Halloween 2018 How-To: Flanders Family Tome

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Halloween is back in Springfield!  Yes, the water is murky, the screen is slightly darker, monsters and minions are roaming our towns…is there anything better than Halloween in our pocket-sized towns?

One element introduced with this event is the Flanders Family Tome. A quick way to clear all tappables in Springfield with a twist! We’ve seen this a time or two with previous events, you’ll need to upgrade the Tome to unlock all of it’s benefits, but for those who are new around here (or those who have forgotten) let’s take a look at the how-tos for the Tome…

So the basic premise Tome is pretty simple, it’s a quick way to clear all of the minions on your Springfield.  However, unlike past events, it’s initial “cool down” time (the amount of time you have to wait to use it again to clear all minions) is 24hrs instead of 4hrs (as we’ve seen in the past).

The good news is you can upgrade the Tome to decrease the cooldown time, down to as low as 6s.

In addition to decreasing the cooldown time, the Tome also increases the Payouts at the dig site (meaning more prize track currency with every relic find) and increases the Tap Radius for Minion taps (similar to the tap radius at the IRS building for clearing income) for the Minions you clear in-between Tome Cooldowns.

Bottomline?  The Tome has some extremely useful tools to help you progress through the event quicker.

So how do you upgrade the Tome? 

Well, the Tome upgrades via Crafting Currency collected.  The good news is you do not have to spend crafting currency to upgrade the Tome.  The Tome upgrades automatically once you’ve collected (overall) the required crafting currency and each upgrade doesn’t cost you.

So spend that crafting currency on, well, crafting.  Don’t worry about the Tome as it’ll upgrade automatically for you as you tappa, tap, tap along.

What do Tome Upgrades Look like and how much do they cost?

Here’s the Tome Upgrade breakdown chart…

Level Crafting Currency Earned Reward
1 260  Cool Down Time Decreases to 18hrs
2 390 Minion Tap Radius Increases
3 515 Cool Down Time Decreases to 12hrs
4 645  10% Payout Increase at Dig Site
5 995  Cool Down Time Decreases to 10hrs
6 1,340  Minion Tap Radius Increases
7 1,690  Cool Down Time Decreases to 8hrs
8 2,055  10% Payout Increase at Dig Site
9 2,415  Cool Down Time Decreases to 6hrs
10 2,780  Minion Tap Radius Increases
11 3,500  Cool Down Time Decreases to 5hrs
12 5,090  10% Payout Increase at Dig Site
13 5,840  Minion Tap Radius Increases
14 6,590  Cool Down Time Decreases to 4hrs
15 7,340  Minion Tap Radius Increases
16 8,090  Cool Down Time Decreases to 3hrs
17 8,850  10% Payout Increase at Dig Site
18 9,625  Minion Tap Radius Increases
19 11,250  Cool Down Time Decreases to 2hrs
20 12,025  Minion Tap Radius Increases
21 12,800  Cool Down Time Decreases to 1hr
22 13,590  10% Payout Increase at Dig Site
23 14,390  Cool Down Time Decreases to 6 Seconds

23 total levels and you’ll need to have collected a total of 14,390  to fully upgrade.

Again, you do not have to SPEND  to upgrade the Tome.  Simply collect it and it’ll automatically upgrade for you without costing you a single  spent.

And that’s it my friends…all of the Tome details for the 2018 THOH event!

Thoughts on the Tome?  What level is your Tome?  Thoughts on THOH in general?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Thanks for getting these posts up, Alissa. I find it amusing that the upgrades for the Flanders Family Tome are almost the same as the upgrades for the Panini Press during the TTT (Time Travel Toaster) event with the same amount of levels and type of upgrades. The only differences are just some of the wording on upgrades and the totals needed on the upgrades. It probably is another example of EALP in the game but I do like the returning elements from the TTT event in this event with the dig site and the tome since I’m on level 7 on the tome. Off topic, but are the Super Powers items (Drive-In, Odin’s, Radioactive Pit etc.) still unstorable in anyone else’s game?

  2. Just had another update, the tome has now been restored to its proper level! Lag is better too. Hopefully its going to last.

  3. Okay, but really, who needs to click that every 6 seconds? Isnt that overkill?

  4. I think that tapping on a given minion now collects from other minions of the same type elsewhere on the map, until all of that type of minion has been collected. Not what EA intended I guess, but actually easier than seeking them all out between recharges

  5. So – when I tap the minions they don’t immediately disappear, but if I repeatedly tap them a) some rewards fly in before the minion pops and b) eventually it pops. Annoying, but repeated tapping seems to work.

  6. Shhhhhhhh. Don’t complain about the untappable minion “glitch!” Just frantically tap one single minion until it explodes! Seriously 😃 And watch the fangs/crafting currency numbers at the bottom of your page rise.

    I too was frustrated until I realized each tap was actually collecting a pay out from a single minion, multiple times. They do eventually expire, sadly. And now, I think, I am working on the last prize 💪 Then I can take a break rom the grind🙌

  7. Lol they fixed the lagging when collecting income but now my Tome won’t work. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!! What in the world is going on EA?!! I tap on the tome and nothing happens. I tap minions and some seem to clear. I tap on other minions and nothing happens. 😂

  8. Flander’s Family tomb glitch still not fixed. The tomb level rest back to level one and I was on level 8. I’m now at level 10 and the tomb shows level 2 instead. I’m not not getting the correct level bonus. When I tap on the menu it shows level 10, but when I tap on the tomb it shows Level 2. 🙁

  9. Flanders Family Tome

    Well, I’ve updated mine so that every 4 Hours it’s available to use and that’s a good thing ….. because after today’s Update Patch from EA (which solved the lag when collecting from Buildings) ? I can ONLY use the Flanders Family Tome to collect from Minions!

