2D 101: Decorations

Happy 2D Tuesday Addicterinos!

Bunny and I have written a lot of words about how we make our 2D creations. Thought I would mix it up a little this week and just show the different decorations which can be used for various colors.

2D Decs

While this list is not all inclusive, it is most of the decorations we use to make our art.  I think I can speak for Bunny and I when I say we seriously want EA to come out with even more simple decorations of different colors to expand the art we can make.

I wanted to keep this post short but also wanted to show off all the cool Halloween-inspired 2D that was done this event as well as some of the decorations used in each.

Here are mine:

Wookiee Hallo2D

And here are the amazing 2Ds from the beautiful and talented Bunny:

Bunny Hallo2D

Well, I hope everyone’s week has started well and continues on strong to the weekend!  Maybe this will spark a couple more ideas for any one interested in creating some 2D art in their own town.  Y’all stay classy… Wookiee out!

8 responses to “2D 101: Decorations

  1. Oh, and if you do have an opening, the name is candiekidz.
    I am in awe of the work you put in.


  2. I would LOVE to have a friend like you, with a beautiful Springfield rather than seas of houses put up simply to make a quick buck. Then I have the friends who never haunt me…if you have an open slot, I would be honored to be your neighbor-eeno! 🙂


  3. I’ll stick with my writing but I absolutely Love this! 😀


  4. Nice on wook. I agree we could use some more decorations of any shape and size. 1×1 hedges of every color would be too much. Would take all the fun out of 2d pretty much like farmville did with their hay bails.

    I never noticed zero at the right of bunny’s nightmare 2d, great job. Makes it all that more epic.


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