What a Wookiee wants… MORE KRUSTYLAND!!!

So I am super stoked about Krustyland!  I am from Southern California and theme parks are near and dear to me.  As I realized this new expansion is based on one of my favorite theme park rides, I did some digging in to what other possible rides could be added to the game in the future.  This info partially comes from the Simpsons Wiki so please show that site some love if you’ve never been there.  As you’ll see from the list below, there are tons of things EA could hook us up with in the future.  Here is the map that guests at Universal get to see when they go on the ride.  You’ll see tiny blurry numbers on the left which is the list I have provided below.

I’ve taken the liberty of inserting some of the posters available in the queue for this ride.  If you ever get a chance to visit Universal Studios in Orlando or Hollywood, you won’t be disappointed by this ride.  If it’s not possible, there are a couple good videos of the ride on YouTube.  Without further ado, here are the rides listed on the map.  I bolded the one’s we already have.  (UPDATE 24 July 2014, we’ve actually gotten some more of these since this post first updated.  These are indicated by a *** before the number as well as when we got them after.)

1. Krustyland Main Entrance
2. Krustyland Main Street (“The America of 1895 at Today’s Prices!”)
3. Mt. Krustmore
4. Itchy and Scratchy Land Main Entrance
***5. Unoriginal Log Ride [Level 43]
***6. Krusty’s One-Plate-Maximum Buffet [Level 43]
7. Krusty’s Waterless Waterslide
8. Poochie’s Half-Pipe (“Warning: Pipe may be less than one-half”)
***9. Krusty’s Giant Wheel (“Not affiliated with “Ferris Wheel” brand amusement wheels”) [Level 43]
10. Scratchy’s Cat-anooga Spew-Spew
11. Sleeping Itchy’s Castle
12. Scratchy’s Flea-Dip Dipper-Flipper (“Voted Krusty’s Worse Ride!”)
13. Krusty’s Spit ‘n’ Watch Aerial Gondolas
14. Krusty’s Wet-and-Smokey Stunt Show
15. Captain Dinosaur’s Pirate Rip-off

***16. Happy Little Elves in Panda-Land [Holiday 2013]

17. The Tilt ‘N’ Spew
18. The Change-Loser
19. Krusty’s Dine-in-the-Sky Food Needle (“No elevator”)
20. Krusty’s L.A. Traffic Jam
21. The Dragon Boat Ride
22. Castle-Resembling Stadium
23. Gazebo just north of the Dragon Boat Ride
24. It’s a Long, Long Line!
25. Krusty’s Haunted Condo (“Visit our 999 Unhappy Teen Employees!”)
26. The Tooth Chipper (Slated for Demolition)
27. Krusty’s Deathbowl Jalopy Rush (“Race your friends to Krusty-infornia!”)
28. Krusty’s Futuristic Rootin’ Tootin’ BBQ Review 3000!
29. Krustylu Studios
30. Duff Pavilion (“Where fake ID’s get you beer.”)

31. Sea Captain’s Quesy-Time Lagoon Ride

32. Krustyland Hotel
33. The Krusty Karousel
34. Death Drop
35. Moe’s Tunnel of Shame and Rejection
36. Radioactive Man: The Ride
37. The Screamatorium of Dr. Frightmarestine
38. Apu’s Concession Stand
39. Madam Manjula’s Future Looker-After

***40. Get Probed by Kang and Kodos [Halloween 2013]

You can kind of count #23 and 29 as already exisying since Krustylu Studios IS in Springfield and a well placed tent above the Dragonboat Ride might be a gazebo but even counting those there are still 22 possible options (as of 24 July 2014).

The next pic is just a bonus for everyone.  I have no idea where this would go but I really want Mr. Teeny.  Maybe on the Main Street?  Can you imagine Maggie as a playable character with a task to fight Mr. Teeny a la The Simpsons Movie?  I’d settle for this show on the Open Air Stage.

Lots of really cool stuff and some extra possibilities for EA to add some characters utilizing Krustyland (Patty & Selma, Manjula, etc).  I found a ton of cool pics but picked my favorites mainly because they are from the ride.  Please note that this is pure speculation aka wishful thinking.  I think I’d love the Captain Dinosaur’s Pirate Rip-Off Ride the most from that list although I have a couple close seconds.  What’s your favorite?  Until the next installment of “What a Wookiee wants”, keep on tapa tapa tapping folks.


7 responses to “What a Wookiee wants… MORE KRUSTYLAND!!!

  1. Wow, how far opinions have swung.
    RIP Krustyland, and those limitedtime rides that I’ll never have a chance to get. 😔🥀🌺🌹😔

  2. Louis Trapani

    Once again, thanks Wookiee for this informative post. It’s very interesting. I found this larger version of the map on the net for anyone interested (It’s still not large enough for me to see everything clearly though). It’s almost tempting to re-do my in-game Krustyland now to match the map… *almost* (too much work really now). http://i.imgur.com/j5Ggh.jpg

  3. Do you know or can you ask your connections if they plan on expanding krustyland? we have all this land and very few rides and decos and such to fill it. I know they gave us the police cars recently, but i feel like i need more for my krustyland :-/ Im SURE i’m not only one to feel this way! The last thing i got was either the duff beer bottle ride or the hotel, i cant remember but then no quests or addictions have come for months. i NEED MORE! and where did you get that pic above with all those rides? cuz I only have a few of them. I looked at the walk through and basically ended at part 3 and thats it, radio silence. am I missing something? cuz id love to have some of those rides on your list above or have they not added them yet?

    • The pics are from actual theme parks in the U.S. Not in game rides. As far as what you SHOULD get in your game, you need to make sure you have the characters actually IN Krustyland and available to kick of the remaining quests. GO back to the walkthroughs and see who you need in there so you can unlock all the rides that are available. Also, keep in mind that some were limited time only and if you were not playing at the time, you won’t have them to place in your Krustyland.

  4. CentralCali559

    I hope we get most of that stuff!! If there is any indication EA is planning to go big with KL because there is a ton of land. I’m sure they’ll release rides and attractions little by little

  5. This is one of the best posts I have seen on Krustyland. So exciting to see what may be and knowing it is very likely to come along at some point. Loving your work Wookiee!

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