What’s up Addicts? Here’s another edition of What A Wookiee Wants. You might be wondering why I get my own forum to do this and the simple answer is, who knows? lol. The long answer includes some complex mathematics, quantum physics and a theory that EA is afraid of my Wookiee rage and prepared to add at least one thing I recommend every update. While we all hold our breath for this fantasy to be true, I’ll continue, I like to think of my rambling on this post as an episode of PADZ on Channel 6…


I don’t know why, but a lot of us spend the most time decorating the mansions, manors and compounds that EA has given us. I don’t know if it is ingrained in the masses that rich people deserve nice areas or if it is just required homage to the Best. Show. Ever. Before I digress into complex psychology and regardless of the reason, I know that these are often my favorite places to visit in my friends’ towns.

Decorating these is often expensive but really satisfying.  Too bad we don;t all have giant piles of game cash, right? Went on my usual Wookiee episode wandering and found some more mansions that could be added for us. I think these additions would make for a proper rich district in our Springfields.

First off we have the residence of our very own Diamond Joe Quimby

Then… good old Krusty’s “humble” abode.

Kent could use his very own mansion.

Not really a mansion but the Chester J. Lampwick’s Solid Gold House fits right in with these ideas.  Chester J. Lampwick (thanks Em!) and his rocket car would naturally come with it!

What about the Maison Derriere with Belle? What’s the point of being rich and immoral if there’s only a dog track for your vices?

And for those of us that love the decadence of Monty Burns… we shouldn’t forget he has a summer getaway.

These last two mansions probably would not fit in to the game as one is non-canon aka from an episode about a “possible” future and the other is on the moon. If TSTO ever goes interstellar, I’d prefer Star Wars any day.

The first mansion was Homer and Mindy’s in a dream sequence. The other was Bart’s Moon Mansion.

Any of the above mansions would be a great addition to our Springfields and I for one would pay donuts for all of them! I found most of these through a Oogle search which led me to the site http://www.nohomers.net which is actually a pretty cool discussion site.  You can find images of most of them there.

This post was brought to you by WoOkIeEcOrP… Ripping arms out of sockets since 1977.

10 responses to “WAWW… MORE MANSIONS

  1. Reading through old posts! Wookie got his wish for Chester’s gold mansion and rocket car lol

  2. they could have added the White House over Halloween and done a theme involving kang and kodos as well

  3. Chester J Lampwick… 😛

  4. Hold on. You’d have star wars before futurama? I found a picture on Google of a spoof episode 1 poster with Burns as the emperor and grandpa as Yoda. Imagine the donut equivalent for the skins. I can sense the birth of an event here…

  5. excellent

  6. Definitely need more housing to make that indolence rating go up. Simple stuff like Skinner’s house is fine by me. The big mansions require a lot of land for decorations whilst the small homes can be squeezed together.

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