Addicts Want to Know: Next Game Results and A New Poll About Gil….

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Last week we asked you guys what FOX Animation show YOU would most like to see get the next mobile game…and as I suspected you guys overwhelmingly picked your favorite!   Now, we’ll get to the results of the game poll shortly, but first I want to know if Ol’ Gil has presented you with an offer you can’t refuse.

Yes, Gil’s back in Springfield and this time with a donut of a deal, but is this deal worth your cash?  I want to know if you still have a soft spot for Gil and helped him out or if you said “forget it buddy!”:

Make sure you let us know why you picked what you did in the comments below 🙂

Now let’s get to the results about the NEXT Fox game….

I’m not even remotely surprised by these results.  You guys are after all Simpson Fans…

What FOX Animation Show Would You Like to See Get the Next Mobile Game?
75% -Futurama
14% -American Dad
11% -Bob’s Burgers 

Shocking right?  You guys OVERWHELMINGLY want Futurama to be the next Mobile game.

You want to know what I found interesting though?  We took this SAME poll on our sister site, Family Guy Addicts…and what do you think their results were?  It was much closer but American Dad edged out Futurama:
52%- American Dad
41%- Futurama
7%- Bob’s Burgers

Again…not surprised by those results either.

Will YOU be taking Gil’s Deal?  Why or why not?  Are you surprised by the results of the gaming poll?  What are you somethings you’d like to see in a Futurama game?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

46 responses to “Addicts Want to Know: Next Game Results and A New Poll About Gil….

  1. This new Gil & Otto promo will not update on my TSTO, even though I reinstalled the app! What gives? I wanna buy it!

  2. I’m mostly a freemium player, only playing since February, so I had none of the buildings offered. Based on the rundown by y’all, I bought the dumpster and got the Museum of Natural History, which I’m pleased with :). Then I used some of the donuts to get Frink, who I’d been saving up for. Saving the rest to see what comes up in the next updates (I’m cheap)!

    • lol there’s nothing wrong with being cheap! (although I prefer to think of it as a smart TSTO player 😉 ) Sounds like you got a great deal and it worked out for you! 🙂

  3. NO DEAL !!!!!

    I have been put off TSTO for awhile now. Their lack of proper content updates had pushed me further away. The krustyland update was ok, not the greatest. I have been playing the freemium way for awhile now. I have two TSTO towns and quite honestly since I finished the krustyland update I just log into my towns every couple days to keep my last login date current.

    FGQFS currently has much more content and tons more reasons to spend some money over with tiny co.

    So in short I told Ol Gil to take a hike and spent some $ over in quahog. Sorry Springfield sometimes cross border shopping gets better deals 🙂 lol !!!!

    I am hoping for a huge TSTO update soon as I have not completely lost interest in TSTO but much rather am currently bored to heck with it. If you had a what the hell post for TSTO like FG ….. I would post ….” EA seriously, where are the real updates….your slacking “. What the hell !

    See you addicts in quahog ( for now )

    • I think we’re all hoping for something big soon….as long as it doesn’t crash Springfield like it did Quahog lol

      We’re happy to have you part of either community! 🙂

      • the difference is that tiny co seems to care more about their customers. look how fast tiny co resolved the issue with the last update. (well for me anyway). I was back up in no time and they responded to me within 4 hours of my initial email to them.

        EA takes forever to fix their issues, their customer service is almost non existant and on weekends well forget it EA is really no where to be found.

        tiny co seems to be the company coming out on top right now and Quahog is where I am setting up shop for now 🙂 LOL !!!!

        you gals and guys at the addict sites are doing an awesome job with both blogs and it is always a pleasure to read and make comments on both sites…..keep up all the great work to yourself and your team on both sites. 🙂

        • Aw well thank you for the kind words! I think both companies have their good and bad moments, just have to see how it all plays out in the end. Hopefully EA has something up their sleeves and soon! 🙂

  4. Spending that much money on a game without it unlocking everything (i.e., giving you unlimited donuts) is not worth it to me. This barely gives you a handful of donuts and a building. I say this having none of the buildings offered and loving the game. I just feel there are better things to spend (or not) my money on. Oh well, I still built a bitchin soccer field for Germany’s world cup win! Game still rocks, donut deals and the general pay-for-premiums model sucks

  5. I bought the dumpster because I didn’t have many of the premium buildings that he was offering. I used my Kindle and got 10% off of $50 worth of coins. The next day I logged in and my Kindle gave me an additional $10 credit to use in TSTO! So I bought a tray too. Yay Kindle!

  6. I’m really curious whether the poll results are based on peoples enjoyment of the show, or on what they actually think would make the most enjoyable game. Personally Bob’s Burgers is by far my favorite show out of the big not-just-for-kids-but-family-orientated animations (Simpsons, FG, AD, KOTH, Futurama), but i agree Futurama would have the most interesting gameplay possibilities.

  7. Lame deal IMO for a completist. Nothing really offered. If TSTO really wanted to make some coin the should offer limited time items that were missed. I would have maxed out the CC if they offered something like this.

  8. I was on the fence for a while, but finally bought the dumpster. It cost more than I had spent previously on the game, but I was thinking of buying some more donuts. While this wasn’t a HUGE discount, the discount was substantial… especially as I wasn’t ready to step up to the $50 package. As far as the randomly selected building, that was a deal perfectly tailored to me. My previous investments of both earned and purchased donuts have focused on characters, buildings cum characters, and in one case, a decoration. So having exactly zero of the possible prizes, it was a good gamble, and I now find myself in possession of Duff Stadium. Pretty cool, though now I need to figure out where to put it. I’m slightly disappointed, though not at all surprised that I was unable to keep the pink dumpster.