    Seriously, EA solves one of the worst glitches in this Event, but creates another!! 😡

  10. I can’t tap my minions in my town anymore. It used to only affect a couple of friends towns but now my own. Frustrating.

    • There seemed to be an update today and ever since then I haven’t been able to tap the minions either

      • Yup, Tome no longer works in my town, had a glitch it showed two cleanse minions, must have chose the wrong one lol, and now I cannot clear minions in it no longer sees the Tome and cannot click them individually bay hand either, tried everything . Have now put ticket in to EA

    • For the first time ever, I’m experiencing a number of issues with this event. Like others, I can’t tap minions anymore; if I use the employment office to send characters on tasks the entire screen freezes and becomes unresponsive (also about half of the characters don’t go on their tasks – when opening up their individual task list, they are empty – can’t do anything with them). Collecting income from buildings is hit or miss due to freezing screen, can’t tap minions when visiting neighbours, unless in go back to my Springfield and then go back. I’ve never experienced these sorts of issues before. Beyond frustrating for me who’s been playing pretty much since day 1.

  11. I’ve finished the tasks that give me Count Grandpa. I could carry on hoarding a lot more pick axes for Part 2. Does anyone know what will happen Then and will the spare Part 1 axes still work?

    • Good question…I know the fangs will change to a new currency in act 2, while the crafting currency is usually good for a whole event. Not sure what the story is for the pickaxes. Does anybody remember what happened between acts the last time we had a digsite?🤔👻

      • I think there will be a cap (e.g. 50) on the maximum number of unspended pickaxes

      • Last time we got to keep them, but who knows what they do this time 🙂
        I’ll assume that it will be like last time so I’m going to save up and just use them if I fall behind.

    • I would be curious as well, one or two days away from getting G’pa D’la, for now I am going to collect as many pickaxes upon completion. I doubt the pickaxes will change into shovels or anything else.

    • They’ll work but you still need to unlock the countess and digging is the best way to earn currency. Dig until you’ve finished the prize track then save

  12. I must be daft because I’m not cluing in on why they’re using the word “tome”. Is there a Simpsons joke somewhere that I’m missing?

    • Tome is an old, obscure word for Book. Usually to do with the mystical, spells, chants etc.

      The Flanders family Tome is the book lying on the alter that clears Minions

  13. Update today fixed the tapping lag, but also made it so I can’t tap minions anymore. They just linger around the dig site and are uncollectable. Also didn’t fix any of the THOH specific glitches I had, including crafting items remaining locked, even though I’m past the level required to unlock. Also, tome upgrades revert to the longest time between harvests, and the dig site freezes occasionally.

  14. Gregory Jablynski

    Servers back up with an update. They appear to have fixed the game freezing when you are collecting points and xp.

  15. Patric… will you or your compadres be posting a %Bonus Fangs chart for all the craftables? I did a simple ratio list (up through the Summoning Circle) and discovered that the best bang-for-the-buck item is the Transylvanian Chalet (3.2% bonus for a whopper cost of 1050 Incantations). But I’m wondering what is coming down the pike.
    Thanks for all you do!

  16. Lagging has been improved with latest patch!

  17. Thank you. Do you know if there will be a cap on the percentages at some point?

  18. Servers appear to be down for southeastern Michigan.

  19. Servers appear to be down for southeastern MIchigan at least.

  20. Is anyone else having trouble with the server?

  21. Like some.other players, I am having to deal with the dreaded THOH glitch. (Tapping lag, missing Store event items, and the Tome level reset) I have 2206 in crafting currency but only getting a Level 3 bonus, not 8. When I tap on the menu it shows Level 8, but when I tap on the Tome, it shows Level 3. Did a full reinstall (twice) with no change. Thoughts? Advice? Prayers? Thx.

  22. Learn the difference between its and it’s, you’re not a fourth grader anymore.

    • Sometimes a person types one thing and autocorrect changes it. I know my phone is forever trying to add an unnecessary apostrophe to things (or even moving it, example: nieces’ will become niece’s automatically even though I have two nieces and I’m trying to use a plural possessive. The phone doesn’t understand and is trying to be helpful and failing miserably) so I’m in the habit of looking for it. There’s no need to be rude.

    • I bet people that misuse “lie” and “lay” really get your undies in a bind, too, huh? Lol😉

    • Really, dude? The Addicts crew puts in endless hours to provide us with all of these breakdowns, and thats what your going to pick on? I think their is something wrong with you, and you’re comments are misguided.

    • But she does have anew baby, a three year old, a full-time job and a full life outside of this game and blog . She does all this blogging for us for free, so maybe you could give her a break huh?

    • How do you know she’s not in fourth grade?

    • Who’s Actually the one acting like a fourth grader, the hard working blogger/mother with a newborn and most likely just an autocorrect error or the one wining about it?

    • Seriously? A little harsh.

    • Wow. This is a free site. Good grammar is important but so is the ability to kindly give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

    • Actually, I’m confused with this one… if “it” is possesive, then you have “it’s”…but if “it is” is a contraction, isn’t it also “it’s”? Not being snarky, I really am not sure if both are correct. 🤔

    • This is bigger than the khabib vs connor fight lol

  23. If a minion only generates at a rate of 1 every 5 minutes, a cooldown of 6 seconds seems pointless.

    • Does seem kinda silly…actually, if I’m checking for event currency every 4 hours, I can’t see any time less than that being of value to me. 🎃

  24. Currently on level 12 on the tome

  25. Thanks for the post Alissa! ❤
    This TTT-like mechanic is very interesting 😊

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