TSTO Anonymous – 6 Dec 13

Hey there.  Been a while since we had a meeting and for that I apologize.  With all the updates, vacations and other assorted trivia, sometimes life can just get away from you while you take things one tap at a time.


Thanks for stopping by for today’s meeting folks.  As often happens with me, real life and my TSTO life overlap and often are interesting.  As I sat playing my game the other day, my Mom decided it was time she got to be the teaser for once.  After listening to her, I wondered, am I really hooked on “a silly game about fictional and often obscene little, yellow characters”?  Well yes mother, but it’s so much more than that.  To be a little silly today and also to tease on my Mom (who actually does read what I write, thanks Mama!), I decided to do something she taught me when I was a wee little Wookiee.

When I liked something she did not, she’d have me write down why that was, analyze each point and then see if I was just being defiant or actually liked it.  Well, here it goes…


Once upon a time while other boys were beating each other up, playing with toy guns, enjoying sports, etc., my Mom was sending me to Young Writer’s Camp, putting me in dance and musical theater.  Is it any wonder I like to do creative things?

Wookieetown Logo

There really is nothing cooler to me than getting to build my very own version of Springfield.  Why else would I have redesigned my town 4 different times and be itching to do it again at the beginning of next year?  Add to that creating 2D and 3D designs that can really eat away a boring weekend and I’m a kid in a candy store.  Not to mention all the little jokes I throw into my designs even if only I get them.


In Wookieetown, I am the master of my characters’ destinies even if they all seem completely oblivious to my designs.  I am the almighty sky finger!


Let’s face it Mom.  Once upon a time I had to sneak watching The Simpsons because “Eat my shorts”, “Don’t have a cow, man” and “I’m Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?” were subverting the youth of the nation.  It instilled a great love for the show in me at an impressionable age and I’ve never stopped loving it.  This game is like having the show on whenever I want.  Why wouldn’t I love it?  Wothout the Simpsons… I’d probably feel like this…

TSTO Anon 2


While a silly game, the communities it has created (for the most part), remind me that I am not alone in the universe.  There are like-minded and amazing people all over the world who share my joy and some of them even like reading what I have to say about it.  I am inspired daily by what the love of this game creates in a fictional world.  Just the other writers here on this site have become part of my dysfunctional family.  I’m a lucky Wookiee.  Just don’t rub my nose or belly, your dry cleaning bills wouldn’t be worth it.


Honestly, that’s what it’s all about.  As long as my personal enjoyment has no evil intent, all is well in my world.  One of the most profound things I’ve ever been told me is to remember the people who love you and to love them in return (aka my happiness and the happiness of others is important).  Playing TSTO makes me smile and is something I look forward to.  We all need an escape from all the real world that sometimes seems overwhelming and this is mine.  You might call me an addict and I’ll say thanks!  (As an aside, it’s great to be a part of a team where I’m actually officially an addict as part of the job description lol).

Meet the anger monkey.  Just like the proverbial monkey who hangs on some addicts backs… this bitter little fella is no fun.



Ok… maybe I am a bit of a rebel but knowing that me, my daughter and sister play something she thinks is silly and can all secretly bond over while you play your bubble game and post about vegan recipes is satisfying.  It’s our secret Simpsons just like my clandestine viewing in the 80’s.  I love when life comes full circle and see? We’re back to happiness!  (She never understood punk rock either.)


Ok… that might have been a bit much of a view into a Wookiee’s life but my point is (this one’s for you, not my Mom) that this game should be about joy and laughter.  If not, what truly would be the point of it all?  Maybe we’re addicts, maybe we spent a little too much real world money, maybe it’s only a silly little game but it’s OUR silly little game and we like it.  It’s not like TSTO is a giant dome over our heads which may shatter and hurt someone.

Dead Nick

A true analysis of addiction would require writing out all the bad ways it effects your life (like killing Dr. Nick above) but for me, other than losing a little free-time and some expendable income, I can’t think of any.  Next time someone calls you an Addict, just recognize whether that term brings a smile to your face or makes you shudder.  Every time I think about being a “TSTO Addict” or “Tapaholic”, I grin.  I’m happy to need my fix, have a pusher (EA) who’s often funny and I love anticipating how the trip will change from day to day and month to month.  When it stops being fun or starts hurting other people, I’ll quit and join a different support group lol.

Book Club

Ok… maybe not that support group but you get my point.  (Good examples of some women who could join the game though… where my ladies at?)  Since this is a meeting and not just an opportunity for the big furry guy to ramble away and waste your precious time, here are some thoughts.

Why do you play?  Is it ok to be an Addict?  What about the game brings you joy and laughter?  Is my Mama the only one who thinks we’re crazy?

Thanks for stopping by,  If you have any ideas for future meetings, drop them below in the comments.  Truly, if you have a great idea and want to chair one of the meetings, let us know over at TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com.  This is a “support group” after all.

Let’s end with the TSTO Anon Serenity Prayer (this seems so applicable considering all the anticipation over the holiday update).

“EA, grant me the serenity to accept the updates I cannot change, the courage to recommend the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

TTFN… Wookiee out!

8 responses to “TSTO Anonymous – 6 Dec 13

  1. Hello,

    Im yornocnaes83 and im a tapaholic. I tapp every chance I get and am on here or the forum when not tapping all parallel to “the real world” my fiancé is somewhat jealous and annoyed with my addiction… but meh… what are you going to do. 😉

  2. It has been awhile and I know I am truly addicted as I throw a tantrum over no Christmas update yet. I also purchased the iPad so I could see my town easier on the go. (I share it with my daughter. “It is for educational purposes”). Now I have upgraded my phone just so I could have increased speed, and yeah it was partly a spur of the moment feeling blue pick me up. I enjoy watching the Em and Drew romance evolve. The Tapped Out community has been so supportive that I feel this has to be the best a addiction to have!!!!

  3. I’ve missed our meets. I’ve fallen off the waggon a few times while you were away, but I reckon I’ll be fine again now.

  4. Hello,

    My name is poison and I’m a tapaholic. My fiance is so opposed to my addiction that she has give up on her own Springfield (I like to think that but it may be that I don’t let go of the tablet), so I maintain it for her, even spending cash on donuts so she doesn’t miss anything cool. She has the sub and doesn’t even know it. She even made a comment the other night about TSTOaddicts, she’s jealous of you guys!!!!

    I’m not only a tapaholic, I’m a TSTOaddicts tapaholic. You guys are my enablers. I love it!!!

  5. I play, or used to play – cant now as my game is frozen – because it gives me joy! As simple as that. Love every aspect of it and the big bonus is the surrounding community 🙂 The biggest bonus for me though, is My Darlin’Drew 😀

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