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Sunday: What’s in the Simpson’s Attic? Answer to the Triva

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So despite the Simpsons THOH episode not airing until tonight EA has decided to let everyone take a crack at the Trivia before it airs.  So here’s the deal and how you unlock Strongman Homer…
Throughout the week we’ve been collecting little parts of the Strongman Homer costume:2013-10-05 06.42.57
Today when you tap on the Simpson’s Attic (go to the Simpson’s house and tap on it, then find the attic option and tap on Go):
Region Capture
A trivia question pops up:
2013-10-06 07.14.50
The question is: What item of Moe’s does Homer Covet in this season’s Treehouse of Horrors episode?
The answer is….An Emerald Ring.  Check that off, as soon as you do you’ll receive 10 FREE DONUTS (woohoo more FREE Donuts!!), then tap continue..
2013-10-06 07.14.55
As soon as you do you’ll unlock Strongman Homer, and his costume will AUTOMATICALLY appear in Homer’s list of costumes when you tap on him.
2013-10-06 07.15.10
We’ll be back with more about Strongman Homer a little later on…for now I wanted to make sure you all could unlock him.



It’s Thursday: What’s in the Simpson’s Attic Today?

It’s Thursday Tappers and that means another Attic prize! (For a complete overview on Attic Prizes check out this post) One prize closer to the Homer Strongman costume!  The prize should be fairly easy to find, for me at least I found it on my first Ghost tap of the day.  Here’s more info about today’s Prize…a Dumbbell:

2013-10-03 03.42.41

2013-10-03 03.41.03

Once again Homer is thinking ahead!

2013-10-03 03.39.54

How are you doing on your Attic Collection?

What’s In the Simpsons Attic?

Some of our AMAZING readers here at Addicts have pointed out a new item that appears when you tap on the Simpson house…Region Capture

Yes, there are in fact some strange new items in the attic!  In fact FREE items!  When you tap Go here’s what happens…
Region Capture2

It looks as though EA is planning on giving tappers FREE items over the next few days starting today (Wednesday)!   Looks like you have to Pop Ghosts to find the items.

This morning (Wednesday) I tapped on one of my haunted buildings and out popped a flaming hoop!
flameing hoop

And of course a little guidance from Homer & EA…
hoop 1
attic prizes
Always thinking ahead that Homer!

So what are these mystery Attic items?  It looks as though they all make up parts to a new costume in the game files.  Just what is that costume?  Strongman Homer!  The whole event will cap off with a trivia question on Sunday…of some sort,  So be sure to tune into Addicts this weekend to see how you can get this great costume!
So if you’re curious just how you unlock the Strongman Homer costume…there’s your answer.  But you have to play the game (and pop ghosts) to get him!  So be sure you’re tap tap tapping away over the next few days to unlock this special LIMITED TIME item!

UPDATE: Also, there have been a few questions in the comments about if you miss a day.  We don’t really have an answer on this yet, but I’d err on the side of caution with this.  Since you’re supposed to collect a new item each day, and each day is spelled out (Wednesday-Saturday) it’s possible if you miss a day you might not be able to collect the full costume.  So if your Fortune teller building isn’t complete yet you may want to speed it up with donuts, just this once, to make sure you get today’s item!  Once we have information on this update I’ll post it right here!

UPDATE #2: Looks as though today’s update brought us 10 FREE donuts in addition to Strongman Homer with Sunday’s trivia!