Tapped Out Walkthrough: Level 32 Rod & Todd

Lisa Gets Level 32 Started

Rod and Todd Prelude
After tapping Lisa

Lisa: Bart, remember Sir Putt-A-Lot’s? You used to be crazy about miniature golf!
Bart: I’m not crazy about anything miniature. Golf, vans, pinschers — I prefer all of them full-sized. But I did love their LAX security. I once walked right past the guard with a shopping bag from ‘The Fireworks Barn’.
Lisa: Well, we should rebuild it anyway. It’ll keep you off the streets.
Bart:I’m in. I wanna cherry bomb four toilets at once. Kind of a Vegas “Dancing Waters” thing.
Lisa: La, la, la, can’t hear you! Not an accessory!
Reach Level 32 and Build Sir Putt-A-Lot’s -24 hrs
TSTP Sir putts a lot level 32
Keep Homer free when build is complete
New Character Unlock!
TSTO new character unlock todd level 32 TSTO New character unlock Rod level 32

Rod and Todd Pt. 1
After tapping Homer

Homer: Aw, Sir Putt-A-Lot’s! You know, Bart — you were conceived on this mini golf course. Right there in that castle and/or windmill.
Bart: I know. And I’m pretty sure your constantly telling me that story is why I’m the way I am.
Homer: So you wanna play a round of mini-golf with your old man?
Bart: No, I came to vandalize the bathroom. Help me open this door, will ya?
Rod: Bart? Bart’s daddy?
Todd: Where are we?
Bart: Rod and Todd?! Quick, close the door again!
Homer: What are you two doing here?
Todd: We were in the bathroom washing our hands because we accidentally made an obscene gesture.
Rod: From now on when we sing, “Where is pointer finger?” we’re not going to ask about any other fingers!
Todd: Before we could scrub the sin away, there was an explosion and we got trapped inside.
Bart: I bet that was my toilet cherry bomb.
Homer: Or when I blew up the whole town.
Bart: The important thing is that they were gone for a long time, and we were responsible.
Make Rod Go Home- 4hrs
Make Todd Go Home- 4hrs
Ned: Oh, my boys! The Good Lord brought you back to me!
Rod: I saw mommy in a bright light. She told me to go back and that I’d see her again when it was my time.
Todd: I saw a black, featureless abyss!
Ned: Well, don’t worry, boys. I’ll make sure nothing ever happens to you again.
Rod/Todd: Yay, nothing!
Keep Ned and Lisa free when complete

Rod and Todd Pt. 2
After tapping Ned

Ned: Excuse me, Lisa? I have to pick up more child-proofing supplies. Could ya watch the bots while I’m out?
Lisa: Sure Mr. Flanders. Is there anything I should know?
Ned: Well, they’ve been lying on the couch for the last three hours…
Lisa: So you want me to get them up and do something active?
Ned: NO! Nothing active! But, in another hour, could you roll ‘em on to their tummies so they don’t get couch-sores?
Lisa: *SIGHS* Five bucks an hour is five bucks an hour.
Make Lisa Babysit Rod and Todd 8hrs (both Rod and Todd are required)
Keep Marge, Rod and Todd free when complete

Rod and Todd Pt. 3
After tapping Marge

Marge: Ned, I’ve been talking to Lisa and I’m concerned about Rod and Todd.
Ned: That’s mighty neighborino-ly of you, but don’t worry. My boys are home-schooled and home-churched–they never leave the bubble-wrapped walls of my house.
Marge: Don’t you think you’re being a little overprotective? Kids need to play in the fresh air and sunshine.
Ned: I suppose I should let the boys go out for a little to enjoy our great green earth. After all, God spent a whole week making it.
Marge: Exactly, sort of. Boys, why don’t you go outside and play on something safe and fun like a see-saw.
Todd: Yay! First I’ll be closer to God, then you’ll be closer to God..
Rod: Then I’ll be closer to God, then you’ll be closer to God…
Todd: Then I’ll be closer to–
Marge: WE GET IT!
Place a See Saw
Make Rod and Todd Play on the See Saw– 4hrs

