Addicts How To: Taking Screenshots of your Town

Have you designed a really cool Springfield that you want to show off?  Wish you could take screenshots of your town, but just don’t know how?  Well the Addicts Team is here to help!  While every phone is different I figured we could cover some of the more common phones here.  Note: If you don’t see your phone listed the best thing you can do is a Google Search and check out how to screenshot with your specific device. 

Let’s get started!

We’ll start with the very first platform to carry Tapped Out and that’s iOS.  Since every Apple device uses the same method to screenshot you can apply this to any iOS device you use whether it’s an iPhone 4, an iPhone 5, or an iPad.  Here’s what you do…

To take a screenshot with your iOS device simply press and hold the Home and Power buttons at the same time.  If you’ve got the timing done correctly your screen will flash and you’ll hear the camera shutter sound!   Note: Screenshots on iOS devices will be automatically saved in your Camera Roll.


Android Phones

Android phones can be a bit confusing when it comes to taking screenshots.  For some phones it’s just like the iPhone, where you press and hold the Home + Power button, & others you have to press and hold the volume and power button..and then there are some Android phones where it’s a totally different method all together.  Basically it comes down to this though…if your phone has a home button (similar to the iOS home button) you’ll use a combination of the home + power button to screenshot, but if your phone does not have a home button, instead just the lit up icon (like the HTC 1 and Motorola phones), use the volume + power button combination to screenshot.  I’m going to try and cover some of the more popular Android phones/tablets here.  Again if you don’t see your device try doing a Google search on taking screenshots with your specific device.

Samsung Phones/Tablets Only (Galaxy, Note, DOES NOT work on the Odyssey)

Similar to the iPhone, to take a screenshot with one of these devices simply press and hold the Home and Power buttons at the same time.  If you’ve got the timing correct you’ll hear the camera shutter sound.  Note: Screenshots on these devices will automatically save to your Gallery.

All other Android Smartphones/Tablets (Motorla, HTC, Casio, LG, Samsung Odyssey, etc):

To take a screenshot with these devices simply press and hold the power and volume buttons at the same time.  Again, if you’ve got the timing correct you’ll hear the camera shutter sound.

If none of the above methods work for your device, you may have to download an App from the Play Store dedicated to taking screenshots.

Kindle Fire Device:
If you’re currently playing Tapped Out on a Kindle Fire check out this info from Amazon with regards to taking screenshots on your device:

Hopefully this information has helped you so that you can share your Springfield with others!  If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below and we’ll try our best to answer them.

16 responses to “Addicts How To: Taking Screenshots of your Town

  1. Am I missing something or is there a quicker way to make the HUD disappear? I’d like to capture a panorama of my town but I don’t think I have the patience to wait for the 8-odd seconds for it to disappear for every one of the dozens of images I’m going to need!

  2. I dont get it, how do you take multiple screenshots? I got a android phone but all it does is take one screenshot when I do it…..I saw a video of someone doing it and it scrolled through his entire town taking images….how do you make it do that????

  3. Google Nexus is the Power button and volume down at the same time.

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  5. I don’t know if many people know about this, but the way I take screenshots on my IPod is by going to Settings, then General, then click on Accessiblity and turn on Assistive Touch. A little circle will appear somewhere on the screen that you can move anywhere you want. You click on the circle, then Device, then More, and finally Screenshot. I find this much easier than pushing the two buttons at once because my Home button is a little weird at times. Hope this is some help to someone.

    • Thanks. Any help we can give to our readers is greatly appreciated. Can you give me a little more detail on your iPod? Like what generation, GB, etc. I know sometimes features can vary from product to product and may not apply to all.

      Thanks again! 😉

      • Oh my bad, I forgot to mention that part. I have a 4th generation, 16 GB IPod Touch. I imagine that this feature would probably be available on iPads as well, and I use it all the time as my Home button instead of the actual Home button because I would have to click it 3 or 4 times until it worked. Hope this helps 🙂

  6. I bought extra hearts for my Valentine’s day wheel, but it didn’t take as many hearts as I thought for me to end up getting all the items on the my question is, if I don’t spin the wheel anymore (no need to now) will they credit me back the doughnuts I had bought hearts with, being that I haven’t spun them all up & I have 16 spins left?

    • They will not. Once a purchase is made, it is kinda “all sales are final.” Sorry. You really never know. Now you can just keep spinning if you want and try to earn more items and possibly get more bonus % into your town. 😉

      • And that’s what I figured lol. But thanks for the response & wow that was a very quick response too!! :} My town is far from being perfect or in order (got kinda mad trying to figure out how I wanted my town to be lol so now it’s just chaos) but it works, so anyone can add me Tinyme84

  7. on my Lg Motion I press both volume buttons at same time which puts the screen shot on memo pad and save from there

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