Can’t Watch Every. Simpsons. Ever? Follow Along on Twitter!


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Every. Simpsons. Ever. Marathon is on full swing on FXX…have you been watching?  I’ve got to say it’s been a BLAST having it on in the background while doing things around the house or working here on Addicts.  Got to love seeing all the great TSTO items, and which episodes they came from!  (the other night I caught the episode featuring the  Sit-N-Rotate!)

I know many of our friends outside of the US, and those without FXX, are a little bummed they’re missing out on all the marathon fun…however you can follow along on Twitter!

FXX has set up a Twitter account just for this marathon where they’re posting images and quotes from every episode as it airs!  So you can still relive all the episode fun, even if you can’t watch!  So check out @EverySimpsons on Twitter to follow along in the fun!

What’s YOUR favorite moment so far?  Remembering any great quotes you had forgotten about?  How many hours of the Marathon have you watched so far? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


26 responses to “Can’t Watch Every. Simpsons. Ever? Follow Along on Twitter!

  1. Yes Wookiee, we will end up owning all of the episodes available on DVD. When I said you could watch the marathon I did not realize it was going to last 12 days. LOL

  2. Thanks Alissa, I spaced this one out of my tiny brain, but I got into my dish account found the channel (yeah a new channel for a bonus) am now in Simpson glory!

  3. My favorite episode has to be The Simpsons Files! 😀

  4. C’mon Marge!
    Less artsy, more fartsy!

  5. Great with wifi! Not the marathon but still getting my fix LOL! 😉

  6. I own 1 – 13 and watched up to season 18. Great time watching all the old ones and can’t wait to finally complete the series and watch every episode. Was waiting a while to finish but this seems like the perfect chance to do it.

    See my vest, see my vest, see my vest!!!! Lol

  7. i downloaded the FXNow app and just watch what is available on it bc there is only one tv set lol

  8. The beauty…lay in bed watching a few, fall asleep…wake up to watch a few in bed before actually getting out of bed to do something. I love weekends.

  9. Hey addicts, I’m in Afghanistan so I don’t have cable, I did however buy seasons 1-24 at the bazaar a little over a month ago, only 4 episodes left. What will I do when I’m done? It’s been a journey though catching up on seasons after I fell out of the show years ago, what was I thinking, this is the best. Show. EVER! Oh and by the way Alissa I can visit neighbors again, such a relief

    • Be safe out there. I spent a bit of time in the Stan as well and can sympathize with the internet issues and watching lots of bootleg movies from the market. It is definitely the Best. Show. Ever.

  10. Finally found the channel tonight. Watched Lisa’s Wedding, 2 Dozen and 1 Greyhounds, The Film Festival and maybe half of another one I forgot about. Sad I missed so many good ones. Wish my stupid PS3 did not die (6 freaking weeks outside the warranty) so I could watch my DVDs.

    • Some is always better than nothing. It’s funny because I only own the first 4 seasons and now my mom thinks we should buy the rest because she’s missed so much of the marathon.

    • You can get it repaired by Sony. No matter whats wrong with it, they will fix it for $99. Beats buying a new one. I had em fix mine. Quick job. Very pleased.

  11. I loved watching the stonecutters episode and Whacking day

  12. My DVR is getting them all so far although I will have to stop it probably tomorrow before it gets full! I was so happy to finally show the monorail episode to my 10 year old.

  13. Watching the marathon now and there is a renaissance faire episode on lol.

  14. Saw one of my personal favorites, Homer’s Triple Bypass last night. Great bits, Dr. Nick Riviera, “send the widow a ham”, “my friend Mr. McGreg, with a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg.” “Bed goes up, bed goes down.”
    I have every season that is available on DVD or Blu ray but the best episode not available yet and a personal favorite is Season 19.9 Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind!!

  15. Unfourtunatly I dont get Fxx but I do own seasons 1-16, 20 and the movie so I have my own marathons every now and then. One of my favorite moments in recent memory is from the episode when Burns trys to control all forms of media and Lisa starts her own news paper. Lisa gives up fighing Burns and Homer isnt about to let Burns win and he says to Marge, “Marge, I’m pulling an all nighter for my little girl. Put on a pot of coffee, drink it, and start making burgers.”

  16. Also check out @HomersAssGroove, live tweeting the entire thing!

  17. I love all of the sideshow bob episodes, Kelsey Grammer is amazing!

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