Rod and Todd Pt. 4
After tapping Rod
Rod: Daddy! I got a splinter!
Ned: Oh no, where?
Rod: In my pant cuff!
Todd: A breeze riffled my hair. Now, my part is crooked.
Ned: I knew it was a mistake to let you boys go outside! I’ve got to get you to the doctor, ASAP!
Todd: But you said doctors were godless heathens we should never listen to.
Ned: No, that’s scientists.
Make Rod Go for a Checkup- 10m
Make Todd Go for a Checkup- 10m
Dr. Hibbert: It’s a good thing you brought the boys in when you did, Ned. A few more days, and it would have been too late. *chuckles*
Ned: Good heavens! What would have happened?
Dr. Hibbert: They would have been permanently and irreparably…turned into weirdos. You’re smothering these kids, Ned. They need to spend time with their peers.
Ned: But other kids are so…different.
Dr. Hibbert: No Ned, you’re kids are so different. They could use a dose of other-kid-ness, stat.
Keep Ned Free when complete

Rod and Todd Pt. 5
After tapping Ned

Ned: Okay boys, this is it.–your first day of public school.”
Rod: I’m scared of public school! They’re going to teach us that the Garden of Eden was the dinosaurs’ house before Adam and Eve lived there!
Todd: And that Christmas’s real name is Holidays.
Ned: Now boys, just because someone teaches you something, doesn’t mean you have to learn it. When I took science classes as a kid, I’d just sing hymns in my head or write bible verses on the roof of my mouth with the tip of my tongue. And I never absorbed any of that Evolution nonsense. I’m only kinda sure where babies come from.
Make Rod Go to School- 6hrs
Make Todd Go to School- 6hrs
Keep Ned Free when complete

Rod and Todd Pt. 6
After tapping Ned

Ned: Boys, you’ve been going to school for a whole week. For that you get a special treat! Sunday School!
Rod and Todd: Yay!
Todd: I hope we play Crucifictionary. I’m good at drawing ‘scrourging’!
Make Rod Go to Sunday School-12hrs
Make Todd Go to Sunday School- 12hrs
Keep Lisa free when complete

Rod and Tod Pt. 7
After tapping Lisa

Lisa: Hey Rod, do you wanna climb on the monkey bars?
Rod: Are they called that because the God of Evolution is monkeys?
Lisa: No! It’s because it’s fun to climb on them, like a monkey.
Rod: And if I do, you promise I won’t evolve?
Lisa: I’m pretty sure that won’t happen.
Rod: Yay! Static universe!
Place Monkey Bars
Make Rod Swing on the Monkey Bars- 24 hrs
Keep Tood free when complete

Rod and Todd Pt. 8
After tapping Todd

Todd: Hi Bart. What’s that in your hand?
Bart: Squishee, collosal size.
Rod: It’s so green and glowy!
Bart: It’s their new flavor, alien berry. Wanna try it? It’ll blow your mind.
Rod: That has sugar, Todd. It causes cavities.
Bart: Pfft, that link has never been proven. Go ahead, Todd. See? Sugar doesn’t do anything. Now if I could just get my Squishee back…
Todd: No! It’s mine! MINE!
Bart: Whoa.
Rod: Todd? You sound like you’re possessed! I better brush up on demon banishing by playing Bible Blaster.
Todd: The straw is too skinny. It’s not getting in my mouth fast enough!
Bart: Hey, maybe you should slow down…
Todd: Maybe you should shut up or I’ll punch your face off!
Make Rod Play Bible Blaster- 8hrs
Make Todd Eat Sugar- 8hrs
Keep Lisa free when complete

Rod and Todd Pt. 9
After tapping Lisa
Lisa: Hi Rod, what are you doing?
Rod: Praying for forgiveness. I’ve committed the sin of jealousy. Toward you.
Lisa: Me? Why?
Rod: I’m jealous that you get to wear mommy clothes.
Lisa: Oh.
Rod: Do you want to play ‘Try-on-each-other’s-shoes’?
Lisa: Um, you should probably just get back to your praying.
Make Rod Pray- 1hr
Keep Todd free when complete

