Like Totally a Contest n Junk

So like I was like totally like told to write about some contest n junk that is going on. It’s like super awesome n stuff. You get like a gift card for free donuts. Hang on….I’m getting a text………….hang on…….just a minute….

OMG…you’re like totally not gonna believe what Alissa just sent me. Wait a minute? Donuts??!! Those are like totally covered in carbs n junk. That’s like a super bummer. You’ll have to like all go to the gym n stuff to work those carbs off. Huh?  I don’t get it. What do you mean they’re like for the game? You can’t feed the game donuts. Psssh, as if. Some adults just don’t get it. So I…hold on…Joe just snap chatted me…..hang on….just a few more minutes…OMG I can’t believe Joe sent me that…K so like Joe and Alissa are like totally my BFFs n stuff and like they totally like like me n junk and we like talk all the time even though we like totally never get to see each other. So I was like at the mall the other day totally like looking for like the best jeans ever and Joe like totally send me this tweet and I was like “Huh?” and he was like “yah” and then I was like “pssssh” and he was all like “for reals”.

So like ummm what was I talking about…oh yah…so like there is some contest n junk that you need to like TOTALLY enter right now cuz my friend Jess talked to my friend Susie who was over at Tom’s house and his neighbor Judy who was like totally a babe magnet but not anymore said she was over at Addicts n junk and it like ends super soon n stuff.

K well I totes gotta bail now. Follow me n Twitter n junk @TSTOAddicts



(The Spooky  2D contest entries are due by 11:59PM EST, September 29th, 2013)

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