What Is the Krust-o-Meter?

Consider the Krust-o-Meter the Conform-o-Meter of Krustyland.  Just like the Conform-O-Meter you’ll see it in the lower left corner, just to the right of the level indicator.  And if you tap the meter, it’ll break everything down for you like this:
TSTO Krustyland Conformometer
Just like in Springfield, buildings, rides and decorations that you build or place in Krustyland contribute to a conformity bonus. Each bouncy ball you get in the total rating will earn you up to a 5% bonus when it comes to Krustyland tickets and XP collections.  Note: Krustyland, unlike Springfield, does not award half a bouncy ball.  You’ve got to completely fill the bouncy balls in order for it to count towards the Krust-o-Meter bonus.

The Krust-o-Meter is broken out into 4 parts:

  • Nausea: changes with the number of nausea-inducing rides in your Krustyland.
  • Grub: changes with the number of food stalls and restaurants in your Krustyland.
  • Kitsch: changes with the number of decorations and special objects in your Krustyland.
  • Merch: changes with the number of games of skill and stores selling stuff in your Krustyland.

As an added bonus, the Krust-o-Meter rating also helps you generate visitors to your Krustyland who will help you earn tickets faster. They’re completely random visitors who will wander around  Krustyland. You won’t be able to assign them tasks, but they will still earn you tickets.  Check out this post for more details on the random visitors in your Krustyland.
So how many points to you need to max out your Krust-o-Meter?  Here’s the break down:

Rating Nausea Points Kitsch Points Grub Points Merch Points
1 Bouncy Ball 10 100 10 10
2 Bouncy Balls 20 300 30 30
3 Bouncy Balls 40 700 70 70
4 Bouncy Balls 60 1200 120 120
5 Bouncy Balls 70 1800 180 180

All rides and buildings add 10 points to you Nausea, Grub or Merch rating, however decorations do vary in points toward your Kitsch rating.
For now these requirements don’t adjust based on your game level, so for now someone at level 21 has the same requirements as someone at level 33 to max out the Krust-o-Meter.  Don’t expect that to last very long though.  As soon as more buildings, rides & decorations are added to Krustyland I expect the Krust-o-Meter requirements to change.

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Happy Tapping friends!

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