Troop Replenishment Saturday!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Seems for this event EA is doing a bit of special release days. Wednesdays are Elixir days and it appears that Saturday is Troop Replenishment Saturday!

Many of you will be seeing a message on your Tapping Device informing you that a new wave of  Nerds are ready for battle in your Springfield! 2014-08-23 18.03.06

2014-08-23 14.03.23

When you sign into Springfield you’ll see this message popup:

2014-08-23 18.11.29


Your troops have now been maxed out!  A little gift from EA…Max nerds at 2pm EDT!

What do YOU think of this addition?  Are you enjoying Clash of Clones so far?  How are your nerd troops holding up?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

115 responses to “Troop Replenishment Saturday!

  1. Totally forgot about this but I still have more nerds than i can handle

  2. Wookie said “750/day”… I am clearly doing something wrong, or my neighbors do not like me; I am presently sitting at 1768 gold pieces. I stink at Clones! 🙁 *laughing….

    • Use 1 nerd per house and at night and during day try not to attack castle because you’ve to defend castle in other to get ur nerds….hope that helps

  3. Not complaining but is anyone else finding this event to easy? It’s only a few days in and I’m at 21k gold. Never have I flown through an event like this. At this rate in less than a week I’ll be done with personal prizes and kinda bored with nothing left to do really. All my castles are at level 13 and all but Marge is level 10 or higher. Is there more coming or is this just the fastest event ever???

    • Lots of folks are a lot farther behind. Good neighbors seem to be the key for all the freemium players. Mine have been extremely active so I’m doing well.

    • I would like to know your secret to getting so far in the game in less than 7 days.

    • Amazing. My progress is slow. Maybe you could share your secrets of your achievement

      • Well I’m now sitting at 29k gold and have all towers at level 14 my best advice is to defend as often as you can can only spend one nerd at a location. This has been the secret to my success
        Every 2 hours I produce 60 nerds and send one each to a building often times I come back to over 1k gold and 5 to 6k elixir waiting for me. Hope this helps.

    • Same here. I have over 10k and also in all past events since halloween 2013 I have never earned all the prizes. Thanks EA for making this event too easy

  4. What day did they give the donuts on was it Thursday or Friday? Maybe that’s donut day… Wishful thinking?

  5. Is there any way to know what the maximum number of nerds I can have is? I have all three castles, partially upgraded. Do I need to calculate it myself?

  6. I don’t know if it’s just me but I’ve been having very few attacks on my Springfield. At this rate I’ll never progress. I send out nerds as soon as I get them (about half random, half to friends, making sure I hit each neighbor at least once a day). I take revenge on those who do attack. Yet hours go by with absolutely nothing. I upgrade my castles as I can to generate more nerds. Yet collecting elixer and gold is a real slog. I’m not crazy about this event to begin with…not my type of gameplay… But I’m willing to give it a go. But I’m already finding it more frustrating as Easter. Am I doing something wrong?

    • No. I think many players may still not understand the strategies of the game and may not spread out their Nerds as much as they can. Also, I notice more only hitting the Castles, which I am confused by. I still seem to get more by using just one Nerd and hitting as many buildings everywhere that I can. I would say just keep playing how you are and hopefully it will pick up for you.

      • This is what I’ve been doing and has worked out pretty well for me.

        One thing that confused me is when I achieved the truck of Elixers as a reward is I didn’t receive the reward, wondering if I have to wait till Wednesday to claim due to Elixer Wednesday.

      • Thinking of your comment about the castles, I’ve actually strayed from the castles due to the fact that if a castle is available, it likely means that the player is actively playing where if you end up in a town that already has houses being attacked it means the player hasn’t visited their town in a while. Where this can go both ways as perhaps the player checks over long periods of time and may check soon after you attack. I’ve just had better payouts over time attacking houses.

  7. I feel like I am kind of flying with this update (gives me more time to over max on gold and elixer to buy more stuff) But with that said I have a task “Shock to the System Pt. 1 (collect 9500 gold)”, does anyone know if this leads to anything other than just achievements for collecting gold? Right now I am at 7931 gold, so hopefully I make it through all the available rewards.

  8. Why didn’t that make elixir collectors and gold mines or get more resources quicker?

  9. Off topic question but when I was invading someone else’s Springfield I noticed that their Springfield Museun was on the Squidport. Can we put it there know and what other buildings can we now put there. I only have my tent on there that wasn’t technically Squidport” thanks

    • Interesting. I will have to try it myself. Some towns…they are playing “altered games” so things may not be in their proper spots.

