Last Chance Yard Sale

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a little reminder that the Yard Sale items will be leaving our games tomorrow (8/4) at 8:00 GMT (4am EDT) and once they’re gone they’re gone!  So if you wanted any items of Tapped Out past…make sure you make your purchases soon before they all go back into the EA TSTO vault!

Need a reminder about what’s in the Yard Sale?  A refresher course is below the fold…


Mayan Marge


She’s been in the game files for A LONG time…but was never released.  Long time TSTO players who have everything from Halloween 2012 (including Mayan Homer & Mayan God) can purchase her for 90 Donuts.  She does come with a questline & a full set of tasks as well (we’ll get into it more in a bit).

If you don’t have any of the Halloween 2012 items (Mayan God, Mayan Homer etc) you can purchase the Mayan Package for 300 donuts.  This package comes with Mayan Marge, Mayan Homer (another skin for Homer) and the Mayan God (a NPC Character) & Mayan Calendar.

mayanhomer 200px-Mayancalendarwhole_menuUnlock_Mayan_God


Should I Buy?
Originally….Mayan Homer and the Mayan God were free if you completed/played Halloween 2012.  

You may see a different cost in your game. It will vary on what you already own. Reader Tom Had just Mayan Homer & Marge Combo for 170 donuts.

From Episode Tie-In..The Day The Earth Stood Cool (November 2012)

Cool Brown House


Yard Sale 2014 Price- 120 Donuts
Original Price- Part of the Episode tie-in and it was free.
Includes: Small questline involving Homer.  Also includes Cool Homer…

Tapped_Out_Cool_Homer_ (who has an additional questline)
Should I Buy?

Note:  Cool Homer won’t show in the buy menu.  He will come up AFTER you build the Cool Brown House (6s) AND complete the first part of the questline involving Homer (3m).  

From the Episode Tie-In Gorgeous Grampa…February 2013…

Gorgeous Grampa



This is a skin for Grampa Simpson.

Yard Sale 2014 Price- 75 donuts
Original Price- Free, Episode tie-in item.
Includes- Questline for Grampa
Should I Buy?

From Whacking Day 2013…..(March 2013)

 Bare Chested Willie



This is a skin for Willie

Yard Sale 2014 Price- 60 Donuts
Original Price- Whacking Day Currency (snakes)
Includes- Small questline for Willie
Should I Buy?

Ninja Homer & Practice Snake

200px-Ninja_Homer_Practice_Snake  ninja homer

This is a decoration and skin for Homer.

Yard Sale 2014 Price- 100 Donuts
Original Price- 120 Donuts
Includes- Bonus on snake (0.25% on all cash and xp).
Should I Buy?

From Halloween 2013….

Ultra House 2

ultrahouse 4000goo

Yard Sale 2014 Price- 90 Donuts
Original Price- Event Currency. (prize)
Includes- Small Dialogue, introducing the house & task for Homer.
Earns- $200, 22xp/ 8hrs
Should I Buy?

From Christmas 2013…

Helter Shelter



snow not included…just the image we had in our files

Here is what it looks like without the snow.

Helter Shelter 

Yard Sale 2014 Price- 45 Donuts
Original Price- Won on the Christmas Wheel.
Includes- Small dialogue
Earns- $500, 45xp/ 24hrs
Should I Buy?

Ice God

Melted Ice God Looks like this now

Ice God Will look like this when there’s snow in Springfield again…

Yard Sale 2014 Price- 30 Donuts
Original Price- Won on the Christmas Wheel
Includes- 2.25% bonus on all cash and xp
Should I Buy?

From Married to the Blob Episode Tie-in

Mr. Sparkle Billboard


Snow not included.  Just the image we had in our files

Here it is without the snow. 

Mr Sparkle Billboard

Yard Sale 2014 Price- 30 Donuts
Original Price- 30 Donuts
Includes- 0.75% Bonus on All Cash and xp.
FYI…this is the ONLY Yard Sale item that is NOT unique.  So be careful buying, because you can end up with more than 1
Should I Buy?

And finally…from Easter 2014, my personal favorite

Father Sean

Father Sean


Yard Sale 2014 Price- 135 Donuts
Original Price- Could Only Be Won in the Gold Easter Egg Box
Includes- Questline
Should I Buy?

So that’s it my friends.  Time to make your final purchases before the vault is sealed up once again!

What did YOU think of the Yard Sale?  Did you make any purchases? Any items you’re happy they brought back?  Anything you wish they’d bring back, but didn’t?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

13 responses to “Last Chance Yard Sale

  1. Wonder how long before Father Sean will be available to buy again? I was going to get him Sunday, but when I paid for 132 donuts I didn’t get them. I contacted EA with a chat but the technician just concluded my case today (and gave me 137 donuts). I still want Father Sean-but maybe I should spend my 156 donuts on another premium character in the meantime. I only have Luann, Barney, Otto and the Squeaky Voiced Teen. I have been playing for a few months, found this site not too long ago and think you guys are GREAT!

