What’s In the Simpsons Attic?

Some of our AMAZING readers here at Addicts have pointed out a new item that appears when you tap on the Simpson house…Region Capture

Yes, there are in fact some strange new items in the attic!  In fact FREE items!  When you tap Go here’s what happens…
Region Capture2

It looks as though EA is planning on giving tappers FREE items over the next few days starting today (Wednesday)!   Looks like you have to Pop Ghosts to find the items.

This morning (Wednesday) I tapped on one of my haunted buildings and out popped a flaming hoop!
flameing hoop

And of course a little guidance from Homer & EA…
hoop 1
attic prizes
Always thinking ahead that Homer!

So what are these mystery Attic items?  It looks as though they all make up parts to a new costume in the game files.  Just what is that costume?  Strongman Homer!  The whole event will cap off with a trivia question on Sunday…of some sort,  So be sure to tune into Addicts this weekend to see how you can get this great costume!
So if you’re curious just how you unlock the Strongman Homer costume…there’s your answer.  But you have to play the game (and pop ghosts) to get him!  So be sure you’re tap tap tapping away over the next few days to unlock this special LIMITED TIME item!

UPDATE: Also, there have been a few questions in the comments about if you miss a day.  We don’t really have an answer on this yet, but I’d err on the side of caution with this.  Since you’re supposed to collect a new item each day, and each day is spelled out (Wednesday-Saturday) it’s possible if you miss a day you might not be able to collect the full costume.  So if your Fortune teller building isn’t complete yet you may want to speed it up with donuts, just this once, to make sure you get today’s item!  Once we have information on this update I’ll post it right here!

UPDATE #2: Looks as though today’s update brought us 10 FREE donuts in addition to Strongman Homer with Sunday’s trivia!

22 responses to “What’s In the Simpsons Attic?

  1. I’ve got Strongman Homer from answering the emerald ring trivia question but don’t have the flaming hoop or other attic items. I play every day by the hour! But I’m not in the US. Could that be why the items are not available to me?

    • The other items were more just a “picture” of items you collected to be able to unlock the Strongman Homer costume. It would’ve been cool to have them to place in the town too, but that’s not what EA decided. Just pieces of a picture puzzle only to look at.

      Hope that helped. 🙂

  2. Ok. It looks like I do still have him on the “Use Gremlins to Clean Drains” task for 2.5 more hours. Thanks for the help. I’ll be back if the issue still isn’t resolved.

  3. I answered the question correctly with Emerald Ring. Got the 10 doughnuts, but not the Strongman Homer. How do I fix this?

    • If Homer is on a task…wait. it is a “skin” for him. Once he isn’t doing anything, a pop up for his new skin and tasks should come up. If not, click on him…it should show his normal tasks then you can scroll over to his new skin and tasks. Let us know if this helps. 🙂

  4. My fortune teller building was built yesterday and I’ve been tapping ghosts all day today but i haven’t gotten my flaming hoop. Are there a specific number of ghosts to tap?

    • Nope it should just come out of a ghost or building. For me it was the first haunted building I tapped. I believe it’s still considered Wednesday at EA, since they’re on the west coast of the US. So, check your Simpson’s Attic to make sure you didn’t get it and missed it.

  5. Did I miss something???? I didn’t get 10 free donuts??? Where and when?

    • This won’t happen until Sunday, after the trivia. So play everyday, collect all of the items (Wednesday-Saturday) and then on Sunday a trivia question will appear in the game. The correct answer awards you Strongman Homer costume AND 10 free donuts.

  6. What kind of trivia question? If I dont answer correctly, what does it mean? No costume? Ima n00b

  7. My building won’t be done until Thursday so do I miss getting the hoop?? I forgot to update yesterday 🙁

    • I believe as long as you have ghosts to tap you can get it.

    • I’m not sure at this point. I had hoped to have a minute to explore it more in the files, but I haven’t had a chance to just yet. However,it says each item is collected that day (Weds-Sat) but you may be able to “fix” it if you miss a day like with the daily visit prizes. However, to be safe I’d say try to rush it when it’s down to a small amount of donuts. This way you can make sure you’re still inline for all of the prizes.

  8. add me : pereira_sara play everyday, multiple times per day!

  9. Hey guys, there’s one more gem hidden as well! Looks like there’ll be something from the TOH episode this Sunday. Like the Mayan calendar quiz from last year.

  10. Wish is didn’t take 24 hours for the building to build as im stuck with nothing to till its completed! im missing all the fun 🙁

    • Don’t stress. Some haven’t even downloaded the new update yet. You have an entire month to play. Hang in there. Just think…waiting a bit, you have the advantage to see and learn what others did wrong or wish they did differently, then make the correct decision yourself. 🙂

      • oh yeah! Smart! I think theres around 3 hours left on my building, so not too long till I can join in 🙂

      • like buying the ancient buriel ground then finding out u get it free as a prize….that stung my donut pack

        • OUCH…yah. Just like that. We are working on a post for it currently. Just sooo much info, we can only get so much done at a time. Lol.

          I always try to tell people to wait til all the info is out before ANY donut purchase is made. If it is not there yet, please feel free to just ask us. 🙂

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