Where did that come from- Mayan God (Gosh… that was so 2012! )

Well… hello there all you classy Addicts… how’s life?  Bored with Halloween yet although there’s still 19 days left?

In the midst of ghostbusting, dehaunting building and popping all them evil mogwais, it’s hard sometimes to notice all the little things in both you and your neighborinos’ towns.

Reader richardalls asked a great question:

“Who’s the guy with the feathers on his head and how do u acquire him. I have seen him in a lot of my friends game. He’s freaky lookin.”

Well boss, you’re right on all counts… he does have feathers on his head and he is freaky lookin.

The character in question is the Mayan God.  Back in 2012 when ioS users got to start tapping away, he was the tie-in character for the Treehouse of Horror XXIII episode.  Just like Strongman Homer, you unlocked him by answering a trivia question.  He is a walking decoration and really doesn’t do anything other than look tough.

Mayan God

To answer the trivia question, you had to get the funky looking sundial (actually a Maya Calendar) that you may have seen in towns.  Here’s mine (pyramid not included).


The Mayan God comes from the intro to TOH XXIII.  Ancient Mayans who strongly resemble members of Springfield are realizing that the world will end on the 13th Baktun.  A human sacrifice must happen to stop this tragedy.  The sacrifice in question is Mayan Homer (yet another limited character from the tie-in that came with the calendar).


Mayan Marge (alas a rumored costume we never got) tricks The High Priest (a Moe-like Mayan) by using her feminine wiles and he ends up getting sacrificed instead, securing the end of the world for all.

Fast forward to Springfield 2012, it’s the 13th Baktun and there’s a ring on the doorbell of the Simpsons house.

It’s not trick or treaters, it’s three Mayan Gods.  They kill Homer and then precede to ransack Springfield and the rest of the world.

I wanted to share my favorite moments of this with the TSTO Mayan God using the Eiffel Tower as a javelin and the Homer-crushing Mayan God playing kissy face with the Mount Rushmore sculptures.

When the world is adequately vanquished, the Mayan Gods meet above it to high five and out of the remains of the destroyed Earth appears the lettering for Treehouse of Horror XXIII.

This episode was very topical with all the silly people wondering if the end of the Mayan Calendar on 10 December 2012 meant the end of the world.  I wonder how embarassed they are every month when the month ends on their Scooby Doo and the world is still there next month?  (John Cusack is at least thankful) Anywho… it was a really fun intro that used to be my favorite until Guillermo del Toro brought the big guns this year.

Unfortunately for newer tappers, all these items were not brought back this year, but almost everything else was (sans Particle Accelerator and Black Hole).

Hope this was informative.  Keep on keeping on and tapping them ghosts!

Wookie out!

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  1. thx alot that was nice. yea i was playing last year then my tab dropped..was a while b4 i got bacc to the game. i use my galaxy. thx

  2. While I’m glad us droid users got the chance to get our grubby mits on some 2012 stuff, I think it’s good Apple users still have something to show for their hard work. Can’t say I like having an incomplete character set, but hey ho.

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