LEVEL 41 is Here! (Updated and Complete)

UPDATED 5/22 9:30PM EST: Android users check your Play Store for yet another Play Store update for TSTO.  So far this again looks like it’s an attempt to fix some of the lag/crashing problems that have been plaguing Android users for months now….let us know if YOU notice a difference in your game.
Sorry iOS users…just checked my store on my iPad I don’t see an update just yet.  But I believe these patches for Android are repairing issues Android users have been experiencing for months (especially Kit Kat users).

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

2014-05-22 10.28.09

Looks like we just got ourselves an in-game update on our favorite Tapping Devices!  Which, shouldn’t be a surprise to you if you checked out our Open Thread/Reminders post last night…

LEVEL 41 has Arrived! (and hey we’re here for this 1 😉 )

More details as we work through them ourselves….but for now Moe gets this going in your Springfield!  

2014-05-22 10.29.06

If the Level Up!  Message wasn’t a clue for you, this Level is focused around Dr. Hibbert….
After some dialogue between Moe and Dr. Hibbert you’ll be prompted to build the Vulgari Jewelry Store, it costs $800,000 and is a 24hr build.

As always we’ll post more details below the fold for those who don’t want more details until they play the level…so WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD!

Looks like we got ourselves TWO new characters in the game and some new vehicles!

Freemium Stuff:


vulgarijewelrystore_menuVulgari Jewelry Store– $800,000, 24hr build 3×6, unlocks Bernice Hibbert


unlock_bernicehibbert-Bernice Hibbert- Comes with Vulgari Jewlery Store


bloodmobile_menuBloodmobile- $132,000, improves vanity (not unique)


Premium Stuff:


unfinishedshed_menuUnfinished Shed– 150 Donuts.  Comes with Chester Dupree (3×3)


chesterdupree_menu Chester Dupree- Comes with Unfinished Shed


duffpartyliner_menu– Duff Party Liner– 100 Donuts (unique)


That’s it my friends the full rundown on Level 41!  Not a HUGE update, but an update nonetheless!  Two new characters, a few new decorations and more fun to keep our tapping fingers happy!

What do YOU think of Mrs. Hibbert finally entering our games?  Finally a freemium wife!  Any other thoughts on Level 41?  What do you think of the new character?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

279 responses to “LEVEL 41 is Here! (Updated and Complete)

  1. Him I hope you can help, for what ever reason i can “”Build the Vulgari Jewelry Store” although I’m on this quest Hibberts got a shed pt 6.


  2. I’m buying Vulgari much later than most of you I’m sure, but following the recent update earlier this week, price for the jewelry store dropped from $800k to $600k. Is Springfield experiencing a dip in their real estate market?


  3. I’m on level 41 but I haven’t been able to start the Vulgari Aspirations quest. Any Suggestions on getting this started?


  4. Finally! Lag is back to normal again after they sent us 20 free donuts. Put back all animated decos and tasked characters to external jobs again. Seems to be working fine again now.


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