Tick tock, tick tock. There is now less than 1 hour left on the countdown clock.

Final Halloween Hour

Better hurry up and buy up all those items you waited on. Hit those last Goo Goals. Collect the last of the ghosts that you can and see if you can acquire more free donuts.

Just get it done NOW! Halloween is finally coming to a close.

…and just what comes next? Stay tuned to find out. 🙂


UPDATE: Countdown is over. Nothing there now but a blank screen. Oh EA, why must you torment us so? So…sometime…maybe…in the next 22 1/2 hrs…it will stop. 

17 responses to “THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!

  1. Still playing here in UK 10 hours after the clock stopped.

    It has meant friends being able to get up to 10k goo a bit quicker today I think our goo count accelerated today, so thank you EA if that is the case.

    However I went over 16k goo but not bonus round appeared.

    Can I stop my characters going on goo tasks now?

  2. I hear Europe in my head. LOL. I am ready for this nightmare to END!!! I am ready for this next update, that is if the gossip is correct!

  3. When it will roll over? Dont tell me they will extend the event….i think i am done with gathering the goo

  4. Will there be a Thanksgiving and Winter events?

  5. It is 4:36 am where I am and the ghosts keep coming and the mist is still present. Maybe the time is off or something to end the Halloween event although I don’t mind and extra day or two to get a chance at more doughnuts.

    • Meh….its just EA. Sneaky lil things. They like to toy with us. Countdown clock is done so any extra time now is just free time. Enjoy it while it lasts. Lol

  6. I think, now it is time to thank you for your wonderful articles which helped us all a lot!!! I have discovered your website at the beginning of the Helloween Event… and won’t miss it any more!

    P.S. I am looking forward to reading your article how to scrap the Halloween remainders from your Springfield… are those items put in one corner or how do others integrate them into their Springfield?

    • Thanks so much for joining us. We really appreciate it. Lots more still to come in the next two months. Winter is Coming! 🙂

      As for what to do…that is up to you. Mainly, donut purchased items that generate extra % to game cash and XP into the game, people will design into their town. Or hide behind buildings. The rest, most will just put back into their storage until they design or the season comes up again.

    • Hear hear… Bunny (amongst others) has been really helpful with my TSTO questions… So, free round of drinks to all at TSTO Addicts!!!

  7. I thought they may have waited till midnight…..

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