Daily Archives: October 31, 2013

Bunny’s Halloween Memories

EEEEEEEEEEEE Halloween!!! The tricks, the treats, the candy, the tricks, the costumes, the scaring the heck out of anyone and everyone I can, and the tricks.

trick r treaters


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Wookiee’s Favorite Halloween Moments


Hey there!  How are my favorite Addicts doing?

Well, the day is upon us…  Hallowe’en aka All Hallow’s Eve.  I am so happy people took the Celtic festivity and it metamorphosed into the event it is today. While I’m aware that America seems to take this to excess (we like to Super Size things lol), I’m glad we do because it includes The Simpsons TOH episodes.

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3D 101: Outdoor Theater

Hey there Addicterinos!

Bunny apparently got grounded in the basement so I get to show you how to make a 3D this week.  There really is nothing quite like using decorations to “trick” the eye into believing there is something extra.

For this week.  I’m gonna show you the build process for an outdoor theater.

Wookiee Theater

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A lil Halloween Treat Courtesy of EA

EA has really been quite generous to us this event. Plenitude of donuts, lots of free buildings, game cash purchasable items, and much much more.

I guess they felt they wanted to toss in just a little more. So hop on over to your game RIGHT NOW as this item is only available today. Halloween.

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Happy Halloween from The Addicts!

Hey Howdy Hey Ghostly Tappers!

Happy Halloween everyone! Today’s the day for Tricks & Treats, Pranks & Candy, Goblins & Ghouls…it’s the day we’ve been celebrating over and over again since October 1st (and we’ll keep celebrating until Nov. 7th)!

Here at TSTOAddicts Halloween is kind of a big deal & the Addicts writer’s have prepared a special treat for our readers today! Throughout the day we’ll be dropping in with little snippets and recaps of our favorite Treehouse of Horrors Episodes.


So it’s all treats here at TSTO Addicts, no Tricks we promise! (at least I promise. I left Bunny in charge today…who knows what she might do!)


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