  9. No deal, I have most of the premium buildings on offer and don’t think it’s worth spending £24.49 to get another Lard Lad Donuts or a Ferris wheel because chances are I’d get that. I’m not much of a risk taker really.

  10. I took the deal, considering that I only had a Ferris wheel and I could get any of the other good buildings… And Gil gave me another wheel lol

  11. American Dad would have the smiths, and 150 skins for Roger

  12. I want a king of the hill game

  13. I took the deal, but only after reading up on what was available here. I didn’t have a Ferris wheel yet, so I have no complaints.

  14. Wasn’t sure where to ask this, but did anyone else just get a mini in game update, that seems to have done nothing? (maybe fixing glitches that I’m not experiencing)

    I got very excited and then disappointed haha.

  15. I told him to buzz off because whenever I buy donuts, I get charged and they aren’t delivered.

  16. I haven’t voted because I’m on the fence here. I have all but 3 of the buildings on the list and of those 3 I would only want Mt. Carlmore. Slim chance, plus I’m still hoping for more land. The dumpster deal isn’t that amazing but maybe I want to have some extra donuts in the bank for Halloween. And don’t forget about the September update that will possibly be the monorail! I’m not a completist by any means and am usually very thrifty with donuts BUT I love Halloween. And MONORAIL. Just sayin. Maybe in the last hour I’ll cave. Or maybe I just convinced myself?

  17. So, 24 hours after I caved and bought donuts for the first time ever, the Gil deal came along, I ended up buying donuts for the second time ever. My bank was so shocked that they emailed me to say that they suspect there’s been fraud on my ATM card and they’re sending me a new one. :] I should be good on donuts pretty much forever though, and I didn’t have any of the premium items being offered – if I even had just one of them, I probably would have passed on it. I ended up with Mt. Carlmore which is something I couldn’t justify spending that many donuts on normally, even though I really liked it, so to me it was worth it.

    • lol that’s awesome! I’m glad it worked out for you 🙂

    • I too got a fraud call. I didn’t have anything other than Lard Lad so I did it 8 times Now I’ve got 2 more Lard Lads, still no ferris wheel, but enough donuts to buy the rest of the buildings that I didn’t get and still want.

  18. Though I’m addicted, I check in every day, and have my level currently maxed out, let’s be honest in that the game is pretty bad game-play wise and not much more than a money grab for EA. Until I see some real deals on donuts, or perhaps a different Simpsons game, I can’t justify giving EA a dime for this game.

  19. No Deal! I Told Gil to Buzz Off!

    I like the game, but I won’t pay for it. It’s ment to be fun and not expensive. If you could win/earn more donuts (and indeed they are ridiculously overpriced) I would think about it. I occasionally buy an premium ticket in the kwik-mart.

  20. Alissa, for players such as yourself (who have all the premium buildings), Gil should have provided bonus donuts instead of duplicates of items you already have. If you want duplicates, you can buy them with the bonus donuts yourself.

    As for me, today is payday but I’ll likely pass on this “deal” — hopefully, Gil’s next “deal” will be better.

    • I probably would have jumped on a deal (i’m a sucker for discounts/coupons…) but this time I just couldn’t justify it. I have 2 lard lads and 2 ferris wheels and for me, that’s enough. If there were extra donuts i probably would have jumped on it 🙂

  21. Doughnuts are ridiculously overpriced 🙁 even with the sale 🙁 so no deal

  22. I very rarely reply on here but I would like to see a whole “Future” expansion on Tapped Out… Give me alternate futures from the show as well as the Planet Express gang. Just say Homer broke time too when he caused the Meltdown. The New New York Expansion…

  23. I actually thought that gil had brought a pretty good deal in my opinion. The timing was bad though. I mean I just bought donuts for the yard sale, why would I shell out more money just for more donuts and a chance at building I may want? I have some left over so I can use those during Halloween, so why would I buy more??? Come on EA. I mean the first Gil deal during Christmas (2012), the timing was perfect. Right after Christmas when tons of people got iTunes cards (and other gift cards), GENIUS!

    • Yes, it wasn’t a bad deal (although if you have all the buildings and multiples of the alternate ones already…not as good) but timing was just off. Might have gotten more respect/attention if he arrived during the Yard Sale 🙂

  24. IF I work with Gil…
    I will probably take the dumpster and building deal…
    But I really hate paying money to pal an on line game!

  25. I just bought the dumpster of donuts and the premium building as I only had one of the premium building on the list. I don’t usually buy many large amounts of donuts and had a itunes gift card so I thought why not. I was very happy to open the premium gift box and get the open air stage as I’ve always wanted it but could never justify the donuts. I’m really happy with the deal but think it only really works for people who have spent very little real money. For the players that already have a lot of the items on the list it’s a lot of money to get stuck with another lard lad or Ferris wheel.
    Happy tappin’

    • Exactly my thoughts my friend…and glad you ended up with a building you’ve always wanted 🙂

    • I do prefer the FG method of just eliminating the duplicates and increasing the odds on the others. But I only had one Lard Lad and none of the other buildings so it worked out well for me.

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