Friday Filler- The Future of TSTO Looks Bright…and Young!

Thank Grog It’s Firday!!

I had to travel more than 3,500 miles to do it. But, I have met the future of TSTO. The future looks bright, hilarious, and a bit drooly!

When someone actually takes the time to stop tapping long enough to take in life, it is amazing how enjoyable life becomes…even while tapping.  As I mentioned last week, I did an East Coast whirlwind tour including some great music, a great game (football…not TSTO) and 4 days of complete “full baby immersion” that was better than I could ever have imagined.

And near the end of my stay…I was able to witness the very first meeting of two icons of the “Future of TSTO.”  It was amazing… I couldn’t stop smiling…they couldn’t stop drooling. It was epic…

I have to start by thanking my amazing wife for letting me have a “Grandpa Solo Visit” to the East coast. Actually, she wasn’t so much gracious, as much as she had to work…and I had planned to attend a concert with my longtime friend, Dave.  “Why not stretch it?” she said. But, don’t worry about Deb…she ended up having two of our daughters show up for the weekend, and they all attended the most amazing Duck/Dawg game in 2 decades. But I digress…

The concert was everything I was hoping for, and more.  Tedeschi Trucks Band…one of the most innovative, bands around right now (if you like great blues, R&B, and seeing one of the best guitar players alive). Plus, I’ve always wanted to see a concert at the Beacon Theater in NYC.  Check that one off of the bucket list… But, I digress again…

On to the babies…

After a draining two days with “Uncle Dave,” I took the train to New Jersey and 4 days of “Full Baby Immersion Therapy” with my new grandson Jake. Nothing makes you forget pinheads who whine about calendars and SIB posts like turning off the phone (I already had everything by Friday), and just “getting your baby smiles on!”

Tuesday, The NEXT GENERATION OF TAPPERS met, when we drove a few miles away (Katie lives just a couple of townships away) to visit Alissa, Riley and new baby brother Sam!  Sooooo cute!  Jake at almost 6 months…and Sam at just 6 weeks, got along great!  Riley entertained, and a lovely time was had by all!

Wednesday, I had planned to just hang out, “TSTO Free” for the day, knowing I’d be flying. But, good luck/bad luck prevailed, and Act II Hit… with the dumbasses at EA screwing up the order of the calendar that I had made earlier  (with information they had given us incorrectly…Thanks John!), and  I was scrambling all day to find wifi, to upload the corrected calendar, as I battled TSA, and United Airlines with a constantly changing target of connections and gates that were miles apart, with minutes to spare (who needs to take a stress test at my age, when you can just fly United?).

All in all…no real complaints.  The band was amazing. The steaks and cigars in the mafia bar were perfection (don’t ask), The Ducks beat the Dawgs in overtime, and 4 days with Jake, Katie, Ryan and the boys were heaven on earth.

I came back loving life…and with enough of a battery charge to deal with TSTO babies of another kind!  (Alissa has become much more fluid with the “ban/delete” button since the birth of Sam. Gotta love it!).

Life is too short for whining.  Oh…unless it was when I made Jake wait 2 minutes for lunch…that was hilarious.
The three faces of Jake. Hunger. Food. Happiness!
Just like his grandpa…

And that is how the world should be… simple…and ending with a smile.

If you are a fan of the Tedeschi Trucks Band, or are just curious about what we heard… HERE IS A LINK TO THE SHOW!  Enjoy…

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  1. Thanks for the lump in my throat and little wetness in the corners of my eyes by the end of your great video 😊💕

  2. thanks for the baby pics – so adorable.

  3. Fly Southwest Airlines! We love them! No baggage fees, easy on/off… and in the spring, they are starting flights to Hawaii!!!

  4. Not sure where to post this, but this is the most recent article. My task today was to clear monsters from a friend’s town. Went to My Springfield, and werewolves were running around. Went to the next town, and it was like the old days…all the buildings had currency. Figured it was OK, because that particular friend no longer plays the game. But it was the same for all of my friends, and none of them had their progress for Acts 1, 2, and 3 beneath their names.

