Wookieecorp brings you… Comic Book Guy

Wanted to start off the 2D Design portion of Addicts with one of the Designs I made already to try and help out my fellow Tapperinos.  I tried to keep the design simple and took some screenshots through the process so maybe you could see how I go about placing the decorations to make a 2D.  So here’s the pic I chose which is a simple image of one of my favorite characters.   As an uber nerd, what isn’t there to love about the one and only Comic Book Guy aka Jeff Albertson.

I chose the 25 dollar shrubs as my outline for this as they’re cheap.  I prefer the fancier shrubs for outlines most of the time but know not every Tapper’s budget is the same as mine.  The next step was to make sure I had a place to put the image.  Unfortunately this meant retiring a design for another site I had made but you will quickly find out once you start 2D creations, that space is definitely premium.  My suggestion for any 2D Artisan is to reserve four blocks of land somewhere just for these designs.
You gotta pick a place to start and for this one, I chose the top.  There’s no right or wrong answer for beginning a 2D btw.  Started shaping the head and went towards CBG’s ponytail.

Once I’d tinkered around and got the shape I wanted… Started with the eyes…

You may notice the pile of rubbish below this 2D.  I keep all of this from land because it adds just one more element to use for my designs and own creations.
Without his beard, he doesn’t look like himself… Tried a couple different decorations like iron fences (above) and lilacs (below) but settled on the same bushes.

Lastly, I used fences and boardwalk benches to add a little color.  Final product is not too shabby at all.  I think a disclaimer is needed that I did the image with my iPhone while I had the pic right in front of me on my laptop zoomed in a little.  Total time spent was about one and a half hours but only because the pile of debris had to be moved somewhere else.

Not sure if you can tell but there are slight differences in the outlines between pics which is the result of tweaks as I go.  Well, hope you like it.  This art is really so easy even a Wookiee can do it.  Happy tapa-tapa-tapping everyone!  Please feel free to steal this if you like even if it is only to practice.

You can compare the two images to decide how I did.  The angle of the plots does make some designs challenging but it’s not too bad.  Well, I sincerely hope to see more designs from other tappers in the future.  In the immortal words of one of my favorite characters, “Life well spent!”

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  1. Looks like the pictures from this post are lost – any chance of restoring them? Thanks ever so much 🙂

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