It’s Thursday: What’s in the Simpson’s Attic Today?

It’s Thursday Tappers and that means another Attic prize! (For a complete overview on Attic Prizes check out this post) One prize closer to the Homer Strongman costume!  The prize should be fairly easy to find, for me at least I found it on my first Ghost tap of the day.  Here’s more info about today’s Prize…a Dumbbell:

2013-10-03 03.42.41

2013-10-03 03.41.03

Once again Homer is thinking ahead!

2013-10-03 03.39.54

How are you doing on your Attic Collection?

5 responses to “It’s Thursday: What’s in the Simpson’s Attic Today?

  1. Whats the answer for the attic about homer and moe ?

  2. Just so every one knows. If you didn’t get the chance to collect prizes on previous days, you can collect everything you missed on the same day. Worked for me today in my alternate Springfield.

    • Is it possible to get any items I missed? If so, how? I got the top hat the other day, and I got the outfit today. Also, how do I check to see if I received an item without realizing it?

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