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Most things in life that you think are deja vu are just coincidences or luck (or the computers changing something in The Matrix), but every once in a while in the life of an Addict, it feels like our pusher (aka EA) is actually listening to us.

So cool that we got more land with this update. It unlocks after you are done building the Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop as well as adding Lions, Tigers and Bears… Oh My. What’s that Alissa the Amazing? Oh, we’re not talking about current Happy Meal toys? Sorry folks, apparently it’s Ghost, Gremlins and Goo… Oh My! My bad.


I talked a little about the Gremlin here. Add to the 3 Gs, the option of haunting buildings and possessing characters in your neighbor’s town. One word… INCREDIBLE!



Here’s a little chart I came up with to help you with the new land prices for our new present. As someone who was full up on land other than my 2D palette, this addition was so cool. It gave me space for adding decorations temporarily without giving up my 2D Addiction. Can you say Redesign Mark 5? If the image seems tiny… just click on the image and it gets bigger. (Apologies in advance if that sounds dirty.)


In addition to more land, we actually got back the following items from last year’s Halloween update:



Cauldron with Witch Marge Skin (60 Donuts)


Spooky Tree


Dead Tree


Pumpkin Patch


Mausoleum (60 Donuts)


Don’t forget it looks like the Crashed UFO will be back with Kodos. Who has two furry thumbs and can’t mask his excitement? This guy!

For the lucky few that already had previous decorations from last year’s Halloween Update… our old decs started immediately giving us ghosts!




Only day one of this update and it’s already shaping up to be the Best. Update. Ever. Special thanks to my personal neighborinos who already got me to the first reward (Pumpkin House)! You guys know who you are….



Bad Dream House, House of Evil, Heck House Church Skin and the Super Collider (all from last year’s update) are currently still paying out cash by the way.

Lastly, the Trick or Treat Tasks are back from last year with the same characters (Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Martin, Nelson and Witch Marge. From what I’ve seen so far, Marge, Homer & Burns all have Halloween GOO Tasks! STay tuned for more info on taks later! Happy Spooky Tapping Addicts! Wookiee out!

Keep Your Friends Close…

This was originally a thread for the Halloween Update and for quick use of Gooey Neighbors….below is a list of prizes that were unlocked with the 2013 Halloween Event:

GOO list

Ghosts, Gremlins & GOO…Oh My!

For those of you around for Whacking Day, the thought of collecting items to win prizes may either bring up fond memories or send you screaming for the hills!  But don’t worry, this time around the Addicts team is here to help!  We’ve got you covered, so that plus the more than a month you have to play the update should help you achieve all of the goals!  Let’s get right to it by breaking down the “game inside the game”.

Just call yourself the new Ghostbuster, because that’s what the Simpsons are asking you to do here!  The object is to “Pop” (EA wouldn’t dare use “whack” and stir up those flashbacks!) the Ghosts to collect their GOO.  GOO is the new in-game currency for special Halloween items.  Occasionally a Ghost will spill out a Gremlin (they’re attracted to GOO after all)  when you pop them.  Gremlins are collected to put in your friend’s towns , they’ll help you collect more GOO (since Gremlins are attracted to GOO).  Confused yet?  Don’t be…let’s break it all down step by step Continue reading

Cue the Spooky Music and see the forest through the trees…

“When hinges creak, in doorless chambers. And strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls. Whenever candlelights flicker, where the air is deathly still, that is the time when ghosts are present, practicing their terror, with ghoulish delight!”

“Your cadaverous pallour, betrays an aura of foreboding, almost as though you sense a disquieting metamorphosis. Is this Halloween Event actually upon us? Or is it your imagination, hmmmmmm?? And consider this dismaying observation, this update came with no spoilers and no end date in sight. Which offers you this chilling challenge, to find A WAY (TO ROCK) OUT! HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!! Of course, there’s always my way…”


Continue reading

Tapped Out Halloween Walkthrough: The Ghost in the Machine-based App Parts 2-4

The first part of the Halloween walkthrough was covered by Bunny earlier today, along with a great “behind the item” understanding of how the Fortune Teller shop relates to the Simpsons (you can read all about it here).  This part of the walkthrough is what happens after the shop has been built. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about ghosts, gremlins and GOO so here’s how you unlock them!  For those that don’t want to find out just yet the walkthrough starts after the page break 🙂 Continue reading

It Ain’t Easy Being a Gypsy-Walkthrough Part 1


Splash Screen Continue reading

Update is Here For EVERYONE!

Photo Oct 01, 12 53 17 PM

1:20pm: Update is live on Android!  Guys this update is seriously amazing!  More info coming soon.  This will be the last post on this thread.  Look for the what we know so far post coming soon!  Have fun!

1:10pm:  Springfield is dark…and leaves are falling.  Ghosts are flying all over the place.  The new in game currency is popping ghosts and collecting their goo.  Game lasts 36 days (until November 7th).

1:05pm (est): You’ll need 2,000 in game cash to build the Gypsy Fortune Teller Store to start things off.  It takes 24 hours to build.

12:50pm (est): It you’re playing on an Apple device the update is here! Check your iTunes store for the App Update!  It’s installing as we speak on mine!

Android users…my phone is standing by waiting the update!  I’ll let you know as soon as it’s here…

Bart auto starts the task….and leaves are falling in Springfield!

2013 Halloween Spoilers!

Looks like an overwhelming amount of you want spoilers so I’m going to post what I can as fast as I can for those of you that want them.  However, if you don’t wish to read about what’s coming do not click more below.

I will tell everyone though…it looks like this is going to be HUGE!  So many things in the files it’s hard to go through it all quickly!  So get those tapping fingers ready because the Halloween update is going to be big!   Continue reading

2013 Halloween Update Info…

Hi Everyone!

No an update has not yet hit our devices BUT the game files have been updated on EA’s server.  I’m currently digging through the files myself to see what their may or may not be in the update.  However, do you want to know or would you rather wait a few more hours and see what comes?  Let me know in the poll below and I’ll answer to the masses.  If you want the spoiler info as I have it I’ll post it, if not we can all just wait until the devices update and we’ll keep you updated (as always) with all of the information as it comes out.

It’s up to you…

Season 25 Items Are Gone…

It’s almost 9am here on the East Coast of the US and still no Halloween update as of yet.  However, the Season 25 Premiere items have no disappeared from the game.  Hopefully you picked up these limited time items before they disappeared…


hi-glow barrels

Don’t worry, the full Addicts team is still monitoring the App stores and we’ll bring you the update information as soon as it’s out!