Yes….the EA Servers are having issues…what’s new?

Yes.  You are correct.  There is a random, spotty outage of the EA servers that is causing mayhem in the TSTO world.

People are reporting:

  • that they can’t log in (Spinning Donut of Death)
  • If they do log on, all of the neighbors are gone.

Both are legit. Both are kind of “Normal” for EA… and both would imply that one of their server banks, the ones dealing with IDs for neighbors has been hacked, or is down, or both.  It has happened before. It will likely happen again.

Chillax. It’s a game.  If you are like most who come here regularly you are well ahead of the calendar for Act II anyway.  If you CAN log in, even if your neighbors are missing temporarily, you can still progress.

So. Chillax. Ya?

47 responses to “Yes….the EA Servers are having issues…what’s new?

  1. I call that the Millhouse bug.

  2. This has been the most bug issue event for me. Still play on of course. Just stating. It’s been on going on.

  3. All works fine since yesterday, but i keep having the message that i have new friends, but when i check there aren’t any

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