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App Store Update: Tragic Magic

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

There’s a new update ready to download in our App Stores….this will bring in the newest mini-event in TSTO Tragic Magic.


As I stated this event will start up tomorrow in TSTO, as long as you’ve downloaded the update, and will run for two weeks…until October 5th.

As we typically do with mini-events, we don’t share spoilers unless they’re provided to us directly from EA.  So with that being said, there are a few in-game images to be seen as a preview of what’s to come with this…so that will be below the fold for those that want to know.

Aside from that, just one more quick note about the event schedule.  Unless something changes, it looks like the Shattered Dreams Mystery Box that will arrive with this event will leave games on October 12th (so in 3 weeks).  Which would indicate we’ll have a week off after this mini-event before Halloween.  What does that mean for the TSTO schedule?  Well…

We’ll likely see Halloween on October 12th.  Maybe Halloween won’t be 5 weeks long, perhaps it’ll be 4 weeks.  If it’s 4 weeks, I’d expect to see a 1-week break and Thanksgiving start-up on the 16th of November.  If Halloween is in fact 5 weeks long, as most events are these days, it’s entirely possible we’ll have no break post Halloween and jump right into Thanksgiving on the 16th.  In either case I’d find it hard to believe that Thanksgiving would start on the 23rd of November, with Thanksgiving itself being on the 24th.  But we’ll see what happens as we move forward…

Now onto the Tragic Magic Teaser…

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New Year Quest and What’s Next

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in real quick with a little info.  As some of you noticed this morning, the main questline and ability to earn prizes from the Winter Event has left our games. (not 100% sure if we’ll get an even removal update…my thoughts are likely not until later)  However, the Gnome in Your Home game, and Mystery Box, remains.  So continue to plug away at that Gnome and earn those tickets, as that will leave our games on the 3rd.

Also, you may have noticed a little questline that started up between Homer and Grampa Simpson.  This is NOT Act 3.  This is a short 1 part questline for the New Year, with a silly animated task for Grampa.  When it’s all over, Grampa will still have the 4hr task to celebrate the New Year…


And if you don’t already have it, you’ll get the New Year’s Eve Ball as a gift from EA. (if you already have it you’ll just get a Happy New Year message)..


And that’s it for now.  The next MINI Event (Homer the Heretic, as is already teased in the game), will hit our games on the 3rd (as is indicated in the files).  This will also not be Act 3.  This is a Mini Event.  The Winter Event is over.  There will be no mystery/hidden Act 3.  This is it guys.  It’s onto the next adventure in 2017…

But stay tuned to TSTO Addicts over the next few days as we recap 2016 and prepare for 2017!  Including some fun posts coming later today…

Sneaky Lil Bunny “Spoiling” Things

Heheheheh…so here I am sneaking around the EA back rooms. Shhhh. So far…O M G I LOVE THE NEW STUFF. You sure you guys are REALLY ready for all this? REALLY?!

As usual…our predictions are REALLY being looked at by EA (hi EA!) Don’t believe me? Take a look at Wookiee’s post then…continue on…if you dare!


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2013 Halloween Spoilers!

Looks like an overwhelming amount of you want spoilers so I’m going to post what I can as fast as I can for those of you that want them.  However, if you don’t wish to read about what’s coming do not click more below.

I will tell everyone though…it looks like this is going to be HUGE!  So many things in the files it’s hard to go through it all quickly!  So get those tapping fingers ready because the Halloween update is going to be big!   Continue reading

2013 Halloween Update Info…

Hi Everyone!

No an update has not yet hit our devices BUT the game files have been updated on EA’s server.  I’m currently digging through the files myself to see what their may or may not be in the update.  However, do you want to know or would you rather wait a few more hours and see what comes?  Let me know in the poll below and I’ll answer to the masses.  If you want the spoiler info as I have it I’ll post it, if not we can all just wait until the devices update and we’ll keep you updated (as always) with all of the information as it comes out.

It’s up to you…

What a Wookiee wants… MORE KRUSTYLAND!!!

So I am super stoked about Krustyland!  I am from Southern California and theme parks are near and dear to me.  As I realized this new expansion is based on one of my favorite theme park rides, I did some digging in to what other possible rides could be added to the game in the future.  This info partially comes from the Simpsons Wiki so please show that site some love if you’ve never been there.  As you’ll see from the list below, there are tons of things EA could hook us up with in the future.  Here is the map that guests at Universal get to see when they go on the ride.  You’ll see tiny blurry numbers on the left which is the list I have provided below.

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