Tapped Out Premium Walkthrough: The Model Life of Miss. Springfield

Ah, the babe of Springfield.  Who doesn’t love Miss. Springfield walking around your town “Working It”?
Miss. Springfield was originally part of the Whacking Day Event.  The Sleep-Eazy Motel was awarded to Tappers who successfully Whacked 12,500 snakes.  After Whacking Day, EA kept the Sleep-Eazy Motel as available for purchase via Donuts.  If you’ve decided to go Premium and purchase Miss. Springfield and the Sleep-Eazy Motel (you can find the Pros and Con’s behind the purchase here) below is the quest line that starts once added them to your Springfield (for interested tappers, the original Whacking Day quest line for Miss. Springfield is noted at the conclusion of the current quest dialogue):
The Sleep-Eazy Motel: 220 Donuts

New Character Unlock! 

A Model Life Pt. 1
After tapping Miss. Springfield

Miss. Springfield: Now that I’m here, I need to get some essentials: jewelry, facial scrubs, and purse-sized dogs.  And I wasn’t given this moneymaker not to make some money.
Make Miss. Springfield Work It– 24hrs

A Model Life Pt. 2
After tapping Miss. Springfield

Miss. Springfield: All that parading around and the only guy who asked me out tonight was that groundskeeper that talks like Braveheart!  I guess I know what I’m doing tonight…
Make Miss. Springfield Stay in and Wash her Hair-12hrs

A Model Life Pt. 3
After tapping Miss. Springfield

Miss. Springfield: Another fan letter.  But since I don’t read very well, I don’t know if it’s from a stalker or a pervert.  I’ve got to like smarten up my head thingie.
Reach Level 12
Build the Springfield Library
(requires a separate quest from level 12, but you cannot advance in Miss. Springfield’s quest line until it’s complete)
Make Miss. Springfield Take Reading Lessons-

A Model Life Pt. 4
After tapping  Miss. Springfield

Mayor Quimby: Aw, Miss. Springfield.  This town may be a cesspool amound pools of cese, but your face makes it one of the most beautiful in the world.
Miss. Springfield: Oh, Mayor.  I love how you flatter me when you give me presents.  Oooo, this is shiny.
Mayor Quimby: It was my mother’s.  I borrowed it from her wing of the museum.  Are you still abiding in, um, the same suite of the Sleep-Eazy Motel?
Miss. Springfield: I am.  But I don’t sleep so good there.  I toss and turn all night.
Mayor Quimby: That, err, sounds great.  I love tossing and turning.
Reach Level 20
Build the Springfield Town Hall
(you need Mayor Quimby to complete the next task)
Make Miss. Springfield Enjoy an Evening With the Mayor-3minutes (poor guy) Requires both Quimby and Miss. Springfield

A Model Life Pt. 5
After tapping  Miss. Springfield

Miss. Springfield: *giggles* Diamond Joe.  Wow, this was the most adequate night of my life.
Mayor Quimby: I love spending time with you, darling.  Now let us never speak of this or tell anyone about it.
Miss. Springfield: But my little Quimblebee, I want to make relationship public.  With an enormous ring.  That I can not to be showing off.
Mayor Quimby: Sweetheart, don’t you, er, um have an official occasioning to commemorate?
Miss. Springfield: You’re right.  And I need to practice. “GENTLEmen, start you…” No. “GentleMEN, start your…”
Make Miss. Springfield Open an Event- 1hr

And with that your Miss. Springfield Quest is complete.

As a little bonus here’s the original part of her quest line that came with Whacking Day (again this is no longer part of the Miss. Springfield quest line, and was only part of the Limited Time Whacking Day Event.):

More Than a Pretty Face- A Pretty Body Too Pt. 1
Original task called to Build the Sleep-Eazy Motel and that unlocked Miss. Springfield.  This task came up with you wacked 12,500 snakes and used them to purchase Miss. Springfield and the motel.

More Than a Pretty Face- A Pretty Body Too Pt. 2
After tapping Miss. Springfield

Miss. Springfield: Ooo, behave boys.  You don’t all have to hiss for my attention at once.
Homer: Excuse me, Ma’am Springfield, but those aren’t people.  Those are snakes.
Miss. Springfield: All me are.
Homer: We’re whacking them with sticks, if you want to join in.
Miss. Springfield: When I was awarded Miss. Springfield, I said I wanted to protect all the creatures of the world.  But I only meant the cute ones.
Make Miss. Springfield Attempt to Whack Snakes- 12hrs
Miss. Springfield: This is really helping me through some of my issues.

More Than a Pretty Face- A Pretty Body Too Pt. 3
After tapping Miss. Springfield

Miss. Springfield: Chasing snakes in high heels is not easy.  I’ve worked up such a sweat…and Mama always said no one would love me if they knew how I smelled.
Make Miss. Springfield Stay in and Wash her Hair-12hrs

And that completed the Whacking day quest for Miss. Springfield.  

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  1. I reported to getting the motel after WD for the building more than the character as I needed a beach hotel for my seafront. The quests are okay but only 2 outdoors tasks is not enough. Same goes for most characters sadly

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