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Just finished watching the TOH XXIV episode and the title of this post lets you know my opinion.

This is just a quick summary.  First off, the episode starts with the opening sequence directed by Guillermo del Toro.  Bunny kindly posted this earlier.  This alone was worth watching the show but more hilarity ensued.


I just love that Stephen King made a brief cameo AND Hypnotoad from Futurama… yikes!  Makes me start jonesing for the tie-in later.  Any who… on with the show (recap)!


Basically a twisted Dr. Seuss-esque story line with Homer as The Fat in the Hat.  It’s The Cat in the Hat story with homage paid to other Seuss stories.  Everything rhymes and the narrative is done by Lisa, Bart and Homer mainly.  Really fun scenes and Maggie saves the day.  Totally different to see Homer as a badish guy, err cat, err yellow furry thingamajigger.  Whatever he was, I know he wasn’t a humble gumbamel.

the fat in the hat


Bart flies a kite near the airport causing all kinds of mayhem.  When he decides to sleep and tie the kite string around his neck, it probably wasn’t his smartest decision.  A freak accident with Arnie Pye in the Sky leaves him bodiless and he wakes up with his head attached to Lisa.  Their interactions are so funny and when Bart discovers he gets to control Lisa’s body when she sleeps, more hilarity ensues.  Of course it is only natural for Bart to decide to separate Lisa from his new body.  His plan goes awry and the ending scene is worth watching everything before it.  (MOCK… yeah, ING… yeah…).  To bad they couldn’t show the naked rooftop BBQ.  I think Homer’s man cave was my favorite part of this segment of TOH XXIV.

dead & shoulders


Burnsum and Baily Circus and Traveling Freak Show.  Marguerite the Acrobat and Homer the Strongman. Laugh at the Clown’s Buffoonery!  The human donkey, the terrifying call back, creatures from another galaxy (actually it’s more like a globbuar cluster) and the most hideous creature of all!  Lenny & Carl as pinheads.  One eye is blue and the other pale brown.  Rabbit ears and Big Mouth (Whaaaa-uhhhhh?!?)  What the hell does google doo mean?  One of us….  One of us…. ONE OF US…. Just an EPICLY weird episode worth a watch.

freaks no geeks

Well, we’d love to hear what y’all thought of the episode.  Stay tuned for more all you Halloween Party People!

GOOGLE DOO!!!!  Wookiee out!


  1. The 3rd part of the show, Freaks No Geeks, was based on the old b&w movie “Freaks”. I’ve seen it on TCM channel. It’s got actual pinheads and circus people in it. Not sure how long ago it was made, but it’s worth a watch. It made me wonder if the 2nd part of the show was based on some movie I’d never seen.

    • Yeah… COG made that connection too! I saw the movie long, long time ago in a childhood far, far way lol… My memory is much better for the 80’s movie FREAKED starring Bill S. Preston AND Mr. T lol

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