To another winner, I leave my 2D Iguana, Jub-Jub.

Selma: Oh, Jub-Jub
Patty: When I went to pick him up, Mom was trying to stab him with a hat pin.
Hello again folks!  Wookiee back with another art project for 2D Tuesday.  This particular one was earned by Reader Minicha a long time ago (September-ish) for guessing where the title of one of my posts came from.
She requested a 2D of Jub-Jub.  What’s a Jub-Jub?  Check out this post here for that ramble.
I started this 2D during the Halloween festivities in my B Town so my apologies for the mist in most pics.  The first thing you have to do with any 2D is pick an image.
jub jubI think this scene is really funny.  Started trying it out and it didn’t quite work out for me.  Although it may seem like Bunny and I are really good at this 2D stuff, even we have what we consider to be FAILS.
jubjub fail
With the angle, I could not get the body the way I liked it.  Back to the drawing board for a new image.
I liked this one.  Next, I wanted to pixellate the image to help me lay it all down.  There are apps out there that do this for you but here’s a little tip.  1) Open your image in Microsoft paint.  2) Make the space behind the image larger.  3) Highlight your image and make it bigger by (4) dragging the corner of the selected area to your desired size. 5) VOILA!  You have a pixellated image.  Not perfect but something to help.
JubJub Paint
NOTE: If you’re image is large when you start, highlight the entire image and make it smaller or use the resize option in paint.  Then follow Steps 1-5.
This is what my pixellated image looked like.
JubJub Pixels
You can maybe see how this would correlate to the grids in your town.  I started off with the shape of Jub-Jub’s head.
JubJub 2D
Next was the rest of his head to include his other eye and mouth.
JubJub 2D 2
The 2D seemes so lifeless to me so I next used propane tank rubbish and snapdragons to fill in the eyes.
JubJub 2D 3
Last step for the outline was to do Jubby’s scales using more $270 snapdragons.
JubJub 2D 4
The 2D was basically done except for filling in his head.  I used the larger $70 shrub to add a layer on the back of his head and then was off to the races using the $25 shrubs for the rest.
JubJub 2D 5JubJub 2D 6
You can see from all the XP floating around that it helps to have your decorations stockpiled before you start placing them.  Here’s what Jub-Jub looked like when he was all done.  The original image was solid green but I chose to add a little shading for effect.

JubJub 2D 7
I let this sit in my town for a little just because I wanted to have my first 2D post after Halloween to be seen in its bright and shiny glory.
JubJub 2D 8
Of course, let me have a 2D lying around too long and I’m bound to tweak a thing or two.  I added the scales on the right and finished off the bottom. No hat pins in my B town so I think the lizard is safe for now.  Hope it was worth the wait Minicha!
Wookiee out!

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  1. I LOVE IT 😀 It was worth the wait! Sooo cute but not so cuddlable (too scaley)! Thank you Wookiee!

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