Rod and Todd Pt. 10
After tapping Todd

Todd: Why is my straw making that horrible sound?
Bart: You’ve come to the bottom of the cup. You’re all out of Squishee.
Todd: Oh. Can you take me to where I get more?
Bart: Sorry, I have to get going…Ow! Hey, you’re strong! *choking* My larynx!
Todd: Take me to the Squishee. Now!
Bart: *gasping* Yes, sir.
Make Todd Shop at the Kwik E Mart1hr
Apu: Here you boys go — two Super-Colossal Squishees.
Todd: Thank you! I wish you believed in the real god so you could sell Squishees in heaven!
Apu: Young man, your casual dismissal of the sacred beliefs of myself and millions of others frightens and sickens me. So take your Frequent Squishee-Drinkers punch card and…Come again!

This ends the Rod and Todd quest for level 32. Bread and Putter is up next! 

Ned starts the Bread and Putter quest off..
Bread and Putter Pt. 1
After tapping Ned

Ned: Homer, I’m seeing a lot of your children’ influence on my boys. Bart, mostly. Although Rod is starting to wear pants.
Homer: You’re welcome, Ned. Glad we could help.
Ned: No, Homer. I’m saying I don’t want my kids to be like your kids. I like them the way they are.
Homer: What?! But your kids are weird!
Ned: Well, your kids are…wild!
Homer: How dare you! There’s only one-way to settle the question of who’s a better parent–a mini-golf tournament.
Ned: Huh? How would that settle anything?
Homer: Sounds like somebody’s chicken. Bok-bok-bok-ba-gaak!
Ned: No, I just don’t understand how minigolf relates to–
Homer: Bok-bok-bok-bok–
Ned: Fine, you’re on!
Make Ned Set up a Minigolf Tournament– 12hrs
Make Homer Set up a Minigolf Tournament
– 12hrs
Nelson: I wanna do this.
Homer: Sorry, this tournament is private.
Nelson: Dude, did you not notice my threatening tone when I said…I wanna do this.
Homer: *gulp* Open tournament! Anyone can join!
Keep Ned free when complete

Bread and Putter Pt. 2
After tapping Ned

Ned: Welcome to round one of Mini-Masters! First up are Bart, Rod and Nelson. Remember boys, the important thing is that everyone has fun.
Homer: I feel the same way. I don’t feel the same way, Bart. I want you to win at all costs.
Ned: Homer you’re doing that whispering thing you do where everyone can hear every word you’re saying.
Homer: What are you talking about? I’m not whispering! I think they can hear me so I’m going to stop whispering now.
Make Bart Go Minigolfing- 24hrs
Make Rod Go Minigolfing- 24hrs
Make Nelson Go Minigolfing- 24hrs
Nelson: Stupid colored balls, stupid little pencils. I can’t believe how much I hate this! How long does this go on?
Bart: Eighteen holes. This is hole number three.
Nelson: Life’s too short–I’m gonna go watch TV. Smell ya later, lamewads!
Ned: Well, Nelson’s out. And Rod still refuses to retrieve his ball from the first hole…
Rod: A rollie-pollie crawled in there and he didn’t crawl out!
Ned: So I guess you win this round, Bart. Congratulations, Homer. You’re being surprisingly gracious about this.
Homer: About what?
Ned: About Bart’s winning.
Homer: We won? Yes! In your face, sucka!
Ned: That’s the Homer I know.
Keep Ned free when complete

