2013 Halloween Spoilers!

Looks like an overwhelming amount of you want spoilers so I’m going to post what I can as fast as I can for those of you that want them.  However, if you don’t wish to read about what’s coming do not click more below.

I will tell everyone though…it looks like this is going to be HUGE!  So many things in the files it’s hard to go through it all quickly!  So get those tapping fingers ready because the Halloween update is going to be big!  

This is what I’m seeing in the files…


Ultrahouse 3000
Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop
King Homer’s Skyscraper
Gingerbread House
Pumpkin House
Ghost Zapper (premium)
First Church of Lard Lad
Krustyland Ride- Twirl N Hurl

Burns Coffin (I believe this will be a free item)
Victorian UFO (Also think this will be free)
Freakmobile (Premium, new car for Wookiee!)
Ancient Burial Ground (Premium)
Wailing Wall (Premium)
Spooky Wall (Premium)
Peanut cart (In game cash)
Freak Show Tent (In game cash)
Kang’s Crashed UFO (Also think this may be free)

Frog Prince
Homer Strongman (obviously a costume for Homer)
King Snorky (just for Wookiee)
Count Burns (costume for Mr. Burns)
Maude Flanders Ghost (woohoo!)
Suzanne the Witch
Zombies x 5

Working on images and more info.  As soon as I have that I will post it for you guys!

26 responses to “2013 Halloween Spoilers!

  1. Krustyland also crashes for me with this new update. I don’t like the update we should be able to opt out of the ghost madness!

    Add me- GrandeKaniac

  2. I am addicted to this game!!!!!!! 1 suggestion, need to be able to minimize Springfield more so you can see more of the town. Mine is too big, takes too long to see everything!!!!

  3. i’m on level 16 and because of the Halloween update i wont beadle to get it, is any 1 having the same problem as me add me im simpsons5992

  4. I don’t want to sound pedantic, but I think you mean “Burn’s Coffin” not, “Burn’s Coffee”

    • Whoops! Yes…that’s what happens when you type fast and don’t double check your writing to get the info out as fast as possible. Thanks for pointing it out! 🙂

  5. Anyone having an issue with Krustyland after the Halloween 2013 update? I cannot get into Krustyland and retrieve my characters from there. I need Bart for the minigolf challenge. When i click on Krustyland the game crashes!

  6. The update is here first quest Is to make the gypsy fortune teller building 2000 cash takes 24hrs to build!

  7. Thanks you rule 🙂

  8. App update is in iTunes Store. It’s here

  9. Thanks for the list Alissa – helpful too to see what is premium, free or in game cash.

  10. hi saw them at reddit. this is building into an honest to goodness frenzy!!! I have several sites including this one tabbed up. using my laptop so i can keep game free and ready to go. keeping everyone free at the moment, there wondering around like zombies waiting like me, friends list full, plenty of money and donuts burning a hole in my pocket. calling my sponsor to see if he can 12 step me on tappedout. lol 3rd step baby 3rd step, turn my will and my life over to a higher power as i understand him which happens to be EA today…lmao, oh god please grant me the serenity!

  11. 12pm eating lunch and no update…. this made my day though. Great info.

  12. Awesome thanks 🙂

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