You Put The Noiseland Arcade WHERE?!

This weeks item was brought to us smack in the middle of the Halloween Event (thanks EA for that level 36 surprise). The Noiseland Arcade was dropped into our Goo tapping lil laps along with the Toughie, Dolph. It is a basic looking building. Along the lines of the other strip mall looking storefronts. So the question is, just WHERE have you put yours?


Just for fun, I decided to put up my work in progress for my brainstorming of where an Arcade goes. There is a lot more I would like to do with it. I just know in the area I live, mini amusement parks are popping up more and more. Arcades, mini golf, go karts, and more all squished into one lil place to get kids to stay and play. So, here is my WIP version of that idea (I still don’t like the mist fogging up my pics. Lol)

Noiseland Arcade 1

I think the ghosts are trying to steal my bumper cars…again.

Next I hopped around to a few other neighbors to see what they did. This is from …boidrew

Noiseland Arcade 2

I think he is hinting a few toughies may be inside the Arcade. 

From Chris J

Noiseland Arcade 5

Looks like he placed his with the mini golf course too.

From Dohsterino

Noiseland Arcade 4

Looks like a fun place on the waterfront. 

And finally one from DrewD

Noiseland Arcade 3

I am sensing a theme here in our placements. Great minds. 🙂

So, now I want to see yours! Leave the link for your Noiseland Arcade screen shot in the comments below. You can upload your screen shot to our Flickr Site or by using Dropbox.  If you need help uploading photos using either method you can check out our how-to’s here:  Flickr Dropbox.

Can’t wait. 🙂


10 responses to “You Put The Noiseland Arcade WHERE?!

  1. Aw-shucks, thanks Lite-Brite! 😀

  2. I thought it would be a good fit with Android’s Dungeon so I put them together

  3. I put mine in between the aztec theater and the java server, close to the bowlarama and sir put a lot and I also made a a special area for the bumper cars

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