Bread and Putter Pt. 3
After tapping Ned

Ned: It’s time for round two of this yellow Skins Tournament, with Lisa Simpsons, Martin Prince, and my own little Toddy.
Homer: Lisa, please, please, win this for Daddy. Does it help if I tell you that if you lose, it will ruin everything?
Lisa: Dad, you wouldn’t have to derive your self-esteem from your children if you had your own accomplishments.
Homer:But that entails not drinking and daily showers.
Lisa: Fine. Gimme the putter.
Make Todd Go Minigolfing– 24hrs
Make Lisa Go Minigofling
– 24hrs
Make Martin Go Minigolfing
– 24hrs
Ned: Oh my goodness! The winner of round two is…Todd some-relation Flanders!
Bart: Way to put all the pressure on me, Lis.
Lisa: Well, that doesn’t make me feel very good.
Bart: You know what would’ve made you feel good?
Lisa: Not losing?
Keep Homer free when complete

Bread and Putter Pt. 4
After tapping Homer

Homer: And for the final qualifying round of this…mini-golf thing, it’s…Milhouse versus Ralph? Wow. Dud and Dudder, I’m gonna nap in my car.
Milhouse: I can win this. All I have to do is beat the one kid who loses at more things than I do. And I totally don’t feel bad about it!
Ralph: The urinals here are outside. They have pennies and fish in them.
Milhouse: Okay, I feel a little bad.
Make Milhouse Go Minigolfing- 24hrs
Make Ralph Go Minigolfing-
Keep Homer free when complete

Bread and Putter Pt. 5
After tapping Homer

Homer: Bart, Todd and Ralph, congratulations on making it to the final round. And in my book, you are all winners. Until after this round then my book will be edited and only the actual winner will be a winner. The other two will be big, fat losers.
Make Bart Go Minigolfing– 24hrs
Make Todd Go Minigolfing-
Make Ralph Go Minigolfing-
Ned: Todd has spent the last four holes cowering behind the hedge.
Todd: The giant alligator ate my ball!
Ned: It’s an alligator statue–it’s supposed to eat your ball. That’s why there’s a flag sticking out of it’s nostril. And Bart knocked his ball out of the park. Literally. Over the fence. and onto the freeway.
Bart: I’m like Tiger Woods…the golfer, not the one who did all that bad stuff.
Ned: So I guess the winner is Ralph Wiggum!
Homer: Bart! I don’t mean to be negative…but you sucked like crazy!
Bart: I had an off day.
Wiggum: Ralphie’s so happy!And a happy Ralphie is a non-fire-starting Ralphie. Thank you, Bart.
Homer: Why did Wiggum wink when he thanked you? And what’s in that bag he handed you?
Bart: A token of his gratitude. Two police issue tasers.
Homer: He bribed you into throwing the tournament? You don’t suck, you’re just a cheater! DO you realize what this means!? I’m a great father!
Bart: Wanna play taser-tag?
Homer: I sure do, son. I sure do.

And with that you’ve officially completed the level 32 Main Quest!  Looking for more Tapped Out Walkthroughs?  Check out our Walkthroughs Page for help with all levels and quests in The Simpsons Tapped Out!

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  1. I’m on level 43 and I never got the cal wood metal hospital nor the wax museum in a quest. Did I miss something?

  2. Hello! How are you? So, I have read this site and this post, and I can’t figure out how to unlock earlier Rod and Todd, because I need them for this event (Halloween). I’m at nevel 32 and I have a lots of tasks unfinished because I don’t want to use Bart or Lisa if there is no good reason. I have this tasks: 1) El Bartito’s Way (make Bart serve Manhattans), 2) This Little Wiggy (make Lisa work on her blog), 3) Military Antiques Pt1 (build Herman’s Military Antiques), 4) There are Winners and Skinners Pt3 (make Agnes and Skinner do silhouette night, in progress right now). My question is: in orden to unlock Rod and Todd, which tasks do I have to follow? All this tasks are necessary?
    My English isn’t very good, so I apologize. And thank you for the walkthroughs. The site is awesome and very helpful. Bye.

    • My best suggestion to you is use our Walkthrough page. It will guide you level by level on the quest lines so you will know where you are and who needs to do what next in order for you to move forward.


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      • Karats? What’s that? I only have 6500 probes, is that enought for you?
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  3. Rod and Todd will unlock at level 32. 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying the site!

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