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Where is…MY CHARACTER???!!

As more and more reports of the main quest line characters are coming in, I wanted to just touch basis and update everyone on the issue. Some have experienced Homer and/or Martin traveling to Krustyland, but are unable to get them to return back to Springfield to complete the next quest. Some, like Wookiee (keep clear, some arm ripping may occur), have Homer in Springfield…but off in the “dark lands”. (Mufasa told Simba not to go over there. “Everything the light touches” people, sheesh.) So some get the lovely treat and experience of being able to look at their characters…but unable to get to them at all. In my experience, I have nasty lil Gremlins “hiding” in the dark area. I assumed they just timed out as they are no longer there. (Thank goodness for that 4 hour count down.) I still have not had a response on my issue, I will update when/if I do.

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Tapped Out Halloween Walkthroughs: The 7th and 8th GOO Prizes, Snorky and Twirl n’ Hurl

Hey howdy hey GOO Collectors!

Back with the next two prizes in the Personal Prize collection, you can read about the Ancient Burial Ground & Pumpkin house herethe Vac-U-Bot here, Zombie here & Ultrahouse & Victorian UFO here. The next two prizes are achieved at the 5,200 GOO (Snorky) collection mark and the 6,500 GOO (Twirl ‘n’ Hurl) collection mark.
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Not sure where you are in the Halloween Event? Stressing out you’re not gonna make it? Well no worries. It seems as long as you are averaging 300 daily, you should be on target for all the prizes and goodies. But I know you are STILL gonna worry…so here is a little calendar to help you out. Stay ahead and at the end, you will be able to hit those bonus rounds to have a chance of FREE DONUTS!!!

There is a reported issue ongoing with the bonus levels. See here for more info.

(I set it to go until the 6th due to you never know what time they will actually shut it all down on the 7th. Better to play it safe.)




Now people wonder why they should continue beyond the 10,000 Goo. Two words…FREE DONUTS!!The Spooktacular Bonus. It works the same way as the XP bonus levels in that once you hit that extra 2000 Goo, you can pick from 3 boxes containing 1-3 donuts. Keep some extra cash for this. In case you don’t get 3 right away, you can spend $50,000 on each extra box and keep trying until you get 3 donuts. Pretty good deal to me. 🙂





You will also notice a new icon on your task book menu. A Halloween Candy. This is just there to show you are now collecting extra Goo beyond that 2000.


Snorky Speak Man

To the Hominid Readers of Addicts,

King Snorky here. Over the last month, a certain “Star Wars Fan” who calls himself “The Wookiee” has been blabbering away about my introduction into some sort of game called “The Simpsons Tapped Out”. As a peaceable sort of fellow, I let this galoof run his silly mouth and even had myself a chuckle at his meager attempt to immortalize me using strange objects. Although I don’t get using garbage bins to replicate my majesty, at least the poor brute tried.


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Saturday: What’s in the ADDICT (Attic), BUNNY EDITION!

So here we are (in the USA anyway) on Saturday morning. You been up all night tapping and Goo collecting?  Thought so. Well, just to make sure you are on track for the prize at the end…try to collect 350-400 Goo canisters a day. You should be up to about 1500-1600 by the end of today in order to stay on track for all 10 prizes.  Grab a cup of “Joe” and rest that weary lil finger a bit for the last and final prize item for the Attic.

Oooooh a HAT in one of my popped ghosts (although I have been liking donuts more)! Weeeeee. No? Not much excitement? Too sleepy? Just get on with it? FINE! PICS AWAY!!




2013-10-05 06.42.57

So watch the new Treehouse of Horror episode tomorrow and come back here for information on the “special prize”.

There…happy now? NO??!! Well then you are HOPless. 😛


Weekend Update: September 29th- October 5th 2013



It’s been a busy week here at Addicts!  We’ve been busy tapping away to bring you all of the latest and up-to-date information about the Halloween coverage.  So if you missed anything from the Addicts team this week, here’s your change to catch up!

Voting is LIVE for the our Spooky 2D contest and the “polls” close on October 14th.  So be sure to vote for your favorite 2D here

-Sunday we kicked the week off talking about the Season 25 Premiere of The Simpsons (Homer-land) with our quick hit post and recap of the episode.  And Bunny gave us a great recap with screenshots in her D’OH Merland post

-Monday we prepared the site for the Halloween event with some new updates to the menu bar and the addition of the all new TSTO Addicts forums

-We also announced the top 5 contestants in our Spooky 2D contest!  (be sure to vote here)

-Bunny and Wookie teamed up to provided us with a GREAT Addicts How-To on Stitching images of your town

-On Monday we also introduced the new regular “column” in Hey Addicts Caption This! Where we ask you, the amazing Addicts readers, to caption some of the funny moments caught in Screenshots of Tapped Out.

-Of course we had another addition of TSTO Anonymous by our group leader..the one..the only Wookiee!   So if you’re feeling a little more addicted to TSTO with this event check out Wookiee’s meeting post!

-And finally…we’ve had AMAZING Halloween Update coverage throughout the week!  While it’s a bit much to post every last post here…if you check out our 2013 Halloween Page you’ll find every single post we’ve done in relation to the Halloween update!  So if you’re stuck on a part of the update or just need some tips on capturing more GOO check out our Halloween Page for all of the details!

If you’re looking for new friends to the event, to help you capture more GOO, you can post your user id on our Add Friends page

Happy GOO collecting everyone!