Treehouse of Horrors XXIX – Act I Prize Guide – Transylvania Welcome Sign

Boom!  And just like that, we are thrown back into the world of old school vampires, and mummies, and werewolves! Oh My!

I have loads of questions about mummies, but we won’t get there for quite some time. So, perhaps I’ll just stick with what we DO have…an old school look at Dracula (and family) from a Simpsons perspective.

We are going to get a ton of Old School Dracula stuff.  And by “old school” I mean the good old kind of vampire that flies around like a bat, wears a cape, and doesn’t so much like the sun. These are not the kind we have seen in the silly, violent, over-sexed modern day vampires we see in TV and movies these days. And let’s be honest…when you start your career like Robert Pattinson, with a hacky, horrible movie like “Twilight,” you are pretty much doomed to be the “cute guy with fangs” for the rest of your life.  It is WAY better to make your mark as an older, wiser, Transylvanian Dracula, like Bela Lugosi.  No type casting there!  But, I digress…

The first prize…is the Transylvania Welcome Sign!

OK.  So maybe this isn’t really “Major Prize” worthy. But, hey, you need to know where you are to set the tone for the rest of the act, right?  And this act is clearly in Transylvania…which is a REAL place…and has a REAL Castle which is supposed to have belonged to the REAL Dracula!


Oh. But, you wanted details on the sign our games??

Here are they are…

Act 1, Prize 1- Transylvania Welcome Sign
Size: 2×4
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +5
Can be Placed: On grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt
Arrangement Bonus: .80% when placed in bonus area
What Does It Do: Nothing. Just a sign that sits there.

Dialogue When Placed:
Homer: Oh look, Transylvania welcomes us. Isn’t that nice?
Bart: Great. Here come the bats and bloodsuckers.
Lisa: Actually, Transylvania is a beautiful and historic region near the Carpathian mountains. It;s known for its many natural resources including manganese, lignite and sulfur.
Bart: Sulfur, eh? I knew something stank here, but I thought it was you.
Lisa: May a Transylvanian bat chew off your earlobes.

NEXT UP?? A Free Land Token…and then Dracula-la Land! (if you loved the movie, you’ll hate this).

16 responses to “Treehouse of Horrors XXIX – Act I Prize Guide – Transylvania Welcome Sign

  1. Its always good to get a sign, gate or entrance in the game when designing a new area in Springfield. I really want to include a permanent Halloween area since I currently don’t have one at the moment, I do hope the previous Halloween items fit well with the ones this year.

  2. “It is WAY better to make your mark as an older, wiser, Transylvanian Dracula, like Bela Lugosi.”

    “…make your mark..” I see what you did there. 😉😁

  3. Patric question when I visit the tstoaddicts webpage sometimes a pop up comes up saying Amazon users click here to win $1,000 when I hit close y’all webpage goes away and this scam amazon page pops up. Is this something on y’all end? Or is there a way I can avoid it? It doesn’t happen all the time but lately it’s becoming more frequent.

  4. Transylvania Welcome Sign

    I kept chuckling to myself over the fact this Sign should have said ‘Velcome To Transylvania’ (a’la Transylvania 5000 the Movie), but I’m reminded this is EA here …. and that’s just asking too much! 😅 🦇⚰️

  5. Sign of the times

  6. Robert Pattinson actually played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter a few years before he was in Twilight

    • Oh….so that makes him a great actor! My bad…

    • I was actually checking the comments before posting myself to say that his first *major* international exposure was in Harry Potter. It amuses me how few people actually realize that. And how many mock him for Twilight without seeing anything else. He’s done so many movies in the decade since but it’s all anyone ever references.

    • And yet every time I watch cedric die a small part of me makes a futile attempt to change the course of history and stop him from going on to do those films by shouting “don’t walk into the sparkly light” at my screen.

  7. DSNecromorphUSS

    At least its a cute sign. I do like how this event basically gives you another castle to build like last years “Magical School” event. And just like last years event just about all of the large and/or useless stuff will sit nicely in storage for the foreseeable future after the event is over.

  8. I am looking forward to putting this section together better in my game when it lags less. I like the items so far. Though it’s funny as I knew Robert first from his role in Harry Potter rather than Twilight. Though still much better than the number of bad vampire novels I read as a teen. Also much better than Ready Player One which I struggled to read.

  9. Thanks for the post Patric, you’re the best!

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