Is It Better To Vandalize or Leave My Neighbor’s Buildings Alone?

Every time you visit a friend’s town you’re presented with a decision… ”Should I ‘tag’ their towns or tap their other buildings?” Your Angel or Devil on the shoulder moment if you will.
There are currently 4 buildings in everyone’s town that can be ‘tagged’, or spray painted. These buildings are:

-Springfield Elementary
-Springfield Police Station
-Town Hall
-Moe’s Tavern

While most buildings accumulate income and allow you to reset the income timer by tapping on them when visiting a neighbor, however the four buildings above do not generate any income of their own. In order to have a payout from these buildings you must clean up the spray painted mess a neighbor has created. In return your neighbor gains cash and XP for both vandalizing and cleaning up your town for you.

Before you get your tapping finger locked and loaded to hit those spray cans, let’s review some Pros and Cons on Vandalizing a neighbor’s town…

The Good Flanders:

-Clicking on a friends government building will give them extra income.
-Cleaning up graffiti in a friend’s town can boost your rating back up.
-If your quick enough, you can click on more than 3 buildings.
-It can be easy and quick to do if they are on and there is nothing else (in this case if your friend cleans it up straight away, their rating won’t be affected).
-It’s the only way these buildings can generate income.

The Devil Flanders

-It lowers your righteousness rating (if left unclean for more than an hour it will drop rapidly).
-It looks dirty and messy.
-There are other buildings which you friend will benefit more from (Like Burns Manor or Krabappel’s Apartment)
-It can make your neighbor crazy
-You tend to lose more income than you gain.(ie you have to spend more cash on items for your comfort-o-meter to undo the drops in the righteousness rating)
While bringing your righteousness rating back up isn’t hard, it certainly can be an inconvenience for your friends.

So tappers…the choice is yours.  Which side will you take?

6 responses to “Is It Better To Vandalize or Leave My Neighbor’s Buildings Alone?

  1. I definitely tag because it can get you extra friend points. I pick two income earners for my first two actions then find all the places where I can tag and I tap them really quickly. You can get six actions in a town where all the
    Municipal buildings are close together.

  2. Like me I am so sorry I didn’t know about vandalism myself but there is one thing I need to know right know when I visit my neighbors and I tap the phones do I still not tap those buildings or it doesn’t matter right know. I want to thank u ladies I play family guy and I am on that site also you ladies rock keep up the good work you do for us

  3. I wanted to leave a comment about vandalizing. Myself, my sister and my son have all three been playing tapped out for a couple of years. (I’ve actually lost track..:/), anyway, none of us were ever aware about there being any issue with vandalizing buildings until I noticed the special “add me” page for non vandalizers. Same goes for attacking castles during the clash of castles event. We all just thought these were things we were supposed to tap. Heck, all of us always thought it was even better when you did vandalize.

    The reason I’m writing this post is so that people who delete nbrs due to these issues or get upset, to try to understand, not everyone that plays reads the blogs and many probably aren’t aware that there are these sort of hidden rules of good nbr. conduct. The 3 of us are daily and faithful nbrs and it makes me sad that I’ve probably been irritating them for the past few years..:/

  4. I have looked at this when friends have vandalized my buildings and even when I got back from vacation after 9 days my ratings were exactly where I left them. It seems to me that vandalizing a building has no impact on your ratings, even your righteousness rating.

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