    When I went back to town, it didn’t give me credit for clearing My Springfield, and the 2 icons in the top corner were switched. Jobs were now on the left and the event icon was on the right. Also, it had the red exclamation point, and when I clicked on it, it showed me the help for the event for the forge and crafting, like I was just starting.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    • ashley rainville

      I’ve had the same problem with my friends list..idk why…thought I was the only one…it really annoying..idk how to fix it..I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it hasn’t helped

    • This happened to me. I did a hard close, reopened game and my neighbours werewolves were back. Android, Google pixel 2 phone.

      • Yes, when I went back 4 hours later, everything was back to normal. Ever since the rollback bug, I guess I’m a little sensitive when things happen. 🙂

  5. “And that is how the world should be… simple…and ending with a smile”

    Yes Sir ….. now that I embrace only Tapping Monday through Friday ….. and taking the weekends off from TSTO! 😀👍

    Keep in mind thanks to Kem Farming? I can use sprinkles to quickly get thru an Act in half the time (along the way I actually do purchase Premiums). When I can visit some Neighboreenos? I like the various layout ideas for everyone’s Transylvania (I’m glad others are enjoying Crafting in Act 2 those Creaky Bridges).

  6. I’m glad your trip was such a success, airline hassles aside.

    Accurate faces from Baby Jake. My nieces just turned 2 on the 30th, but they’ve got colds this week and you could sum them up with those pictures, too. I should know, I had them from 8am to 6pm on Thursday, which is my guaranteed tap-free time for the week. My phone doesn’t come out of my purse unless it rings or I’m taking a picture. I’d rather be present for my time with them.

    Putting down the tech long enough to live life and create some memories is worth more than all the money in the world. Won’t be long before those girls are going to be too cool to play with Auntie anymore and I’d rather my time with them be filled with reading them stories and singing songs with them or endlessly making little play doh balls for them than them thinking “oh, another grown up on their phone and ignoring me…” Especially since my nephew isn’t local and I didn’t really get to do the memory making thing for him when he was tiny and snuggly. They might not remember the details later, but hopefully they’ll remember that I treated them like they’re important.

    • You get it! Believe me… with a 16-year-old grandson, I am aware how fast it goes.

      • I definitely try. I used to be that kid with her nose in a book on road trips instead of taking in the world around me. Live and learn. It’s crazy how fast it goes. I feel like I’m gonna blink and miss something important. I won’t be having kids of my own for medical reasons so these two get the one thing I have to give them: time and attention. So who cares if I don’t really want to read Paper Bag Princess 10 times in a row, if they go “More” I’m reading it another time. That’s how twin B learned to say “tomorrow” so it’s worth it.

  7. Cigars and steaks?
    Sorry I missed it.
    I’m only about an hour north of “the city” (as we Upstaters call it w\ appropriate derision) so next time I’d love to join you!

  8. Tracy-1ltwoody920


  9. When ever I hear a live performance of that song I compare it Mr. Joe Cocker’s Woodstock performance. It was good! I would catch their show.

    As for babies they should be classified as an antidepressant. Life in it’s purist form.

    As for getting Cranky about calendars and other things TSTO related..via trolls or the Ungrateful. Shrug it off…Your backs are covered by the Grateful

  10. Thanks for sharing this! Sounds like a fantastic and soul-refreshing time 🙂

    I hope that you wanted to fix the calendar issue because if it feels like work, it probably is. And you’re not getting paid for it 🙂 People can get along just fine! I know I really appreciate all you guys do for this site and though I don’t know you at all, would never want the random poking around on here that I enjoy to supersede anyone’s happiness!

    So, to every other reader like me who doesn’t do anything to contribute: let’s just be glad for what is here and only offer constructive criticism after thinking a bit about real people at the other end of the system of tubes that I’ve been told comprises the internet. Mild finger wag over 🙂

  11. Thanks for sharing this with us Patric ❤

  12. Hey… Screw it I can’t be an ass around babies, nice pics and story Pat

  13. Hey Patric I have a tip for you and anyone else who might be interested. Tomorrow Saturday night I you have dish Network or happen to have the MeTV channel on dish it’s channel 247. Sat night at 8 pm est they are showing Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein.

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