Keep Your Friends Close…

This was originally a thread for the Halloween Update and for quick use of Gooey Neighbors….below is a list of prizes that were unlocked with the 2013 Halloween Event:

GOO list

101 responses to “Keep Your Friends Close…

  1. iamagarrido
    Lvl 32 5* player!

  2. Nejaa86

    Add me please very active player level 35. Plays constantly.:-).

  3. Username is Sazh84 add me and we shall earn multitudes of Goooooo 😀

  4. On 24/7 adamwhite55 DO NOT ADD if you are not able to ghost hunt with me! Very active lvl 35 player looking to get all the halloween addons

  5. I’m on all the time. Username: L3V1L

  6. Lissiebby
    Add me, Level 35, daily player, have gypsy shop already.
    Daily players with gypsy shop only

  7. Melissa11388 play everyday multiple times. Add me

  8. add szota16,
    i play all the time, will have built the fortune tommorow morning though

  9. Origin ID: Lurlina

  10. alexbabydadi

    I play constantly, like right now at work, its bad. need friends who actually want these prizes as badly as I do 🙂 please add me

  11. howser5 thx

  12. joanneli93 🙂

  13. Add me, very active and will visit all towns every day add me: Junkee23

  14. Add daniboy1412 level 35 player with all buildings. I play all day.

  15. kayleighmc95 – add me, daily player!Need help alot of my neighbours are inactive!

  16. i would be honored to have you as a tap buddy, irishladsoca im watching closely who has goo and who dosent. i figure by weds eve west coast time that’s enough time for the 24 hr gypsy house build and those with no goo by tomorrow night…buh bye

  17. iwishiwasaki
    Level 35
    Daily player

  18. Emmgandy790. Level 35 and gypsy is underway. I finished all whacked out prizes, high volume player and only have 3 friends, all inactive now. I need new neighbors!

  19. newks01 play frequently already have 80 goo.

  20. I have a neighbor who has over 10,000 goo already. No idea how!
    Anyway, I’ve been cleaning the old list out and removed some who were still under level 15, I’m level 25, not being an elitist here, but … if you can’t get past 15, you’re not a crazy neighboreeno or an addict. I’ve only been playing a couple weeks.

    misspandi – daily, obsessively, nosy neighbor admiring your handiwork, not a house farmer.

    • how do you clean out your friends list? I keep getting logged out when I try to do anything related to my friends

      • Try the Origin download for the desktop PC/MAC. We posted some more info on it here we also have a full “other method” post on removing neighbors here Hope that helps! Happy Ghost busting!

  21. Adamwhite55 lvl 35 killing ghost already, ease dont add me if you’re not popping ghost already! I just cleared room on my friends list so add me! Oh and I play at least twice a day

  22. Argon51 – level 31 I play every day

  23. Kayesoob I’m a level 35 daily player

  24. flea4me23 play every day. If you play daily please add me

  25. Valeniel play eveyrday. Alrdy got gypsy

  26. Aticus1695

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