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Is it the game that will never end? Will it go on and on my friends?

Some people started singing it not knowing what it was….

Ok… that might have been a little mean but sometimes I can’t help myself.  Hello fellow Addicts.  Wookiee here and still at my mad antics like usual.  So, hot off an epic time at Springfield in Florida, I had to take the time to share a realization I had while enjoying the heck out of my life.

Wookiee Light Bulb Moment
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Weekend Update: November 24th-30th

Hehehehe…I fed them all LOTS n LOTS of turkey…now they are all knocked out in deep Turkey Tryptophan comas. Shhhh.

WOOHOO! The Bunny is FREE!!! Now, what devious lil things can I do? Hmmm. I will change this…add a lil more to that…move this over here…and VOILA! They’ll never even notice. Hehehehe.

While I am here, I might as well recap the week….more for me mind you. I have been away in Hawaii…ummm…I mean sick **cough cough**, so missed a bunch of posts too. So, what happened? OH, I am supposed to tell YOU?! Ummm…hmmm. Wow, there wasn’t much going on this week, was there? Probably because awesome lil me wasn’t writing. 😛 Just Kidding. Let’s dive in.

Fox  News

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Springfield in Florida… Not your average Wookiee-cutter vacation


Hey hey hey Addicterinos!  Wookiee here with one heck of a ramble for your viewing pleasure.  Viewing you might ask.  Well, let me just say I hope you like pictures because this one has a ton!  Basically this lucky guy got to do something awesome and had so much fun, I felt I had to share with the awesome readers here.  Click more for my adventure to……..  SPRINGFIELD!!!!!!
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WAWW… Holiday Prediction Edition

Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg, The Batmobile lost a wheel and Joker got away…

Oh hey, didn’t see you there for a second.  How’s it going?   No Shave November is almost over so it’s about time for this Wookiee to get into the Holiday spirit.

Wookiee Movember

Aren’t my friends adorable?  As usual, I get the chance to dish on what I’d like to see in the game and with the Yuletide a-coming… here I gooooooooooooooo…..

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Howdy Hey Turkey Tappers!

Woohoo, it’s finally Turkey Day here in the US! And you know what that means? Turkey, mashed potatoes, apple pie, pumpkin pie, football, stretchy pants and insane sales at the mall! You may notice things a little quiet around here today (you can always find all the latest on the Thanksgiving Update here), as the Addicts staff celebrates the holiday with their families (yes, even I had a heart today and let Bunny out of the basement and Wookiee out of the attic. Just for today, tomorrow they’re right back there!) but don’t worry we’ll be back at it tomorrow!

However, we couldn’t let a day dedicated to being thankful go with out a special THANK YOU to all of our AMAZING readers! We are so thankful for each and every one of you taking the time to read our posts and comment! So from Wookiee, Bunny, and myself THANK YOU!!!

Now for a little extra fun. In my family, and many families, we have a tradition on Thanksgiving, we go around the table and each take a turn saying what we’re most thankful for over the past year. So, I thought it would be fun if my Addicts family each took a turn and shared with you, our AMAZING readers, what we’re most thankful for this year! So with that being said….Wookiee…you’re up: Continue reading

Thanksgiving Day & Black Friday Updates- UPDATED (Again)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well it’s Thanksgiving Eve and did you really think EA would let Thanksgiving go by with out some kind of holiday tie in?  This year it looks like we get not one but TWO holiday events.  The first tomorrow, on Thanksgiving Day, and the second on Friday, Black Friday here in the US!

From what we can tell from the game files, it looks like FREE DONUTS will be the reward on Thanksgiving and on Friday it looks like Ole’ Gil will finally make his long awaited Duff Promotion appearance in the game!

Sorry for those of you hoping for a Gil donut deal (maybe soon?)  looks like this is an offer the Duff Brewery, Springfield Sign and cash (will cost you 300 donuts).  Here’s the promo info we could find in the game files:

