Discount Donut Deals: Share Your Finds

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Everyday at least 1 reader in this AMAZING Community shares a deal they saw on App Store Gift Cards at a local store or online.  We LOVE these little tips you guys share with the community, as a way to get discounted Gift Cards to help save some dough on Donuts!

Recently during our Blogiversary Poll we asked you guys for comments on what we can do to make TSTO Addicts better…and a few of you suggested having a location where you can share deals on how to score discounted App Store Gift Cards with each other.  And we ABSOLUTELY LOVE this idea!

So here’s your Discount Donut Deal post….post deals you saw online or in stores for discounted Apple, Google Play or Amazon Gift Cards and help out your fellow tappers!

Saw a great deal on Google Play Gift Cards?  Share it below!

play-card_couponsA local store running a discount on iTunes Gift Cards?  Let your fellow Tappers know where they can save below!

Amazon running an awesome deal on coins that’s too good to pass up?  Make sure your fellow Kindle players don’t miss out below!

So where are YOUR Donut Deals?

Note: No Hack/cheat talks allowed.  Anything posted to this thread that is NOT a deal on discounted gift cards or deals involving gift cards will NOT make it through comment moderation.  This post is for legit discounts on Gift Cards and Amazon coins only.  

257 responses to “Discount Donut Deals: Share Your Finds

  1. Qriket is a good app to use to make money for donuts, all you do is watch adds to earn spins and spin the wheel for a chance to win real money. Use referal code 5A5573 to get 25 free spins! Im up to 3 dollars in about a week

    Slidejoy is also a good app to use, it changes your lockscreen to an advertisement page to earn carats. Use carats to redeem for cash.

    Ive used survey apps like quickthoughts and google opinion rewards which were great at first but after a little while they stopped sending me surveys so i definitely recommend qriket and slidejoy.

  2. Ebay is selling $100 for $80. I just bought it and got within 30 mins.

  3. How do you use an Amazon Gift Card to get donuts. I’m on Android, and I’ve got some Amazon Gift Cards with Bing Search. Can you please explain?

    • Just be cautious on ANY Gift Card not offered directly by the company or a known merchant.

      • Aww thx Bunny! No worries tho, this is the ONLY guy I buy from as he discounts 20% frequently enough to keep me donuts cravings satisfied! He is VERY well known lol He is offering another sale as we speak but someone beat me to the post! Tho I do not need donuts atm I dare not pass up on the 20% discount. I did that once… once!

  4. Hey, so my sister has android and I have apple. On android she has the Google Survey something. I have Quick Thoughts. Been using it about two weeks because I really wanted the 300 donuts so I could get Barney with the 130 back. So those two apps, you take surveys whenever you can, earn apple or google credits. In a little over a week I got the 20$ to buy the 300 donuts. But I know for Quick Thoughts it’s increments of 10$. So I had to spend the 1.40$ on tax. But I spent a little time and 1.40$ and got 300 doughnuts. Quick Thoughts is a free app and I believe Google Survey is too. So go do surveys in your downtime and earn iTunes gift cards so you don’t spend real money on donuts!

    • Thanks for the info on Quick Thoughts…I’ll have to look into that! I can’t do the Google Opinion thing on my Kindle or iPad, but maybe I can do QT on my iPad instead!

      I usually prefer to buy my donuts via my Kindle (because of the built-in discounts), but, if I can get iTunes “money” for free, then that’s okay too! 😉

    • YES! This is amazing. I use my credits on scratchers all the time!

  5. I tried to look into Google opinion rewards and found out that the app cannot be installed here. Probably because I am not from US.

  6. For people in the UK, Tesco currently have 15% off iTunes and Google Play gift cards.

  7. I was wondering if any tapped out Gil sales are coming up before I spend some donuts?

  8. Rite Aid regularly has get $5 when you buy $25 google play cards. They also have the same sort of deals on itunes cards along with coupons in their sales ads. CVS does this as well, check those drugstore flyers!

  9. ebay has $100 itunes gift cards for $80 right now

  10. There’s an iTunes gift card deal offered by PayPal Gifts in Germany. It’s 20% off €100 (€80 = 2400 Donuts) or €50 (€40 = 900).
    It is offered until Nov 30 and while stocks last.

