How Do Premium Purchases Impact My Krust-o-Meter?

Buying premium items are a great way to help you achieve the magical 5 bouncy ball status in your Krustyland.  As of right now there are only 5 total premium items available to purchase, 2 of them impact your nausea rating, 1 your Merch rating, and the last 2 impact your Kitsch rating.

Want to know which ones give you the best Krust-o-Meter bang for your donuts?  Here’s a breakdown of the Krustyland Premium items,  which type of rating they affect and how many points they award:

Item Ride/Decoration Krust-o-Meter Category Points
Eyeballs Of Death Ride Nausea 10
Mt. Krustmore Ride Nausea 10
Clown Garbage Can Decoration Kitsch 25
Whack-A-Mole Decoration Merch 20
Krusty Fountain Decoration Kitsch 175

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