Note: If you already have either the Springfield Sign OR the Duff Brewery this offer WILL NOT appear in your Springfield.
As is our customary deal we won’t post information about the update itself until it actually hits.  Once the update hits the game (should be sometime Thursday November 28th) we will update all of the details on this post.  So be sure to check back for more details later!
Until next time Tappers!
UPDATE: The Thanksgiving bonus is live in the game!  Should auto start for you with a Happy Thanksgiving Message!  Be sure Homer is free!
Note: I play on both a Android phone (my A game) and an Android tablet (my B game).  For my A game, on my phone, it started right up.  However, on my B game, tablet, the quest didn’t auto start.  I had to back out of the app and hard close it (close apps) and restart TSTO.  So if you don’t see it auto start for you try hard closing and restarting the app. 
Dialogue and mini walkthrough:
2013-11-28 09.09.12 2013-11-28 09.09.58
Happy Thanksgiving Pt. 2
Auto started
Homer: Oh my God!  We go three donuts just because of what day it was?  I wonder if we could reset the clock on our device, then when the machine thinks it becomes today again, we’ll get another three donuts!
Lisa: Wouldn’t that be cheating?
Homer: No, cheating is when you press a bunch of buttons and get unlimited ammo.  This is hacking!
Make Homer Reset the Clock on his myPad-8hrs
Happy Thanksgiving Pt. 3
Auto start
Lisa: That took you a long time, Dad.  Normally when you play with your myPad it’s just for a couple seconds.
Homer: I know, but I get confused when I have to go into the settings menu.  What the hell is a DHCP?  And how much is it costing me to lease it?  The good news is I was able to reset the clock.  Now the game will think it’s Thanksgiving again in 3…2….1…
2013-11-28 09.09.12 2013-11-28 09.09.58
Homer: Woo-hoo
Happy Thanksgiving Pt. 3
After tapping Homer
Homer: I can’t believe that trick worked.  Now we can get unlimited donuts!
Lisa: But Dad, that would be unethical.  Besides, wouldn’t it ruin the fun of the game?
Homer: The fun of always having to wait 24hours?  The fun of not being able to afford things?  The fun of not being able to grow crops because my corn still needs 50 days?  Screw fun — I’ll take the unlimited donuts.  And more importantly, I can post a video of me doing it on the Internet and get like a zillion views!  Finally people will realize I’m a genius at computering!
Make Homer Post his Hack on the Internet– 1hr
Happy Thanksgiving Pt. 4
After tapping Lisa
Lisa: Wow Dad, your “How to get Unlimited Donuts” video is getting a lot of hits.
Homer: I know.  Move over “Puppy on a Piano” — there’s a new Most Watched Video in town!  I’m an Internet Celebrity– and that never goes away!
Lisa: The only problem is, the popularity of your video is sure to attract the attention of EA.
Homer: Uh…
Lisa: I bet they can put out a patch that fixes that problem pretty quickly.
Homer: Uh…
Lisa: In fact, I bet they’re doing it right now.
Homer: AUGHHH!!! Where’s my myPad?!  I’ve got to get my donuts!
Make Homer Reset the Clock on his myPad– 45seconds
Gil: Hey folks, Thanksgiving’s over!  Which means it’s a salesman’s favorite of days…Black Friday.
Homer: Oh no, they fixed my hack.  And even worse, Gil’s here.  I hate this stupid game!
Lisa: There’s probably a lesson to be learned in here about cheating.
Homer: There sure is.  If you do it, don’t post it online until you’ve fully exploited it for yourself.
Lisa: That’s not what I meant.
Homer: I wonder if I could have still selected “Reset the Clock” from my job list when my quests was “Post Hack on the Internet”?
FYI: No you couldn’t. 
At this point if you don’t already have the Duff Brewery and the Springfield Sign Gil will show up with his offer as indicated above.  If you have 1 (or both) of those Gil will not appear in your game and you’re Thanksgiving and Black Friday quests are complete.
Hope you enjoyed them!

Where did THOSE come from – Thanksgiving Balloons (Part 2)

Well hello again friends!  Came back for the second part of the Thanksgiving Balloons, eh?  Well, thanks for stopping by.  As promised, Part Two of this where did those come from covers the Poochie and Stampy Balloons.  Let’s get right into it, shall we?

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2D …What Next?

Well hello there readers. Having a fun week yet? Trying to figure out who’s gonna have the best feast for Turkey Day so you can crash the party? Or are you already going through the sales ads, planning what stores are going to have the biggest sales? Gotta get that big TV? New clothes? Xmas gifts?

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Turbo Tappin’ Premium Stuff- Luann Van Houten Questline

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Time to take another Turbo Tappin’ look at a questline from the Level 37 update, Luann Van Houten.  While Luann appeared in the game with the Level 37 update, you don’t actually have to wait until Level 37 to purchase her.  In fact she can be purchased once you’ve unlocked Milhouse (Level 7)!  Now, let’s turbo tap Luann!
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Where did THAT come from – The Funzos

Love me.  Hug me.  Destroy your other toys.

How’s everybody today?  November is rolling right along and you know what that means besides Thanksgiving on 28 Nov, right?

Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Ramadan/Solstice/Bodhi Day/Etc.!


Last year’s event was really rad with Springfields across the globe being covered by snow.  Among the buildings, decorations and characters available for Santa Coins, Donuts and game currency were 3 items you’ve probably seen while visiting a neighborino or two.  That’s right, the Funzos!

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