fake for my Springfield, which isn’t an issue in krustyland lol. I can’t really compare to other events, since i just started playing during the end of the christmas event (and the rewards i got there are all very christmassy, tucked in my inventory till next christmas).

    So if i don’t think of what i didn’t get, and instead count all the things i did get (for free!) i must say i’m very happy with the end result. And for the duration, the bunnies were cute and funny, so was the zapper, i liked the extra bees and birds decorations, and i liked the extra coin i got from visiting friend’s towns.

    Anyway, yay!

  24. I’m new to the game, when will the event end? I was following the countdown timer, which indicated that it would end in the wee hours of this morning. So last night before I went to bed I spent my last blue (common color) eggs instead of waiting until I had 1000 and converting them to pink, figuring it was my last chance. Now the countdown timer is no longer counting down, but the event is still happening. Just curious.

    • It’ll take an app store update to remove it. Should hit the stores between 11:30 and 1pm EST today. 🙂

    • You have to wait for the app market update so you can load the “take away easter” code to your game. EA doesn’t open til 8am ish, so we usually don’t start to see the update hit til then. But it can happen at anytime. The codes are now in the files…it is only a matter of time. So if you want to rush and get all you can before you go to your app market and update, feel free to do so. The game will eventually tell you that you have to update once you waited too long. Lol.

  25. 2000 pink eggs traded in for 1000 blue eggs to win 600 gold eggs to open a gold box to get 250 pink eggs is an enormous waste of time, especially twice. Why no Kodos and Kang Topiaries in the poll?

    • Because they’re not unique. You can win them in multiples and by many aren’t considered the “good” prizes of the event. Same reason why we didn’t include ponds or umbrellas.

    • anotherthrowawaynic

      I also wound up just losing a bunch of eggs like that. Not sure if I’m more annoyed with EA for that or more annoyed with myself for losing a bunch of eggs accidentally clicking on neighbors’ trade baskets.

  26. 48 bloody fences. I’m a freemium player but that’s really pissing me off. I don’t think I’ll be able to earn enough for another chance before they shut off the event.

  27. Well, it was fun until I got tired of zapping bunnies in my own Springfield. After a week or so I just wished there was ONE button I could press and it would zap ALL my roaming bunnies. It became tedious. 🙁

    I think the event lasted a little too long. A couple weeks would have been great. The colored boxes were fun for a moment until I got a ton of useless Easter gates, ponds and trees that I wasn’t going to use. It angered me to know that I got an Easter gate INSTEAD of Fr Sean or Shary. 🙁 Felt like those turns were wasted.

    The “Sucking Out” goal was sweet. 15 FREE donuts? Yes, please!! Also, the fact that we could exchange our dominant color egg in our neighbors Springfield’s was GREAT! It helped me get the prizes in the opposite color box that I actually wanted.

  28. This and the valentines day specials would have been so much better if some of the prizes, like the beach blanket/umbrella, the topiaries, gazebos from before, ponds, etc., would have gone away after they were won. Better yet, just make them for sale after they were won. I have so many duplicate, junk prizes that serve no purpose. T least let me sell them!

    Also, 42 fences. Enough to be really annoying, but not enough to win donuts. Six gates. What am I going to do with six gates?!?!?!? My vanity ratin is already topped out, so the extras are just clutter. Gah! Tapped out has almost lost me completely.

    • My suggestion, give all your feedback to EA. They do listen. This event is a perfect example. People asked for harder events and more variance. They got it. Lol.

      All EA can do is keep changing and trying it out to see what works best. Myself, I still had fun. We will see if the extras can be used once all the update hits the app markets.

  29. I loves this event but it sucks that the max out was 80 I think if the max out would have been 60 more ppl would have gotten what they wanted because I really wanted Sharry 2!!!

  30. Although I got everything except Egg Council Guy (who I would rather have had than Chirpy Boy and Bart Jr, but nvm) I am still hugely resentful that I had to spend 150 donuts on golden eggs to do it. This is the first event I haven’t won everything via good old fashioned tapping, and I am really hacked off about it – I’ve always bought donuts before, and I bought CCL on day one, but I’ll never buy them again once I’ve spent all the ones I currently have in stock. This event was greed, pure and simple.

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