    • Try contacting EA back to see if they will put him in there for you. Explain the donuts were for his purchase and due to their delay, you cant get him in your game now and want him. Sometimes you get that sympathetic ear that will be happy to help. Worth a try. Let us know how it goes. 😉

  2. So the yard sale disappeared when Gil arrived?

  3. I’d been wanting the Cool Brown House since I saw it in my neighbors game. I got the Willy skin too because of his outdoor and premium tasks. The rest was too expensive.

  4. I’ve been wondering this since I started reading this blog… How do you guys access these “game files”? I probably wouldn’t understand an explanation of any sort as I am the the only person I know surpassed by there grandfather in terms of tech knowledge.

  5. i also thought the cool brown house was a bit pricey, but i splurged and bought it 🙂

  6. Once again I want to thank this site for the useful information about the Yard Sale 2014. As it quietly disappears from our games, I’ve made some informed purchases that I may had otherwise passed on and regretted later if it wasn’t for posts about the Yard Sale here. Having had started playing the game in March, it meant most of the items in this sale were items I did not already have with Father Sean being the exception, having won him in the Easter Event.

    I passed on the Mayan package. 300 donuts were just too much for me for two skins, a NPC, and the calendar decoration. I bought the Cool Brown House (with Cool Homer). I might had missed this one if it wasn’t for this site informing me about the Cool Homer skin that secretly comes with it. I’m really enjoying Cool Homer in my Springfield now. Gorgeous Grandpa I was on the fence about until a few days ago when I finally pulled the trigger on that one. I was mostly on the fence due to the 75 donut price. 60 donuts, the cost of Bare Chested Willie would had been more reasonable. But it was too ridiculous to pass on and I also appreciated Wookiee’s WDTCF article about it which refreshed my memory about the originating episode it’s from. And speaking of Bare Chested Willie, I picked up that skin as well. 60 donuts is a more reasonable price for changing a freemium character into a premium and I had gotten so tired of Willie’s playing the bagpipes for his 1 hour task, this offered a fun alternative for an outdoor task. I passed on Ninja Homer & Practice Snake. Having bought the Cool Brown House, I now already had a premium skin for Homer and obviously you can’t use two skins at once, and this Ninja skin only offers two outdoor tasks. So at 100 donuts, I just couldn’t justify this for myself. Ultrahouse 2 was the first item I bought from this Yard Sale. I’ve been seeing it in my friend’s towns since I started playing and had no information about it (and didn’t even know what it was called). I love it, but I am a little disappointed that after its short quest line, there’s no further interaction with Homer or other characters. For 24 hours it will animate and then the show’s over. I don’t regret it though, as I had been wanting it in my Springfield since I first saw it in other towns. I passed on Helter Shelter. It’s not too expensive, but there’s no emotional draw to it for me. Perhaps if I re-watch the episode it is from, that would change. Also many had posted that it is now smaller than what it had been. The Ice God I got solely for the percentage payout it offers for the donuts it costs. Even knowing that, I still may had passed on this one if it weren’t for this site and letting me know what it will look like in the snowfall version of Springfield. In its melted form, they way it is depicted in the Yard Sale, I can see many easily passing on it, including myself. Mr. Sparkle Billboard I actually would like to have, but I passed on. 30 donuts is a lot for just a billboard with only a .75% percentage. There are still other premium characters outside of the Yard Sale that I still need, so I figured the donuts would be better spent on getting them. Lastly, Father Sean, as I mentioned earlier I already had from Easter. Fortunately I won him back in that event because I don’t know if I would had spent 135 donuts on him when the only task I really enjoy of his is him riding his motorbike and he only has one other outdoor task.

    So the Yard Sale 2014 wasn’t too bad for me. I like what I picked up. I wish it included the Mapple Store though, that would had been really wizard! Again, I thank those efforts by the team here at TSTO Addicts for all the information about the items they provided so I could make informed, intelligent purchases on the items offered in this sale. Including letting us know exactly how long we had to make our decisions. I’m still find it surprising that EA does not give a “last chance” notice in the game for such things.

  7. Ah, heck, I just bought the cool brown house. (I only started around the time of the Whacking Day event last year so I missed the house the first time around.) Nothing else in the sale really grabbed me. The house was a little too expensive, I think (90-100 would’ve been better), but I broke down at the last minute and got it.

  8. I was very frustrated by the cost of everything 🙁 . I bought the Ice God but nothing else

  9. Thought it was kinda lame. I wanted Springfield Falls and was shocked it wasnt on the list. On to the next update!

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