Episode 70- The Mega Simpsons Episode

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Welcome to Addicts Live!  We hope you enjoy this week’s episode, as much as we enjoyed putting it together…

The Addicts Crew is back again with an all-new, episode of Addicts Live! Join Alissa and Safi as we break down the 5 most recent episodes of The Simpsons. We talk all things “Wad Goals”, “Yokel Hero”, “Do Pizza Bots Dream About Electric Guitars”, “Manger Things” (the 700th episode) and
“Uncut Femmes”. Plus we share what content we’d love to see cross over to TSTO and share community feedback about the episodes! So grab your popcorn and join us as we talk about everyone’s favorite yellow family!

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6 responses to “Episode 70- The Mega Simpsons Episode

  1. Happy 🐰 Day to those Celebrating (It’s a paid day off, I’ll celebrate that!)

    I really enjoyed all the opinions from Tappers (even those who enjoyed Episodes I 💤 thru), definitely have plenty of new Content from at least 3 Episodes that would be fun to have in Game App (there are just 5 Episodes left in Season 32).

  2. James E Sines

    Anyone else have a problem with TSTO Yesterday with the daily challenge i can’t get it all cleared Bart is frozen I deleted the app opened it back up and still froze

    • Try storing Bart’s treehouse then heading to friends towns and back before you get Bart back out of storage.

      • James E Sines

        didn’t find the tree house each time i log off and go back on it still has all the people showing up on the daily challenge

        • Store the building where they are on the task, instead of just Bart, then sync as above and that’ll sort it. Might as well collect first though and get all they earn ( repeat until bored !! )

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