  10. One of my characters disipeard, can ea see this and get it back for me, or do I have to explain that it disipeard? if I have to alert them of my missing character is it enough to give them the ea name and they fix it or do I have to tell them what’s missing? Feeling a little confused so I thought I’d ask here first, to see if you know what Iam supposed to do.

  11. I don’t think anyone noticed this but the sound of Homer’s car when you tap on it has changed.

  12. I wasn’t so sure that I would like this update, but I do. It’s fun to do something a little different. It’s similar, in my mind, to the 2013 Halloween where we attacked houses with ghosts, but now we get to DESTROY houses. Even if it’s temporary, it’s fun to see all the smoking and demolished buildings. Brandine just gave birth to another Spickler for me & I was going to blow up my town after that. Now I think I have to wait for this event to end. Or should I just blow it up? I am in a decimating kind of mood now…

    • Biggest thing is if you set Brandine to gestate again, the nuke will reset it. I didn’t even think about it and lost 50 plus days of corn and the week or so of Brandine’s bun in the oven.

  13. I need help with this…I must just be dense. Why am I having such a hard time earning gold? I read all of your articles…thought I was doing this right. But I feel like I’ve been playing since the beginning and am going like sludge. What am I doing wrong?

  14. Off topic…I need a confirmation button on the Cheaters. I keep losing them because I touch the screen. Dang it! 🙂

    • Agree. Tapped the button by accident and cleared my town of nothing as no way to cancel it. Luckily I have won a few cheaters back from defending my town buildings.

  15. Sorry if you’ve answered this already. I’ve seen castle prices ranging from 25-140. What determines this reward range?

  16. I’m very disappointed in my neighbors. 90% have not updated their games.

  17. My archer lisa is not appearing. Do someone have this problem too?

    • She won’t show up in your inventory, only the castle will and it will remain locked until you reach the unlock point of the questline. Once you build Castle Recycle Archer Lisa will show up 🙂

      • I wish the game didn’t do that. I thought the quest line glitched out when it gave me Lisa and her castle on the reward list but didn’t actually let me have them until a certain point in the quest passed.
        They should have told you in-game about it, as I didn’t realize what was going on till I paid attention to the introductory post here.

  18. not 100% related but Converse, my favorite sneaker, has released new Simpsons Chuck Taylors!

  19. Hi, just a quick clarification please—we aren’t supposed to attack neighbors?? I kind of thought that was the whole premiss? I’ve been attacking as I seem to get more gold and elixir doing so, so I’ve kind of been returning the favor so to speak. So I just battle random Springfield’s then and leave my neighbors alone? I personally don’t care about righteousness rating, but how can you tell which neighbors not to attack—thanks so much.

    • You can attack both. Random gives a better payout but there’s no guarantee they will attack back. I have been sending my nerds primarily to neighbors who return the favor.

  20. ADD ME

  21. Bonnie ( oatleybonn569 )

    Hi there !! I was wondering , it said i got a few updated people ( Homer , lisa n another one i think ) Well it said they were in my inventory But they r not there … I even left the game n logged back in n they r not there : ( ……. Anybody know y or if i”m doing something wrong ???? Oh yes ,,, went to get new neighbors n it says i reached my limet … I thought we got rom for more ???? HELP !!!!! Thank U !!! Happy Tappin !!! 🙂

  22. Having so much fun with this event! It’s completely different than anything we’ve had before and I’m really digging it. If any of my neighbors are reading this please tell me if there’s not enough stuff to tap, either to collect or attack. I don’t have a ton of houses and I’ve been very tap happy with collecting. My neighbors are awesome!

    Ps. Stonecutters ep is on now

    • Just think… we were watching the same episode at the same time. It’s like a Fievel singing at the moon moment lol.

      • Oh my god!!!!!! that was the best thing I’ve heard all day 🙂 Hope you’re resting that foot of yours.

        • Definitely resting. Gotta love the Best. Show. Ever being on non-stop. I think I’ll be sad in 9 days when TV goes back to normal. I promised my mom a break tonight for Dr. Who stuff but other than that, DVR is set for other shows and TV is dedicated.

      • Swear I’m not stalking, just gone most of the day. FIEVEL! “Somewheeere…”. Neverending Story, Dark Crystal anyone? I think I will dream sweet dreams tonight!

        • In the beginning, there is always darkness. Having a lucky dragon with you is the only way to go on a quest. Speaking of, why didn’t this update come with a dragon? I also love the Dark Crystal. Jim Henson at his finest. Have a great night and weekend.

    • Hi Kitty, has been okay each time I have visited, but I am in Oz so that may be helping

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