    Grabbed the €100 card once more, and now waiting for a donut deal😂 This may take forever 😏

  11. It appears that Costco has already posted their Black Friday deals, and they will have $15.00 off of $100 card packages.

  12. PayPal has $25, $50 and $100 iTunes codes for 20% off until the 21st.

  13. Try Google opinion Rewards, they send you 1 – 2 surveys a day, you can accumulate google credits and buy scratches and hope for the 100 donuts!(: Happy Tapping!

    • I’ve been using Google opi noon rewards since the last Halloween event. It’s excellent for getting free money added to your account. To date I’ve made a total of 34.70 for a few seconds of my time.

  14. For Australians:- Safeway grocery stores & Big W stores have 20% off iTunes cards this week. Starts today Wes 26/8/15. Ends next Wed.

  15. Target has iTunes cards on sale, $85 USD for $100 card, $42.50 USD for $50 card and so on. In stores and on-line. I’m guessing the sale is only this week.

  16. Staples back-to-school promo sells $100 iTunes gift cards for $80 … Offer ends 8/23/15. Online you can buy as much as you want but at the store they will only let you buy one card at a time. Hope this helps!

  17. $50 Apple iTunes eGift Card for $40 (also 3% cash back via

    • @Khandie, This is a good deal. Thanks for sharing!

      • This seller offers these deals often so keep an eye on him! Unfortunately it looks like the cash back from ebates or fatwallet has been removed from gift card purchases 🙁 Sometimes his deals are $80 for $100 or the $40 for $50 and they are NOT always on sale at the same time so be sure to watch for either or! I need another deal before the holidays hit!

  18. Best Buy (big box store) has a 10% off on ITunes cards this week. They have been running this sale about every other week for a while now.
    Speedway (gas store chain) gives rewards points for buying gaming cards. Right now they are highlighting ITunes cards for extra points plus earn 1000 points for seven cards bought. Their rewards program also allows getting free gaming cards for points saved.

  19. High value purchase only but as part of Amazon’s Prime Day deals they’re giving 25% bonus coins when you buy 5000 or 10000 coins. So for £45 you can get 6250 coins (it will take up to 48 hours to get the bonus)

  20. I know this has been posted before, but google play opinion awards is a free app that allows you to earn credits you can put towards buying donuts. In just a month I’ve been able to buy 3 scratch offs. The surveys are short and you can earn .10¢ and up on them my highest amount so far has been about $1.50.

  21. Target has 10% off iTunes giftcards (email delivery only) when you buy at least $50. Ends 7/9 at 11:59pm. No idea if the RED card discount stacks or not since I don’t have one.

  22. For Australians… Woolworths grocery stores have 20% off iTunes cards this week. Starting Wed 8th July.

  23. Kindlefolk – The 25% rebate is back! I’m not sure for how long, because the notification says “through June 12,” (an obvious mistake), but I did just try it with a Golden Scratch-R and it did work!

    • How does the kindle rebate work? Is it just a reduced price in game?

      • No – you have to buy Amazon Coins (which are sold at a discount to begin with) and the buy donuts using Amazon Coins. When you buy the donuts, you get 25% of the coins returned to you.

        I posted a more in-depth explanation of how I got 360 donuts for a net cost of $17.75 below…just scroll down a bit and you’ll see it.

  24. Just purchased a dozen doughnuts on kindle in uk via Amazon. It allowed me to use saved up Amazon coins (149 coins as opposed to 1.49 pounds) and earned me a further 30 coins. I had not noticed this feature before- sorry if this is old news!! 🙂

  25. PayPal is selling iTunes codes at 15% off, June 18 – 21, in honor of Father’s Day. Codes come in denominations of $25, $50, & $100 (at 15% less for each of those, of course.)

  26. Got to say that using the website cash for apps got me $5 dollars free in 2 hours by just trying different apps.

  27. or you can download the Raise app. They offer $50 and $100 iTunes gift cards. They are delivered to your Raise wallet within 24 hours and they usually offer them at up to 9% off and if you’re a first time user you can find a code by Googling “ promo” and get an additional $5 off your purchase.

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