Tapped Out Level Rollback Update from EA

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Earlier this morning I wrote a Tappers 101 post about what to do if your town rolled back to a lower level.  This was something tappers had been reporting  was happening to them.  EA was aware of the issue and it seems now they’ve located the problem and fixed it.  EA has this posted on their site today:

“Yesterday we encountered a server issue that caused some players to experience a rollback on their land.
Our studio team investigated the cause and were able to resolve the issue. Please know that it may take up to 24 hours for your Springfield to display correctly. Thank you for your patience and support.”  https://help.ea.com/article/the-simpsons-tapped-out-springfield-rollbacks

So if you’re a tapper who experienced the Level Rollback please continue to be patient.  Check your town today, if it’s not back to the correct level wait until tomorrow and check again.  I know it’s frustrating, but know that it’s not just you experiencing it…many other tappers are going through the same thing.

Hope this little update from EA helps ease your minds tappers!  You will get your Springfield back, it’s just a matter of being a little more patient.  🙂

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  1. My Springfield has been completely reset, and my account restarted. EA has been telling me that I had been mistyping my e-mail/Origin ID for over a year (on both my iPhone and iPad, which I have each replaced within that time, requiring me to log in). My friends can still see my level 37 Springfield, but the username it’s under is one that EA sees as only existing since November 29th. I think I am out of a year’s progress and many premium items.

    To be fair, the customer service rep has been very attentive and polite once they actually started communicating (after two weeks and a tweet about how frustrated I was), but it’s still somewhat frustrating to be told that I don’t know how to type my own e-mail.

    • Oh no! I really hope they can resolve it for you, I have heard of similar things happening to other Tappers and EA working to resolve it for them. I really hope it works out for you! 🙂

      • I gave up. After nothing but boilerplate communications, having posted my information multiple times in multiple places and doing all the things EA said to do, I just started playing again from where I got dumped. Lost at least 3 months of progress, half of my Krustyland (which was complete), and all of my Halloween stuff. Now I’m re-doing multiple plot lines and rebuilding my Krustyland slowly, in-between the Thanksgiving and holiday plots.

        I will never spend real cash on donuts again. Ever. Or in any other EA game. I’m terribly disappointed in their tech and customer service.

        • I am sorry you feel that way. Sadly these glitches effect some more than others. I would still keep harassing them. Calling them. Emailing them.

          • Unfortunately, if they can’t get my account back, I won’t be playing anymore. Going from level 37 back to level one is just too much of a frustration to make it worth putting any time in.

          • Quite frankly, I should not have to harass a business to restore my product damaged due to their technical issue. The customer service has been completely unacceptable.

  2. Issue since the 11th. Case file open with no communication at all. I’ve reinstalled, posted info multiple times, all the suggestions.

    Nothing works.

    I’ve gone back to playing but I’ll never spend another real dollar on anything made by EA. I am hugely disappointed – more with their absolutely nonexistent customer support than anything else. I understand tech errors, but I can’t forgive the lack of communication or information. Absolutely shameful.

  3. Ok, a full week. I’ve posted all my info multiple times, I have a case number. I’ve gotten emails from EA with solutions to problems I never had but no answer for the rollback and losing Lord-only-knows how much stuff. And no further word on here from EA. Help!!!!

    • Sorry about that I wish we could do more on our end here. It depends on cause of glitch and amount of re coding and technical stuff they have to do on time frame to fix it. Have you tried calling them? http://wp.me/p3OYsX-12V

      • No, I haven’t, I didn’t know you could. I’ll try the live chat option first. It would be nice if they’d tell me something. The email answer from tech support was a joke.
        And I’m not sure if I can play in the meantime. I have old plot lines, new plot lines. Both Springfield and Krustyland rolled back. I don’t want to mess them up if they are in fact trying to fix it.
        I lost at least 3 solid months of progress, land, premium stuff. Ugh, so depressing.

  4. I was affected by the rollback and my boyfriend could see that I’d been restored to 37 but I couldn’t get it to load! I got the Bart/ modem “I hate this page” for 24 hours and decided to uninstall/ reinstall and ta da! I’m back in!

  5. This has happened to me on several occasions. The new level update will load, then a couple of hours later, my town will “roll back” and I will have to wait until my xp allows for a level up. I’ve lost some game dollars because of this, but I do wind up getting double donuts, so now I just wait before beginning any quests or adding new decorations. The only part that really frustrates me is, when the “Respectable Moe” update loaded. When my town “rolled back” it actually split “Respectable Moe” and “Regular Moe” into two separate characters, after a few hours, the game updated again and I was left with only “Respectable Moe”, that is until I had a quest that called for “Regular Moe” and then “Respectable” disappeared and now I’m left with only “Regular Moe”.

  6. I have not been able to access origin (thus can’t log into tapped out world) on my iPad or iPhone for over 24 hours I contacted EA SUPPORT which being in the UK was an experience and told I must be patient!!!!! For an obsessed tapper it’s no fun 🙁

  7. Is this fix related to the “undergoing maintenance” message that comes up instead of the splash screen? I didn’t notice any issues, rollback or otherwise, before today, but now I just get Bart unplugging the modem and a bit of a lengthy message about people being unable to access their towns. (Sadly, I’m apparently one of those people.) 🙁

  8. What sucks is that my daughter’s IPod can connect to Origin by my IPad can’t !!!!

  9. I’m glad they found a fix I hope it comes to my town sooner rather than later and all of my Halloween stuff comes back safe and sound. Thanks for keeping me posted as to what is going on, I’m sure anyone who is experiencing this glitch had found it to be very upsetting. Maybe EA will give us a save feature so this doesn’t happen in the future.

    • A save feature would be pretty epic but not sure what that would mean for servers, etc. I would guess EA has a backup system of some sort. I’m a tech illiterate so beyond speculation, I’m lost. My furry fingers are crossed for you stoli.

      • My drunk fingers are easily confused by technology. I just checked my town still in a rolled back state but hopefully when I wake up things will be back to normal.this is the first glitch I have ever suffered from I’ve been playing since whacking day. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for the fix to coffee soon in the mean time thank you fun the bottom of my heart for your support I love this site so much sometimes it hurts keep up the great work guys!

  10. So happy a solution is found. Just hope it comes quickly as my town is still on the rolled back level. Thanks ea!

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