My Goo Count is Off- Update

A bit a go I posted in regards to the STILL ongoing issue with the Goo count just not matching up with the Spooktacular Bonus count. Not to mention sometimes just not getting one. I have been in constant contact with EA on the issue. Phone calls, emails, online chats, etc. I FINALLY got an update back. A little late for my taste as the event is about over, but at least they are trying to correct issue.

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Here is the response I received…

Thank you for contacting Electronic Arts. 

We appreciate your interest in ‘The Simpsons Tapped Out’ and are glad to hear that you have reached the 10000 GOO mark. I understand that your Spooktacular Bonus counter was reset without awarding the bonus Donuts on collecting the additional 2000 GOO in the game. We have received similar reports from other players as well and have already alerted the game studios. They are working to find the root cause of the problem so as to resolve the issue. I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused to you and we’d highly appreciate your patience and understanding while the issue is being looked into.

For now, I have added ## Donuts on your account [*******] so that you do not lose earning your bonus Donuts. You may be required to logout and then login back to the same account to check the Donut’s balance in the game.

Please feel free to update this email and let us know if you have any further questions regarding the issue.

This is why I suggest issues like this still get reported, the more logged…the faster they seem to jump on correcting it. Not to mention they have been generous in attempting to compensate customers for issues. I really think they are starting to pay more attention to the avid players and listen to our suggestions.

So…in short…it may be fixed soon, just not sure if in time for the end of the event.

Happy Tapping


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  1. As mentioned before, they where very quick to close the double-tap-on-ghosts-for-extra-goo-bug. But things like this has been ignored. And how long did you get to wait if Homer went missing?
    /some 375 goo’s off…

    • Having been on the technical side of gaming, I can see where some things can be an easy fix vs others. From the responses I was getting back, they at first figured it was just user error. Than maybe just a few, but now they realize just how far it was spread. Nice to look into it when there is like…what…10 hrs left on the countdown clock? Lol

  2. I was on a tapping spree and ended up almost 200 over my bonus…all those extra goos wasted! I wish they could just judge by the total (approx 25,000) and fix this glitch! I’ve warned others but they don’t see it until it happens to them. Grr. Frustration.

    • Yah, it got really old really quick. I hate having to remember to keep returning back to home. I just want to try and hit as many neighbors as I can in the time I have alotted. The Goo just grows more and more apart. Meh. This is the end…I hope. Unless EA extends it…I hope not.

  3. Ive been about 200-300 donuts over the counter but never missed a spooktacular bonus. Its just SO frustrating to think youre almost there and then, youre not, you need to tap another 300 ghosts and houses 🙁

  4. my goo counter is off by 347 donuts….

  5. I’ve tried having 20 gremlins, dropping 10 in a friends town, logging out and when I later logged back in, my gremlin total was zeor. Quite frustrating to lose up tp 40 goo, not least since I’d bought the gremlins using donuts. Anyone else tried this?

    • Lots of last minute glitches hitting sadly. All I can suggest is standard go to with technical problems. Log out, restart device, when powered back up, log back in to see if resolved. Sorry 🙁

    • Sadly this is the problem I left a post on earlier during the event under questions, asking if anyone had noticed this glitch. The gremlins do not automatically clear after the 4 hours are up. Your friend must visit their town or squish the gremlins before you can drop more gremlins into their town. So if your friend only visits their town once a day then sadly only 1 person can drop 10 gremlins into their town for that entire day. (Tested and verified with a friend)

  6. My goo count is off by over 150 which sucks since the update ends in less than two days

  7. How do you make up 60 donuts “in no time?”

  8. My tablet was running slow and i hadnt been on alllllllll day. So i logged in and my booty was 1200ish. I threw down a ghost bomb then bam! Spooktacular bonus. Hit 3 donuts right off and i check, 0 donuts in que. Grrr. Now im something like 2 grand off. Oh well. Still having fun.

  9. I contacted EA a few weeks ago when my count was off by 400. The response was: “We are aware of the problem, check the blogs. Case closed.”. Not the response I expected after spending $200 in 5 weeks of playing the game.

  10. Mine are off, but only by about 17 ghosts’ popped. I don’t understand why or how the two counters could be different, but that’s not a big enuf amount to lodge a complaint…

  11. The difference between the main counter and the bonus counter keeps getting farther apart after each award, but it has never skipped one. I’m about 60 donuts off, but it’s not that big a deal as I can make that up in no time. Good advice though to let them know when something is wrong. It helps us and it helps them, besides, shouldn’t we get what we’re entitled to get? Most of us invest a lot of time and money in this game so we should demand(very politely) everything we have coming to us. Keep up the great work Bunny!

    • Bunny Foo Foo…Fighting for the lil guys. 🙂

      • It is very simple why there is a difference i think!!when you have for example 1960 Goo on your meter and your visiting your Friends towns for daily Goo they just count till 2000 and then you must gamble for three donuts. When you not gamble at execlee 2000 the meter counts further but you have reset your 0-2000 meter by tapping the donuts

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