So there I was, minding my own smurf when all of the smurf this smurf walked up and smurfing smurfed me. WHAT THE SMURF DID I DO??! I was so smurfed that I grabbed my smurf and smurfed after that smurf. I smurfed and smurfed and smurfed. I had to smurf.

Smurf smurf smurf smurf smurfing smurf smurf. Smurf smurf smurfed smurfity smurf smurf smurf. SMURF SMURF SMURF SMURF SMURF!!


This is the second winner to my Sideshow Bob mini contest. Our frequent reader Mummie made a pretty good guess on how many newspaper dispensers I used and how much it cost me. I was anxious to see what cool new project I would get to create for her. When I saw her email I giggled. SMURF! No, really…she wanted a Smurf. I haven’t made one before and I knew it would be a challenge, so I loved the idea.

First thing I had to do is figure out just which one to make (she left the choice up to me). I didn’t want to pick an obvious one like Papa Smurf or Smurfette. Then I remembered Vanity Smurf. I found it amusing that in a place filled with thousands of lil blue creatures that all looked quite similar, Vanity just couldn’t stop staring at himself.Ā  He just wouldn’t look away. So I set out to create him in a 2D design.

I didn’t really find any decent images I wanted to use online, so I just used the basic design for a Smurf and added the few things that made him unique from the others. (Side Note: an adorable lil monster got a hold of my phone while I was stitching the pic of Vanity together and wiped out most my progress pics of him. šŸ™ So I apologize, this one is gonna be quick n simple).

To start out…I had no idea where to start out. Not sure on the two blue decorations available (lawn chair and dumpster) so I decided to make an outline of him first with snapdragons (I wanted a black outline left on a few areas), then fill in later. I began with the face, mapping out the noes, ears, then hat. No propane tanks available so left eyes for later.

Once I had the basic shape, I started to fill in his nose with the lawn chairs to see if they would work. Still wasn’t sure, so I chose to move on to his hat. I used the garbage bins and a broken down washer for the flower in his hat (one of the unique items for him), then moved on to filling in his hat with the carved ice sculptures.

Once done with the hat, I moved on to filling in the pants with carved ice sculptures as well. Like the hat, I outlined the area first placing them as far apart as possible as they don’t come cheap. Then I went back in and filled in until I felt there was enough. At this point…pics missing would’ve shown the making of the mirror (his second unique item), but alas…gonna have to use your imagination. Water is reflective, so I figured why not use water for the mirror itself. I placed this first to get the proper location of it then I used the boardwalk bench for the handle and boardwalk fence for the background around mirror. I continued to tweak his arms many times.

I finally found a general outline of his arms that I thought would work. So it was time for the small touches. I tried the eyes. I probably re-did these at least 15 times.

I decided I needed to fill him in first to see how to place the eyes. I probably tried at least 30 different ways of placing the individual lawn chairs into the outline. I added, removed, flipped left n right, just kept tweaking until it looked like it was finally taking shape. (At this time I even attempted to use the dumpsters instead. Needless to say, they did NOT work. LOL). I arranged the lawn chairs around the eye area in a way it left an opening that provided the appearance of the white eye area. Then I filled in the snapdragon eyes…

…and here is the final result. SMURFTASTIC!!


This one was definitely a challenge, but I love me a challenge. I learn from each and every one. Different techniques of creating, alternate placement of items to give alternate looks, in the end it all comes together.

So CONGRATS again Mummie on your win and I hope you Smurfing enjoy your Smurfing 2D. If not, then you can Smurf…just kidding. šŸ˜›

Until next Smurf!

***Bunny Smurf***

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  1. i am impressed. what would we do with yellow?.. šŸ™

  2. Wow!! Super cool!!

  3. La, la, la, la, la, la….that is smurfing awesome.

    This one can go in my Smurf collection!

    Thanks so much šŸ™‚

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